1845 January 7. Sirs, Whereas, the self constituted Committee of School District No.12 has notoriously disregarded the law now ratified for regulating — schools in our State, as can be shown by refering to the following clauses of said Act of the 9th January 1845.

Clause VIII. Publications was not made so as to give the Citizens notice of the Election and very few had an opportunity of knowing the day of Election. We, the Citizens of the District feel ourselves aggrieved by the mis-managements of the self constituted Committee, Alexander McKay, James W. Graham and Daniel Campbell.

We, the Citizens of the District do wish them removed and others — in their steads. The Teacher being called upon by some of the persons in the respective District to come and take charge of the School, as was our choice, who we all know from experience to be faithful and competent, moral and religious, who when he came to make his engagements was disappointed by the committee saying that they intended to apply the public funds to the use of building a new School House. To which we, the Citizens of the District will not agree when we have a new Schoolhouse built at the center last winter by the people in the District. And we are all satisfied with it lacking nothing but a floor and a window or two which can be finished without applying the public funds to it.

Clause XIII requires that they shall hire a competent Teacher, which they refused to do when they had the offer.

Clause XIX. We wish this clause enforced as a warning to others who may impose themselves unnoticed and who wish to smuggle the peoples money from those whose right to it is undoubted. We further wish the removal of those above mentioned committeemen and others appointed in their place, as a worthy Teacher is ready to take charge of the School at a very reasonable price or the Children will be, as they have been, deprived of their lawful right. Signed by parents in School District No.12.

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