1854? The following is a list of the names of the Children in District No. 10. Committee: W. E. Smith and H. T. Moorman

Thomas Moorman Edmond Moorman John Moorman Stephen Moorman
James Moorman James F. Smith Sidney J. Smith William P. Smith
Kenneth McKenzie James McKenzie Daniel McKenzie William Thomas
Calvin Howard Noah Sandefer John Sandefer Daniel Bennett
Wesley Dunn William Jernigan James Sandefer Dennis Sandefer
Daniel D. Webb Daniel Webb Eli Webb Thomas Brown
Patsy Moorman Thomson (deef & dum) Sally Moorman Ann Eliza Smith
Catharine McKenzie Margaret McKenzie Ann McKenzie Jane McKenzie
Mandy McKenzie Sally Thomas Julia A. Sandefer Mary L. Sandefer
Sarah Sandefer Martha Howard Ellen Howard Eliza A. Howard
Frances McLoud Cathrine McLoud Jane Bennett Eliza Jernigan
Sarah Webb Ann Webb Margaret Webb Martha Brown
Mary Brown

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