Estate Settlement Record of Edward Gauntlett, d. c1830
(Estate Records 1772-1933 - Book I - Author, Myrtle N. Bridges)

The Worshipful Court of Richmond County, July Term 1837. The petition of Mathew Norton most humbly 
sheweth that your petitioner has purchased from John Gauntlett, son of Edward Guantlett, dec'd, his 
undivided part of all the land that Edward Guantlett was seized and possessed of at the time of his 
death, supposed and believed to be 550 acres on Joe's Creek. Your petitioner prays that you appoint 
five commissioners with the county surveyor to lay off and allot to each heir their equal part of 
said land in order that the said John Gauntlett may know his part in said land that he may be able 
to make aright to your petitioner for his part or lot of said land and they report to the next Court, 
and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray. Mathew Norton (x his mark) Witnesses: Duncan 
McNeill, Dan'l McNeill, Luke Woodle and Ziba Gibson. [additional torn and illegible.]

Richmond County. Sarah Gauntlett, widow of Edward Gauntlett, dec'd, represents unto your Worships 
that her husband died seized of 150 acres of land in the County of Richmond adjoining the lands of 
Stephen Pate, James Pate, James Graham and Daniel McNeill. She prays your Worships to command your 
Sheriff to summons a jury to allot and set off for her one third of the land and tenements of her 
deceased husband, and as in duty bound will ever pray. Sarah Guantlett.

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