1805 Deed of Wm. Haily & John Haley
Contributed by Charles R. Hailey
May 31, 2002

This document was transcribed as close to accurate as possible from a copy of the handwritten original. It has been edited for ease of reading. There are some words that I couldn't make out. Charles

This indenture made this 25th day of January 1805 between William Haley of the County of Richmond & 
State of North Carolina of the one part, and John Haley of the same place of the other part. Witnessth 
that for and in consideration of Thirty pounds to me in hand paid before the leaving and delivery of this 
property, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and myself fully paid hath granted bargained hold the 
said John Haley. John Haley 1/6th part of tract of water shoals & gravel in PD river and further that the 
said John Haley will be at the one sixth of the expence of cleaning & keeping the place in order it containing 
one hundred acres, be the same more or less granted unto Isam Haley by his majestys letter patent 1774. 

Beginning above Joseph Clarks Canoe landing in Anson County in Clarks line at a Weld Current tree on the 
So. side of the river and runs S79 E52 poles a cross the river to a Hickory, thru S28 W240 poles to a rock 
then S38 W160 poles to an oak on Clark's line, then up the course of the river to the beginning - containing 
100 acres, be the same more or less. 

To have & to hold the aforesaid premises & 1/6th of two fishery places hereby granted and lots unto said 
John Haley his heirs & ??? forever, Clearly I freely the river soon ???? remainder & remainders as to 
improvements, fishery & fisheries and all and every other property that shall arise from the said premises, 
that is one sixth part thereof which I will warrant and forever defend the same unto John Haley his heirs & 
apointees forever and further that the said William Haley doth agree to make the said John Haley any further 
right or title as he shall be advised by counsel at law at the expense of the said John Haley -

In ??? whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day --- above written.

Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of us:
Rueben Cole
P. Robinson

North Carolina }??? 1811. Then the written deed
Richmond County} was proven in open Court by P?? Robinson
ordered to be registered. Wm P. Leab? Clk

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