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1 Wills

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Will of Manley Winstead - Hopkins County Kentucky (On Jim and Debbie Powell's web site.)
Will of William Yarbrough - Hopkins County, Kentucky (On Jim and Debbie Powell's web site.)
2 Deeds & Bills of Sale Deed:   Thomas Holloway and William Baird, Jr. - 10 Sept 1852 - Joyce Harrison
Deed:   Moses Walker to James Walker - 14 March 1847 -Joyce Harrison
Deed:  Woody Brooks to J. J. Brooks et al - 22 March 1806 - Joyce Harrison
Deed:  William Baird and William Baird, Jr. - 20 October 1836 - from Joyce Harrison
Deed:  Meredith Daniel to Francis Lawson, August 16, 1815.  contributed by Steven Denny.
Deed:  Heirs of Benjamin Denney to Josiah Wade, April 15, 1816.  contributed by Steven Denny.
Deed: Claborne Denney to Thomas Webb, March 12, 1801. - contributed by Steven Denny.
Deed:  Zachariah Denney to John Harris. May 14, 1799contributed by Steven Denny.
Deed of Trust: Alexander Martin to David Brooks, 31 July 1846.
Deed of Trust:  Wm Morton to Jno G. Lea - 09 Aug 1830
Deed: Thomas Norman, Jr. to William Daniel, February 9, 1811contributed by Steven Denny.
Deed: Joseph Pitman to Clayborn Denney, July 24, 1799contributed by Steven Denny.
Deed:  William Ramsey and William Baird - 07 March 1827   - by Joyce Harrison
* Bill of Sale: Nathan Scoggin to Philip Hall-1804
3 Power of Attorney Power of Attorney - Henry R Baird - 12 Dec 1837  - by Joyce Harrison
Power of Attorney-Barnett-Ward, Douglas -1794
4 Slaves: Deeds & Bills of Sale Bill of Sale by Moses Walker for Slaves - 19 Dec 1843 -Joyce Harrison
Slave Bills of Sale: Young to Harralson, Lipscomb to Bradsher, Bass to Baird, *Burch to Farquarah,  *Williams to Sneed
*Deed of Gift: Nancy Gray to Elizabeth Gray, 1804
5 Bonds Apprenticeship - Henry Davis to Elijah Morton - 14 Jan 1817 - by Joyce Harrison
Apprenticeship-Tenah Pettiford-1792
Apprenticeships 1801-1804
Misc Bastardy Bonds  - contributed by Louise T. Overton
Bastardy Bond - James Franklin and Polly Morton - 15 Sept 1821 - by Joyce Harrison
Guardian Bond -Orphans of John Dinwiddie-1801
Guardian Bond - Charles Hatcher- 1802
Guardian Bond - Orphan of John Redd-1796
6 Newspaper clippings "The Fire Sunday Morning" March 1908 - Courier story of a fire in downtown Roxboro
Final Rites Held Last Sunday for Mr. A. P. Clayton, Person County Times. 21 June 1934.
7 USGS Lists USGS School List - list of schools that appear on topographic maps for Person County.
USGS Church List - list of churches that appear on topographic maps for Person County.
8 Other  
Poor House List from 1850 Census - by Louise T. Overton
Phelps Information contributed by Mark Phelps - Wills, deeds, etc related to Phelps genealogy.



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