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From: "Charlie Weaver"
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 2:41 PM
To: <>

BROOKS: Jeremiah, c1763 VA, 1871 Person, m. Elizabeth THOMAS; son Andrew 1805 Person, 1869 Person, m.Sarah MALONE.
HESTER: Robert, 1760 Lunenburg VA, 1827 Person, m.?, daughter Nancy, 1785-1874, m. Staples MALONE, d.1815 Staples daughter is Sarah MALONE BROOKS above.
NORRIS: William Sr, ?-Dec 1834, m. Mary ?, gave land for Wheelers Church. Son, William Jr, ?-Aug 1834, m. Sarah HAWKINS, their son Ephraim m. Nancy Ann BROOKS.
WARREN: Eliza Ann, b. May 1838 Person, d.1925 Alamance, m. Sidney Baker MALONE, b.1834 Person, d.1871 Orange, his brother Albert Anderson MALONE, b.1836, d.1864 Elmira NY POW Camp.
HAWKINS: Ephraim, 1761 MD, 1835 Person, m. Nancy Ann FARMER, 1770 Orange-1856 Person, d/o Jobe. Ephraim brother of Sarah HAWKINS NORRIS above.


(Note by D. Williams, NCGenWeb-Person County: Charlie Weaver passed away on Dec. 21, 2013. He was a wonderful friend to NC researchers for many years and he will be sorely missed)


From: "Patsy Tabbert"
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 3:15 PM
To: <>

Here are the lines that I'm currently researching:
Mitchell, Charles,
4th great-grandfather: (b. ca 1775 and d. ca 1815 in Person County, NC). Wife’s maiden name was Mary Mitchell. Children were Lucy, Samuel, Martha, Mary, Edward. Matthew (my 3rd great-grandfather), and Elijah.

Street, Moses – 5th great-grandfather: (b. 1735 in VA and d. 1813 in Person County, NC). Wife’s maiden name was Jerusha Brown. Children were Ann, Jane, Mary, Martha, Susanne, Elizabeth, Sarah, William (my 4th great-grandfather), and Moses.

Lawson, John – (died before 1804 in Person County, NC). Wife’s name was Sarah (no maiden name known).
Only child I have is Nancy (married to William Street).


From: "Gleesyt"
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 3:29 PM
To: <>
Hi All

I have one line in Person Co.  Elizabeth "Betty" Evans who was born 1855 and passed in 1892
When she passed her children where sent to different places to live.  My link is David Dewit Evans. 
Her mother was Margaret Evans, but that is all I know.  Would love to find out more about this line.




From: "Ron Stone2"
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 2:38 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: [NCPERSON] Person County Roll Call: STONE, Wiley and John W

I have traced back via census to Wiley Stone, b. 1806 SC as my grgrgrgrandpa.  On Ancestry, while seeking his dad's name, I ran across an 1810 court order of the Person Co, NC Court putting Wiley, as an orphan, in the aegis of a John W Stone, relationship not specified, though a subsequent picture identifies him as an uncle. Several interesting possibilities here.
I went on and traced John W Stone thru census to GA in 1830 with a male of the age of Wiley in his household.  In 1840 and 50 Wiley is in Forsyth Co GA with wife and family.
Whoever Wiley's dad was MAY be in the court file out of which the order came. Sadly it isn't in the order itself. I suspect his dad was one  who was wounded in the revolution and died finally around the time of the court order.
Are court records that far back accessible in Person Co today? (or anywhere else?) Suggestions welcomed.:-)


From: "Deloris Williams"
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 3:47 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: [NCPERSON] Person County Roll Call: STONE, Wiley and John W

Your names may be the clues to what you need.
I believe you saw the info in the "Person Co. Compilations...", by Katherine Kerr Kendall.  In looking further in the book about John W. Stone, it appears he was a son of Hezekiah & Mary Stone; there are several entries which include an abstract of Hezekiah's will in 1798, and it mentions 6 children - Anderson, John, William Bird, Elizabeth, Susannah & Kitturah Stone.  There are further entries where Mary Stone was in the tax lists, and then John W. Stone was in other entries in that same book in 1811 & 1812 where he was executor or administrator for Mary Stone and his sister, Elizabeth Stone.  An abstract of Elizabeth's will dtd Dec 12, 1810 mentions sisters Susannah & Kiturah Stone, "and John Stone's wife" (no name mentioned, or no indication of whether that could have been Kiturah); also mentioned is "unborn child to receiver her share of grandmother and grandfather Pulliam's estate and of uncle Uribus Stones estate; half brother Solomon William Stone. exec" brother John. Wit: Susannah, Kiturah, and Will Byrd Stone."

