1857 July 1. The following are the names of the Children in our School District No. 34 over five and under twenty one years. Committee: Y. L. Newton and N. C. Almon

Peter W. Smith Daniel Smith Frances Smith Cornelius Smith
Alexander Covington Harrison Covington John Covington Joseph Smith
Thomas Brigman Daniel Watson Angus Watson Alexander McLeod
William Hill Charles Hill Daniel Clark James Wallen
Alexander Cole William McKinnon Christopher Cole Mike McDaniel
James Jefferdon Bennett Felix McDaniel William McKethan Martha Smith
Thomas McDaniel Sarah Smith Maranda Smith Matilda Smith
William Nelson Stephens Susan Smith Jane Katherine Stephens Sarah Brigman
Martha Stephens Susy Ellen Stephens Emily Smith Mary Ellen Hill
Jane Frances Covington Mary Jane Almon Sarah Ann Almon Margaret Watson
Sarah Ann Braddock Mary Braddock Julia Brigman Elizabeth Braddock
Nancy Cole Queen Victoria Covington

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