To the Board of Superintendents of Common Schools for the County of Richmond. Your petitioners being residents of School District No.17, respectfully represent that as they are informed, your Honorable Board have removed the School Committee of said District upon the ground, as was represented to your Board that a number of persons of said District were aggrieved by the act of said Committee in an improper location of the School House, and that said Committee were induced so to locate it to gratify improper personal feelings, rather than to subserve the common interest of the District.

As the later allegation, we, of said Committee disclaim being influenced by any such improper motive and that there was no just grounds for the charge.

Your petitioners all further represent to your Board that the location is a proper one combining the greatest convenience to the greater number of Children in the District as was contemplated by the act establishing common schools.

Your petitioners therefore, humbly pray your Board to consider of these things and make such orders in reference thereto as may seem to you best calculated to carry out the object of the School. Angus Campbell, Lewis Pate, Thomas Pate Catrin Pate, John M. Morrison, James W. McLean, Archibald B. McDonald, John A. McDonald, Sween McSween, Issabella Campbell, Christian Smith, Sarah McSween, Richard Oliver, Dorothy McLean, and Randolph McDonald.

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