There are also more entries in February Court 1812:
Power of Attorney, William Welborn, Anderston Stone, John W. Stone, Susannah Stone, heirs of Hezekiah Stone, to Cary Williams (Nancy Welborn, daughter of H. Stone), Interested in estate of Urebus? Stone.  29 Oct 1811.

I suggest that you check through the book for more STONE entries, I happen to have a hard copy of the book, but Ancestry's online version can pull up more results you really need to check through.

Other sources you should check, are the records on FamilySearch, the Person County Probate Records, and Estate Records are online for free.  Currently, only the Estates are indexed by name, and I do see a file for Hezekiah Stone, although I don't know what's in it.  The Probate Records contain the Wills & Inventories, and by searching through the ones for the years of closest to these events, might bring you further answers; you will have to do so page by page, though, since as I said, they are not indexed.  Most of the books under "Wills & Inventories" contain much more than that, they do contain court records for various actions and they really are very great resources for records.  I do plan on transcribing some of these wills and adding them to the Person Co. website in the coming months, too.

Here is the link to the North Carolina Collections of records at FamilySearch:

Deloris Williams


From: "MJ Burn"
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 3:27 PM
To: <>

 I'm Mary Jane Burn  in SW VA . My grandparents are from Person , Orange and Caswell  in NC ,the rest are from Halifax VA .  Here are my NC  relatives .
My great grandfather was James Archibald Baynes Son of Dr Rainey Curry Baynes and Elizabeth Graves. My Great grandmother was Tillula Jordan Villines daughter of James Willis Villines and Mary Mildred Ceanel. My further back greats are Thornton Baynes 1774-1853 and Lila Yancey 1781-1863.
My Elizabeth Graves parents are Henry Lewis Graves of Ralph 1764- 1827 , of Henry 1730 1797 . My DAR line runs through Mary Dickens Brown  to her parents Jesse Dickens and Francis Moore daughter of Stephen Moore my patriot.  I am working on the Dr Jesse Browne line , father to Mary Brown Dickens ,Mother of Jesse Dickens and wife to Robert Dickens .from Isle of Wright or Surry Co Va .
 I'm sure I confused everyone . I'm glad to share and would love new info from you all. I am close to being able to join a DNA study of matriarch linage to your area in 1700. I need proof on Mary Mildred Ceanels mother Margaret A Wood's  mother and Margarets grandmother. I have no proof or names for these last two.
 Can't wait to see everyone on this roll call.

From: "Virginia Amis Garrison "
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 4:02 PM
To: <>

Charlotte PULLIAM, b. 1787 (possibly not in Person Co.), m. Lewis AMIS in  1811 i9n Person Co.  Her marriage bond was signed by a William  WILLIAMS. 
Lewis was listed as an executor of the estate of Elizabeth STONE  PULLIAM, widow of James PULLIAM.  
I have found that a son of James and Elizabeth P. was John Wynn PULLIAM,  and have heard that he had m. a Charlotte WILLIAMS before my Charlotte P.  was born.  I would like to think that John Wynn and Charlotte were her  parents, but I have not been able to find the names of any of John  Wynn's children, and he died before his mother's will was probated.   Does anyone have proof that Charlotte was the daughter of John Wynn P.?  or  that he m. Charlotte WILLIAMS?
In addition, she had to be related to James and Elizabeth P. because a  grandchild was named David Bird Bluford Amis, and a child was  named Charlotte Patterson Pulliam Amis.
I think that much of this may have happened before James and Elizabeth P.  moved to PERSON Co., I think in Lunenburg Co.
Thanks for any help.
Virginia Amis Garrison


From: "Catherine O'Briant"
Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2013 6:47 AM
To: <>

Many of my earliest known surnames in Person County are from Granville County... I'll start with my 5th ggrandparents and the surnames married to their children:  CANADY ; CARVER ; CLAYTON ; FRAZIER ; FULLER ; HARRIS ; HESTER ; LANDERS ; O'BRIANT ; PHILPOTT, SEYMOUR ; VAUGHAN ; WILKERSON.

Dennis O'BRIANT, Sr. b. abt 1764 Granville Co., NC-d. 11 Feb 1817 Person Co., NC married 05 Aug 1782 Person Co., to Rebecca HARRIS b. abt 1765 NC-d. 30 Aug 1836 Person Co., NC, d/o John HARRIS.
Dennis is the s/o Patrick O'BRIAN(t) b. Aug 1740- d. 1806 Granville Co., NC.
Dennis and Rebecca "HARRIS" O'BRIANT are buried on their homestead located in Person Co., NC.

