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MacRae-Brazier Map - 1833

The MacRae-Brazier map of 1833 is the second state map of North Carolina and is based on surveys by Robert H. B. Brazier conducted as state surveyor for the Board of Internal Improvements. Through the aegis of John MacRae, mayor of Fayetteville, money was obtained from the General Assembly for publication. The map was engraved by Henry S. Tanner, E. B. Dawson, and J. Knight; and it was published by Tanner in Philadelphia. The map incorporates much of the information accumulated from surveys undertaken by the state's program of internal improvements. This is reflected in the improved delineation of Northampton County in regards to the courses of the Roanoke and Meherrin rivers, the greater accuracy of the courses of the Tar and Cape Fear rivers, changes made in the region between Albemarle and Pamlico sounds, more detailed information for the western part of the state, and the final extension of the state boundary to Tennessee along the 35th parallel. This map also contains many more place names than the Price-Strother map of 1808.

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