1842 April 8. To A. Dockery, Chairman of the Board of Superintendent of Common Schools. Sir, According to 12th Section of the School Law it is the duty of the School Committee in one month after their appointment to report to you in writing the number and names of the white Children in their Districts of 5 and under 21 years of age. Committee: Daniel McNeill, Daniel McDougald and John Carmichael. District 23.

John A. McKay Amelia C. McKay Mary A. McKay Neill R. McDougald
John J. Russ Mary E. Russ Hampton McKay Joseph McKay
Mary Sutherland Thomas McKay Mary A. McKay Christian McKay
Malcom G. McKay Hugh D. McArn Catharine McArn Gilbert Patterson
Caroline Patterson Malloy Patterson Calhoun Patterson Mary A. McBryde
Benj. F. McBryde Duncan D. McBryde Sarah McBryde John A. McBryde
Malcom H. McBryde Arch. Carmichael Christian Carmichael Mary Carmichael
Ann E. Carmichael Daniel Hughs Florah Patterson Catharine Patterson
Harriet A. McKinnon Archibald W. McKinnon Catharine McKinnon Mary A. Patterson
Mary A. McKinnon Margaret McKinnon Daniel P. McKinnon Catharine Patterson
Marg’t A. Patterson Dugald Patterson Archibald Patterson Angus R. Patterson
Hugh L. Patterson Jenet S. McKenzie Alexander McKenzie John T. McKenzie
Mary McKenzie Catharine McNair Edward McNair Mary A. McNair
Jane McNair Jenet McNair Elizabeth McNair Neill McNair

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