Their children: 
(01)  Robert Alexander O'BRIANT b. abt 1783 Granville Co., NC married 22 Oct 1803 Granville Co., NC to Elizabeth PHILPOTT b. abt. 1786 Granville Co., NC, d/o William PHILPOTT + Miley WASHINGTON.
(02)  Dennis O'BRIANT, Jr. b. 29 May 1784 Granville Co., NC married 30 Jul 1806 Granville Co., NC to Frances WILKERSON b. 22 Jan 1790 Granville Co., NC, d/o Francis WILKERSON + Ursula SATTERWHITE.
(03)  Patrick O'BRIANT b. abt. 1787 Granville Co., NC married 19 Mar 1808 Granville Co., NC to Faithey HESTER b. abt. 1790 Granville Co., NC, d/o Zachariah Hamilton HESTER + Elizabeth FRAZIER.
(04)  Nancy O'BRIANT b. abt. 1788 Granville Co., NC married 02 Feb 1802 Granville Co., NC to George T. LANDERS b. Jun 1781 Granville Co., NC, s/o John LANDERS + Mary PARIS.
(05)  Amelia O'BRIANT b. 21 Oct 1792 Granville Co., NC married 02 Sep 1808
Granville Co., NC to Ransom Purfoy FRAZIER b. 13 Aug 1787 Granville Co., NC, s/o William FRAZIER, Sr. + Isabella (UNKN).
(06)  Elijah O'BRIANT b. 1790 Granville Co., NC married 12 Mar 1814 Person Co., NC to 1st wife, Athena Tabitha CANANDY b. abt 1795 NC, d/o (UNKN) ; 2nd wife, Barbara G. STANDFIELD b. abt 1816 NC, d/o John W. STANDFIELD + Jane GREEN.
(07)  Mary O'BRIANT b. abt. 1796 Granville Co., NC married 19 Nov 1811 Granville Co., NC to Aris VAUGHAN b. abt 1789 Caswell Co., NC, s/o  (UNKN).
(08)  Elizabeth O'BRIANT b. 23 Oct 1799 Granville Co., NC married abt. 1817 NC to Josias CARVER b. abt. 1798 Person Co., NC, s/o (UNKN).
(09)  Sarah O'BRIANT b. 17 Aug 1803 Granville Co., NC married abt. 1820 Granville Co., NC to John SEYMOUR b. 09 Jul 1801 Person Co., NC, s/o John Granderson SEYMOUR + Agnes Allen PULLIAM.
(10)  Susannah O'BRIANT b. abt. 1805 Granville Co., NC married abt. 1820 Person Co., NC to Solomon T. CLAYTON b. abt 1790 Person Co., NC, s/o William CLAYTON.
(11)  Silvester Livingston O'BRIANT married 15 Dec 1830 Person Co., NC to 1st wife, Susannah CLAYTON b. abt. 1810 Person Co., NC, d/o William CLAYTON; 2nd wife, Nicey FULLER b. abt 1810 NC ; 3rd wife, Elizabeth Edwards ROWE b. abt 1818 KY.

Catherine O'Briant
mtDNA = U5b2b* ; yDNA = R1b1a2a1a1b4h R-L226 Irish Type 3e


From: "HDSmith"
Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2013 3:31 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: [NCPERSON] Person County Roll Call - William GALLAUGHER md. Sarah DOLLARHIDE 26 Nov 1781 in Caswell Co., NC

My GGG-grandfather John GALLAUGHER, was born in 1784 in NC.  before 1806, he married Sarah "Sallie" HEARST in Abbeville Dist., SC.

The only likely candidate that I have found for John's father is a William GALLAUGHER who obtained a grant of land on 1 Oct 1781 for 328 acres on Reedy Branch Caswell Co., NC.

On 26 Nov 1781 William GALLAUGHER married Sarah DOLLARHIDE in Caswell Co., NC.  (Note: The Caswell Co. on-line marriage register has misspelled the GALLAUGHER name as GALLANGHER. )

My ggg-grandfather's birth three years after this marriage and the relatively rare surname leads me to believe that William Gallaugher "may" be my gggg-grandfather.

I have found a number of records relating to William GALLAUGHER's land transactions, buying at this f-i-l's (Ezekiel Dollarhide) estate sale etc in Person County, etc. but so far have not located a record which states that he had a son named John - or names his children without listing a John)

John Gallaugher was a millwright, he was literate, he was a Presbyterian, his estate sale in 1851 included a collection of books.

Sallie HEARST's father John HEARST, Jr. (known as Major John Hearst) died in Abbeville Dist., SC in 1806 and John Gallaugher inherited "in right of his wife".

