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Guide to Research Materials in the North Carolina Archives
Pasquotank Co. County

Established by 1670 as a precinct of Albemarle County. Many early records are missing; reason unknown.

Apprentice Bonds and Records, 1716-1898; 10 volumes, 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Bastardy Bonds and Records, 1740-1917; 3 Fibredex boxes.
     Constables’ Bonds, 1737, 1785-1880; 1 volume, 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Officials’ Bonds, 1741-1882; 1 Fibredex box.
     Ordinary Bonds, 1766-1867; 1 Fibredex box.
     Sheriffs’ Bonds, 1741-1882; 1 Fibredex box.

County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes, 1737-1868; 19 volumes.
     Appearance Dockets, 1845-1868; 3 volumes.
     Execution Dockets, 1755-1862, 1866-1868; 23 volumes.
     Petition Docket, 1856-1868; 1 volume.
     State Dockets, 1785-1791, 1798-1868; 4 volumes.
     Reference (Trial) and Appearance Dockets, 1700, 1755-1765; 3 volumes.
     Trial, Appearance and Reference Dockets, 1765-1824; 11 volumes.
     Trial, Appearance, Reference and Petition Dockets, 1819-1857; 12 volumes.
     Trial Dockets, 1856-1862, 1866-1868; 2 volumes.
     Clerk’s Account Book, 1790-1808; 1 volume.
     Superior Court Minutes, 1807-1861, 1866-1922; 10 volumes.
     Equity Minutes, 1822-1868; 2 volumes.
     Equity Execution Docket, 1824-1831; 1 volume.
     Equity Trial Docket, 1822-1850; 1 volume.
     Execution Dockets, 1822-1868; 2 volumes.
     State Dockets, 1807-1869; 3 volumes.
     Trial and Appearance Dockets, 1807-1881; 5 volumes.
     Civil Action Papers, 1712-1925; 89 Fibredex boxes.
     Civil Action Papers Concerning Land, 1756-1922; 14 Fibredex boxes.
     Criminal Action Papers, 1729-1919; 13 Fibredex boxes.
     Miscellaneous Court Records, 1721-1897; 1 Fibredex box.

Record of Elections, 1878-1920; 3 volumes.
     Voter Registration Books, 1892, 1900; 15 volumes.
     Voter Registration Challenge Book, no date; 1 volume.

Record of Estates (Accounts and Settlements), 1795-1868; 14 volumes.
     Record of Accounts, 1868-1919; 6 volumes.
     Accounts of Sale of Estates, 1797-1868; 8 volumes.
     Administrators’ Bonds, 1798-1868, 1881-1907; 17 volumes.
     Estates Records, 1712-1931; 202 Fibredex boxes.
     Guardians’ Records, 1719-1931; 25 Fibredex boxes.
     Guardians’ Accounts (Orphans’ Court), 1757-1797; 2 volumes.
     Guardians’ Bonds, 1798-1896; 18 volumes.
     Inventories of Estates, 1797-1854; 2 volumes.
     Record of Settlements, 1868-1920; 3 volumes.
     Fiduciary Account Book, 1808-1828; 1 volume.

     Record of Deeds, 1700-1786; 7 volumes.
     Deeds, 1666-1947; 11 Fibredex boxes.
     Miscellaneous Deeds, 1723-1948; 6 Fibredex boxes.
     Ejectments, 1746-1901; 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Land Entry Books, 1778-1793, 1831-1838; 2 volumes.
     Tax Levies on Land, 1874-1899; 1 volume.
     Attachments, Executions, Levies and Liens on Land, 1801-1917; 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Land Drainage Records, 1765-1878; 1 Fibredex box.
     Miscellaneous Land Records, 1694-1946; 2 Fibredex boxes, 1 oversized manuscript box.
     Petitions to Divide and Sell Land and Reports of Sale, 1744-1904; 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Record of Probate of Deeds and Mortgages, 1903-1915; 1 volume.

Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868; 3 Fibredex boxes.
     Record of Cohabitation, 1866-1867; 1 volume.
     Births, Deaths, Marriages, Brands and Flesh Marks, 1691-1822; 2 volumes.
     Divorce Records, 1838-1919; 10 Fibredex boxes.

