1843 April 1. County of Richmond. We the undersigned Committeemen for Jordon's Creek School District No. 20 do certify that the following is a correct statement of all the Children over five and under twenty one years according to the best of our knowledge given under our hands this April 1st, 1843 John M. Monroe, Dugald McLaurin and William Buchanan.

Margaret McNeill Aney McNeill Neill McNeill Duncan McNeill
Daniel Morrison Dilsy Morrison Catharine McIntyre Malcom McIntyre
John McIntyre Margaret McIntyre Mary McIntyre Duncan McIntyre
Alexander McIntyre John B. Buchanan James C. Buchanan Duncan H. W. McLaurin
Mary Jane McLaurin Christian McLauchlin Duncan McLauchlin John McLauchlin
Alexander McLauchlin Kenneth McLauchlin Sarah McLauchlin Ann Haywood
Obediah Sneed Angus K. Sneed Lydy Sneed John C. Sneed
William Sneed Martha Sneed Jonathan B. Sneed Jane Sneed
Joshua J. Sneed Mary Ann McGilvary John McGilvary Jenet McGilvary
Robert Monroe Mary Monroe Mary McLauchlin

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