1802 Deed to John Haley
Contributed by Charles R. Hailey
May 31, 2002

This will was transcribed verbatim from a typewritten copy. Charles

This INDENTURE made the second day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 
and two between Samuel, Solomon, John and David Wilson of the County of Anson in the State of North Carolina 
in the one part and John Haley of the County of Richmond and State of North Carolina od the other part 
WITNESSETH that the said Samuel, Solomon, John and David for and in consideration of Two hundred pounds 
Lawful money of said State to them in hand paid by the said John Haley at or before the Sealing or Delivery 
of these presents the Rec't whereof the said Samuel, Solomon, John and David Wilson doth hereby acknowledge 
hath given grantd bargained and sold aliened and confirmed by these presents Doth give grant bargain & sell 
alien and confirm unto the said John Haley his heirs and assigns forever all that Tract and parcel of land 
situate lying and being in the County of Anson aforesaid on the So. Wt. side of Pee Dee River beginning at 
the mouth of Downers branch and running up the various courses of said branch to the foot of the first hill 
rising the uplands running thence a North course to the dividing line between the late Andrew and John Wilson 
running thence with the said line So. 63 Wt. until it strikes Robert Jarmans line thence with said German's 
line So. 40 East across the Rooty Branch opposite to a former [corner made?] in running said tract to a 
stake thence No. 41 East to said corner then the aforesaid course to a Dogwood thence No. 42 Wt. to the 
Rooty Branch then down the various [courses?] of said Branch to two red oaks & hickory Robert Webbs second 
corner then with said Webbs line to a red oak on the River bank then up said River the various courses to 
the Beginning containing one hundred twenty five acres be the same more or less and also all the woods ways 
waters and water courses and all and every the appurtenance therunto belonging or in anywise appertaining 
and the Revision & revisions remainder and remainders rents Issues and profits of the aforesaid land premises 
and every part therof and all the Estate right title Interest claim property and Demand whatsoever of the 
said one hundred and twenty five acres of in and to the land & premises hereby granted TO HAVE AND TO HOLD 
the aforesaid Lands and premises with the appurtenances unto the sd. John Haley his heirs and assigns to the 
proper use and behoof of the said John Haley his heirs and assigns forever and the said Samuel, Solomon, John 
and David Wilson for themselves and their heirs the aforesaid Land and premises and every part thereof against 
them and their heirs and against the claim or claims of all and every other person or presons whatsoever to the 
said John Haley his heirs and assigns shall and will forever warrant and Defend by these presents In Witness 
whereof the said Saml. Solomon John and David Wilson have hereunto set their hands & affixed their Seals the 
day & year first above written 
Sealed and Delivered In the Presence of
Robt. Clark Samuel Wilson (Seal) 
Buck Nance Solomon Wilson (Seal) 

John Wilson (Seal) 
David Wilson (Seal) 

State of North Carolina 
Anson County Then the within Deed was duly proven in open Court by Robert Clark & ordered to be registered.

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