County Accounts, Buildings and Correspondence, 1752-1896; 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Insolvent Debtors, 1744-1877; 8 Fibredex boxes.
     Loyalty Oaths, 1865; 2 volumes.
     Orders and Decrees, 1869-1911; 4 volumes.
     Minutes, Wardens of the Poor, 1807-1868; 2 volumes.
     Personal Accounts, 1730-1899; 1 Fibredex box.
     Powers of Attorney, 1711-1907; 1 Fibredex box.
     Promissory Notes, 1720-1920; 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Miscellaneous Records, 1703-1940; 7 Fibredex boxes.
     Records of Slaves and Free Persons of Color, 1733-1892; 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Records Concerning Elizabeth City, 1828-1918; 5 Fibredex boxes.
     Records of Assignees, Receivers and Trustees, 1801-1922; 4 Fibredex boxes.

     Records of Justices of the Peace, 1720-1896; 1 Fibredex box.
     Minutes, Board of Justices of the Peace, 1878-1882; 1 volume.

     Road Records, 1734-1920; 4 Fibredex boxes.
     Railroad Records, 1875-1921; 6 Fibredex boxes.

     Minutes, County Board of Education, 1872-1885; 1 volume.
     School Records, 1757-1914; 3 Fibredex boxes.

     Tax Lists, 1735-1882; 7 volumes, 3 Fibredex boxes.
     Miscellaneous Tax Records, 1785-1912; 2 Fibredex boxes.
     Poll Tax Record, 1914-1918; 1 volume.

     Record of Wills, 1752-1792; 3 volumes.
     Wills, 1709-1917; 20 Fibredex boxes.


Apprentice Bonds, 1798-1898; 2 reels.
     Apprentice Bonds for Negroes, 1842-1861; 1 reel.

     Record of Partnerships, 1917-1960; 1 reel.

     County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes, 1737-1868; 5 reels.
     Superior Court Minutes, 1807-1908; 3 reels.
     Equity Minutes, 1822-1868; 1 reel.

     Record of Elections, 1878-1960; 1 reel.

     Accounts of Sale of Estates, 1797-1868; 4 reels.
     Administrators’ and Guardians’ Accounts, 1803-1834; 2 reels.
     Record of Accounts, 1868-1919; 3 reels.
     Administrators’ Bonds, 1865-1868, 1881-1904; 1 reel.
     Record of Administrators, 1913-1943; 1 reel.
     Record of Executors, 1915-1960; 1 reel.
     Guardians’ Accounts, 1757-1866; 6 reels.
     Guardians’ Bonds, 1798-1896; 5 reels.
     Widows’ Year’s Support, 1881-1960; 1 reel.
     Inventories of Estates, 1795-1854; 1 reel.
     Record of Settlements, 1868-1928, 1956-1960; 2 reels.

     Record of Deeds, 1700-1910; 35 reels.
     Index to Deeds, Grantor, 1700-1915; 2 reels.
     Index to Deeds, Grantee, 1700-1915; 1 reel.
     Land Entry Books, 1778-1793, 1831-1838; 1 reel.
     Record of Land Division, 1793-1885; 1 reel.
     Map Book, 1940-1960; 1 reel.

     Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868; 2 reels.
     Marriage Licenses, 1867-1960; 29 reels.
     Marriage Registers, 1865-1960; 3 reels.
     General Index to Marriages, 1865-1960; 4 reels.
     Record of Cohabitation, 1866-1867; 1 reel.
     Maiden Names of Divorced Women, 1937-1959; 1 reel.
     Births, Deaths, Marriages, Brands and Flesh Marks, 1691-1822; 1 reel.
     Record of Deaths, 1903-1911; 1 reel.
     Index to Deaths, 1903-1982; 2 reels.

Index to Armed Forces Discharges, 1920-1982; 1 reel.

Orders and Decrees, 1869-1915; 3 reels.
     Index to Orders and Decrees, Plaintiff, 1869-1960; 1 reel.
     Index to Orders and Decrees, Defendant, 1869-1960; 1 reel.
     Minutes, Wardens of the Poor, 1807-1868; 1 reel.

Minutes, Board of County Commissioners, 1868-1906; 2 reels.

     Tax Lists, 1797-1897, 1905, 1915, 1925; 15 reels.
     Tax Levies, 1874-1899; 1 reel.

     Record of Wills, 1752-1966; 7 reels.
     Original Wills, 1720-1804; 3 reels.
     Cross Index to Wills, 1766-1966; 1 reel.

Ordering Information by David A. French

The North Carolina State Library handles interlibrary loans of microfilm.  The North Carolina State Archives handles purchases of microfilm and copies of original records and copies of items on microfilm.

Interlibrary Loans of Microfilm Records
     According to Mr. Steve Case, Interlibrary Loan Librarian at the North Carolina State Library and Mr. Victor Jones, Head History Librarian at the New Bern-Craven County Public Library, the North Carolina State Library does interlibrary loans of microfilm from the Core microfilm records.  Core usually means Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriage Indexes, Court Minutes and some others.  They only do interlibrary loans of these Core records on microfilm for libraries within North Carolina.  You can see which items are noted as Core via the search link below.
This search will tell you specifically on which microfilm reel the information you are seeking may be located.

