We the undersigned Citizens of School District No.13, humbly complain to your Board that we have not justice of the School in said District in it's present form. That said District contains a large portion of country that no person lives in that has any Children to send to School. And said District is too large in its present form that said District is ten or twelve miles long and 5 or 6 miles broad. And it is impossible for us to send our Children to School the distance they would have to go and come. We humbly pray your Board to change said District in the following manner.

Beginning at the Plank Road Bridge on the big branch, run south to Thos. Butlers, from there to Duncan McPherson's, from there north to Archibald Blue's, then west to the beginning. And that said alteration would take in all the children in District 13, and give them equal chance in school and distance. Committee: Thomas Butler, Archie Blue, Joseph Thompson, Malcom Blue, Alexander McDonald, Bennett Waters and James Watson.

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