I would appreciate any information which might help either confirm or discount a father son relationship between William GALLAUGHER (Caswell/Person Co., NC) and John GALLAUGHER. (NC and Abbeville Dist., SC)

Thank You,

Dennis Smith


From:" Caroleeve"
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 10:29 AM
To: <>
Subject: [NCPERSON]Roll Call:  BUNTIN  

Searching for William Buntin born probably mid to late 1800's. His sons list their father's birth place as VA on the census. His youngest son Samuel Faucette Buntin b. 1830 Person CO lists his father as William Buntin and mother Sally Jones on his marriage license. Sally is also listed as their mother and born in VA. . I have no birth dates for William and Sally.

His son William Henderson Buntin was born 1817 Halifax CO. VA. was my great, great grandfather. In his diary he writes that the family moved from Halifax CO to Person CO when he was ten years old...1827. William Sr died in ca 1832 Person CO. Sally died ca 1837. The children were then scattered with oldest brother John and wife Jincy taking in his three youngest siblings, Madison, Sarah and Samuel. My gg grandfather William Henderson Buntin, was who approx 15 yrs old was sent to live with his uncle John Whitlow.

Soon the children migrated to IN for a year or two then settled in Hopkins CO, KY ca 1839-40. My gg gf William married Elizabeth Groves in Hopkins CO, KY in 1842. Her parents are unknown but census shows she was born in KY.

I'm willing to share my information with anyone who has any information on this family. Thanks.

From: "Laura Smith"
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 2:28 PM
To: <>

My fourth great grandfather was Elcanor Parrish of the Person and Granville
county area.  Elcanor was born about 1775 in Virginia.  Around 1790, he married
Elizabeth Wilkerson, daughter of David Wilkerson.  Elizabeth was also born about
1775 in NC.

Elcanor was listed as Caner, Elkanor, or Elkanah in some records.  Many times,
the transcription records the name in error as Eleanor.

Elcanor is often associated with John Sr, John Jr, Abel L. and Nathan Parrish in
early Person county deed records, however what relationship, if any, he may have
to them is unknown.

He and his family left Person County about 1805 and migrated to Dickson County,
TN.  Other Person County families also moved to Dickson County about that time.
 Elcanor left Dickson County around 1825, spending a brief time in Perry County,
TN before moving on to Pope County, AR, where it is assumed he died sometime
after 1852.

It is assumed that Elcanor and Elizabeth were the parents of, or closely related
to Sarah (b. 1790 NC), Wyatt, Hewel (Huel) (b. 1792 NC), Wilkerson (b. 1798 NC),
Haysudled (b. 1801 NC), James T. (b. 1802 NC), John Y. (b. 1807 TN), and David
(b. 1809 TN).  Also possibly connected are Kendley V. and Jessee Parrish.
 However, all relationships are unproven and based on family associations in
census, deed, and court records, family migration patterns, and naming patterns.

Elcanor has been an absolute dead end.  I have been unable to connect him to the
Parrish families found in the Person County area about 1800.  Any information
or assistance is always appreciated!

Laura Smith

From: Joy Fuller
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2015 1:28 PM

Could you please add the information below to the SURNAME LIST? :

CUMMINS, John, Sr. (b. 01 Sep, 1760. Orange, NC; d. bet 1820-24. Orange NC)
m. Mary Morrison GRAY (b. 1771)
owned land between the North and South forks of the Flat River, Person, Co, NC. Millwright (may have owned a mill)
Children: - Robert Gray CUMMINS 1781-183
- John, Jr. CUMMINS 1783-1868
m. 1) Rachel COTHRAN (COCHRAN) 1787-1815 or 1817;
m. 2) Elizabeth G WOODS* 1800 - 1864
- Mary Morrison CUMMINS 1795 - 1875
m. William BROWN 1793-1850

- David CUMMINS 1796 - 1847
m. 1) Elizabeth Lewis FIELDER 1781 - 1831
m. 2) Margaret Elizabeth WOODS* 1804 - 1854
- Alexander Gray CUMMINS 1800 - 1862
m. Grizzle Thompson WOODS* 1800 - 1837
- Margaret CUMMINS
* denotes sisters

WOODS, David b. 1700 Orange, NC; d.1828 Hickman, Fulton, KY
m. Margaret ALLISON b. abt. 1771 Orange, NC; d. aft Apr 1828 Hickman, Fulton, KY

(the above WOODS girls are children of David and Margaret)

joy fuller, descendant of Alexander Gray CUMMINS


From: Sharon Devine []
Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2016 3:03 PM
Subject: Person County Surnames List- KENDRICK, ROBERTSON

I am looking for information on Thomas Kendrick b abt 1766 in Pearson County, NC and d abt 1816 in Caswell, Pearson County, NC.  Was m to a Susannah Robertson b 1736 in Bristol, Prince George, Virginia and d 14 Dec 1802 in Georgia. 

Thank you for your help.

 Sharon Ann Day Devine

Houston, Texas




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