We, the undersigned David A. Boyd, Daniel C. Covington and John McFadyen School Committee of District No --, do hereby certify that the following report contains the number and names of Children in this District over five and under twenty one years of age as the Law directs.

Directions: From Rockingham go North on Highway #220 to Ellerbe. Stay on 220 toward Candor NC, Montgomery Co. You will see a Historic sign about a mile before you come to the NC Rest Area on the left. Take the road about 4 miles and the school is on the right. (Mary Lee Boyer)

Alexander McKay Franklin Covington Ken. M. Covington James Covington
Garby Covington William Covington Alfred Covington Arch. McFadyen
John C. McFadyen Colin A. McFadyen A. M. D. Martin Benjamin Martin
Thomas Bostick Duncan D. Bostick ***Starling W. Bostick ****W. D. Bostick
***James Bostick Thomas Bostick Parker Tolbrid Peter Nicholson
Malcom Nicholson William Nicholson James Nicholson Charles Robinson
Franklin Baldwin Daniel Baldwin Gaston Baldwin John Crouch
Allen Crouch James Crouch **Columbus Bostick Peter Robinson
Martha McKay Martha Covington Elizabeth Covington Eliza Covington
Julia Ann Covington Jane McRae Mary Ann McFadyen Christian McFadyen
Mary Martin Ann Bostick *****Neoma Bostick *Mary Bostick
Fanny Shepherd Mary A. McRae Sarah McRae Mary Nicholson
Sarah Nicholson Caroline Robinson Sarah Robinson Emeline Baldwin
Salina Baldwin Delina Baldwin Eliza Baldwin Sarah Gillis
Elizabeth Gillis **Rebecca Bostick *Martha Bostick Eliza Bennett
Mary Jane Bostick **Martha Ann Bostick *Cornelia Bostick *Virginia Bostick
*Sarah Bostick (b. abt 1832) Mary Robinson

*Children of Elijah Bostick & Elizabeth Turner. Mary Ann Bostick, b. abt 1837. Martha Bostick b. abt 1836, Cornelia b. abt 1841, and Virginia Caroline Bostick, b. abt 1843
**Child of Elisha Bostick & Rebecca Ingram
***Child of James Bostick & Mary Ann Capel, James M. Bostick, b. abt 1838
****Child of Thomas Bostick & Sallie Roper. William Bostick, b. abt 1834. Children not shown are James Bostick (b. abt 1838; Cornelia J. Bostick (b. abt 1850); and Mary Ann Bostick (b. abt 1853)
***** Neoma could be Naomi A. Bostick (d/o Tristram and Sallie Roper Bostick), 1839-1847 or Naomi E. Bostick (d/o James and Mary Capel Bostick), 1841-1856)

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