Estate Settlement Record of John James, d. c1801
(Estate Records 1772-1933 - Book II - Author, Myrtle N. Bridges)

The undersigned jurors appointed under a special Order of the Court to investigate the lines of John 
James, Sen'r, deceased, and lay off the same in conformity to the tenor of his will, present that we 
have thought proper to exhibit the above as a true figure, accurately designated and laid off the widow's 
thirds. Beginning at a red oak, Terry's beginning corner and runs N 5 W 95 poles in said Terry's line then 
S 60 W 165 to the road leaving from Webb's ferry to Rockingham. Then with said road to the 3rd corner of 
Elizabeth Wheeler James 100 acre survey, then with the third line of N 15 W 140 poles to the beginning. 
Jurors: Jesse Bounds, John Denson, Nicholas Clark, John Dawkins, George Bounds, James Hasty, William Robards, 
John McDowell, John Clark, Wm. Cole, Jno. Crowson and Jno McInnis.

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