State Library Catalog Search
     1.  In the "Find This Box" type County Name followed by Co
          Example:  Onslow Co
     2.  In the "Find Results In"
          Select "Call Number Browse" (Note:  You do not need to know the actual call number to find the record.)
     3.  Press "Begin Search"
When the list comes up, select the one you need, then click on it and it will tell you on which reel the info is located.  The "Core" items are marked as such.

How to Obtain Microfilm Records from the State Library via Your Local North Carolina Library
     1. Use the information from the "North Carolina County Records Guide" and State Library Online Catalog Search to determine which microfilm you need.
     2. Fill out a microfilm request form available at your local North Carolina library.  Your local history or reference librarian should be able to assist you.  You need to list the county, type of record, title of record, the dates and complete name of person(s).  It is best to be as specific as possible so that you receive the correct reel(s).
     The microfilm usually arrives from the State Library in about a week or so from when the State Library receives the order.  The only cost involved is the postage when the microfilm arrives which is a few dollars for six reels of microfilm.  Your local North Carolina library may keep the microfilm for 30 days and may renew it once for another 30 days.  In some cases, the item may be able to be renewed a second time depending on availability.  There is usually no cost to renew.  There is a limit of six reels per patron at a time.  Keep in mind, the microfilm cannot leave your local North Carolina library so they will need to have a microfilm viewer and/or printer for you to use.

State Library Interlibrary Loans

How to Obtain North Carolina Records when you live outside North Carolina
     If you live outside North Carolina, you have two options for obtaining the North Carolina microfilm records:  One is the North Carolina State Archives and two is a local LDS Family History Center in your area.

North Carolina State Archive Microfilm Purchase Program
     You may purchase microfilm from the North Carolina State Archives.  The microfilm is $12.00 per reel including postage.  The turnaround time is about three weeks from when the order and payment are received.  When you purchase microfilm you are not limited to just the Core records, but may order any records they currently have available on microfilm.  Some of the records are organized by year and some alphabetically.  I spoke with the State Archive and the gentleman who handles purchases of microfilm by the public. is Mr. Larry Odzak at (919) 807-7306

By using the information you should be able to determine which microfilm you need and compile a list of the microfilm reels so that you can order them from the Archives. I could not find a microfilm order form on the Archive website so a letter or email with the detailed information may suffice or give them a call to verify.  Their email is .

The mailing address for the State Archives is
     North Carolina State Archives
     4614 Mail Service Center
     Raleigh, N.C. 27699-4614

Note:  If you live outside North Carolina, it is usually less expensive to order the entire reel of microfilm than to have a copy of something made from it as there is a $20.00 research fee per inquiry plus the copy costs for out of state record requests.  See this link for more info on obtaining copies of original records:

LDS Family History Center Microfilm Loan Program
     They usually have all of the same North Carolina County microfilm that the State Archive and Library has.  You can search the LDS microfilm catalog as noted below.  You receive the microfilm on loan via a local LDS Family History Center.  The cost per reel of microfilm is $5.50 per 30 days.  It may be renewed for an additional $5.50 for another 60 days.  In most cases, depending on the microfilm, another renewal of $5.50 will keep the microfilm in the local family history center forever. The total would be either $5.50, $11.00 or $16.50 per reel.  The microfilm/microfiche must be ordered from and viewed at your local Family History Center.  You do not have to be a member of the LDS to use their Family History Centers.

LDS Microfilm Search Example
   1. Select "Place Search"
   2. In Place Box Type, Onslow (Note:  Do Not Type the word County as no records will show.)
   3. Select "North Carolina, Onslow"
   4. Select "North Carolina, Onslow - Court records"
   5. Select "Minute docket, 1869-1926  North Carolina. Superior Court (Onslow County)"
   6. Click on "View Film Notes" Button in the upper right hand corner.
   7. This will show the detail note on the items and the location/film number.
   Note:  Minute docket, Vol. A 1869-1876
   Location:  FHL US/CAN (This means the Family History Library.)
   Film Number: 267592 (This is the number you will need to order the film.)

LDS Microfilm Loan info:
LDS Family History Center Locator:

     Thanks to Mr. Case, Mr. Jones, the LDS technical support staff and others for their assistance in clarifying how to obtain records.
     I trust this information is helpful to both current and future researchers.  /s/ David A. French

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