Richmond County Men at Camp Mangum - 1862
Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC) Monday, June 16, 1862; Issue 2350' col. A. For the Observer

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Camp Mangum, June 2, 1862

52nd Regiment, NC Troops
Jas K. Marshall, Colonel
M A Parks, Lieut Colonel
J Q Richardson, Major
Jas M. McCorkle, Reg't Quartermaster
---- Coke, Reg't Commissary

Company E, "Richmond Regulators" of the same Regiment, as shown by the Muster Roll before 
some slight changes made by the Conscription Act:

B F Little, Capt
M S Austin, 1st Lieut
M R McDonald, 2nd Lieut
T R Baldwin, Jun., 2nd Lieut
W F Brookshire, 1st Sergeant
J H Nichols, 2nd Sergeant
R J Powell, 3rd Sergeant
T T Bostick, 4th Sergeant
M W Boroughs, 5th Sergeant
Isaac Gaitly, 1st Corporal
S C Crouch, 2nd Corporal
Seth Pool, 3rd Corporal
J G Watson, 4th Corporal

D W Baldwin
M Baldwin
Jas Blake, Jr.
Jas Bolton
W J Barmer
S P Bunnell
T R Capel
M Chappell
B F Covington
H H Covington
J B Covington
Jos Covington
Thomas Covington
W R Covington
H A Covington
George Dawkins
S.B. Dawkins
A Driggers
D O Gay
Sam'l Gibson
R F Gibson
J F Gibson
P Gibson
George Green
Wm B Green
John Galloway
W H Galloway
G H Harvell
John Hasty
Jas Hasty
H H Henry
E L Hicks
Z Hogans
A G Hall
B Hinson
J J Johnson
W L Johnson
J H Johnson
L Journegan
H James
Jno Kelly
Wm Kennedy
I Lowe
A Lunsford
Jas Maner
W K Martin
J H Mason
W L Meacham
D H Meacham
J H Morgan
S C McDonald
J W McDuffie
L L McKay (company commissary)
L C McKinnon
A McKinnon
D McLane
J McLendon
S McLendon
Wm McNair
J A McNair
D O'Bryan
W D Patterson
John Paul
M  Parsons
A H Richardson
L M Richardson
Chas Robinson
W T Roper
K Sandford
W F Sandford
D W Sedberry
Willis Shankle
E Shepherd
M Shepherd
N R Shepherd
W Shepherd
Calvin Shepherd
J Strickland
G W Swink
C Stein
C G Terry
Jas Thomas
R Thomas
B M Thomas
W Thompson
G Thompson
S Thompson
W H Thrower
Jas Tiner
John V Wade
J L Webb
R C Webb
W C Webb
L J Webb
A L Webb

Jno W Ewing (originally 3rd Serg'nt, selected by the Col. for color-bearer of the Regiment)

Non-commissioned officers 13, commissioned officers 4, total rank and file, 113

We are under orders to leave this Camp tomorrow morning for Kinston
			Yours, &c., BFL

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