Estate Settlement Record of James Watkins, d. c1826
(Estate Records 1772-1933 - Book III - Author, Myrtle N. Bridges)

North Carolina, Richmond County - Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, October Term 1833. The petition of Alfred 
Dockery against James Watkins' widow and Israel, Nancy, Suzy, Aggy, Polly and Jane Watkins, children of James 
Watkins, deceased, humbly sheweth unto your Worships:
1. That James Watkins late of Richmond County departed this life intestate in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and ··· that at the time of his death he was seized and possessed of two tracts or parcels of land 
situate, lying and being in the County of Richmond. One tract adjoining the land of your petitioner, Alfred 
Dockery, and the lands of W. C. Thomas. The other tract adjoining your petitioner, Isaac Mason and William 
2. Your petitioner further sheweth unto your Worships that he has purchased of Wilie Watkins, Richmond Watkins 
and July Watkins their shares, and that they have arrived at full and lawful age, and entitled to a partition 
of said lands.
3. Your petitioner further sheweth unto your Worships that Israel Watkins, Nancy Watkins, Suzy Watkins, Aggy 
Watkins, Polly Watkins & Jane Watkins are minors under the age of twenty-one years and have no regular guardian.
4. Your petitioner would further shew that the lands would descend by law to and among all his children who 
are now residents of the County of Richmond, and is to be divided into nine shares.
5. Your petitioner prays your Worships that you appoint five commissioners according to law to partition the 
lands, and that Jane Watkins, the mother of said minors, be appointed guardian pendulite as to the minor heirs.
May it please your Worships to direct a copy of this petition to be served on the different defendants, and 
that subpoenas issue commanding them to appear at our next Court to be held for the County of Richmond at the 
Court House in Rockingham on the 3rd Monday in January next, to shew cause why the prayer of this petition shall 
not be granted, and that your Worships will grant such other and further relief as the nature of the case may 
require. Dockery for Petitioner.

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