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This will be a notice of new and updated pages which have occurred in the last several months on this web site.  If anyone has materials they wish to contribute to the this website, please contact Kay Midgett Sheppard.

April 2014

04/01/2014 - Spain-Weston Photo Album
04/08/2014 - OBITUARY for Fonnie Edmundson Higgs
04/08/2014 - OBITUARY for Thea Lambertz McLean
04/08/2014 - OBITUARY for Lawrence Paul
04/08/2014 - OBITUARY for Wilbert Robert Lee, Jr.
04/15/2014 - OBITUARY for Allison Daphne Green

March 2014

03/01/2014 - OBITUARY for Samuel La Norris Dudley
03/01/2014 - OBITUARY for Cedric Leon Hatch
03/09/2014 - Alcock/Alcox Family Photo Album
03/12/2014 - OBITUARY for James Allen Blango
03/12/2014 - OBITUARY for Clyde Watson Brinson
03/23/2014 - Ray Credle Family Web Site -
An African family consisting of eight Generations of the descendants of George Credle. This is a compilation of data on families that came out of slavery in Hyde County (Sladesville, NC) and finally settled in Pamlico County (Bayboro, NC).  The Family Tree consists of 3000+ entries to include the families of Howard, Best, Williams, Thomas, Carmen, O'Neal, Dunbar, Himbry, Garrison, Barrow, Mackey, and Green.
03/29/2014 - OBITUARY for Brendella Bess Howard
03/29/2014 - OBITUARY for Jackie B. Jarvis
03/29/2014 - OBITUARY for Flora Fulcher Keyes
03/29/2014 - OBITUARY for Kenneth Lee Shaw
03/30/2014 - OBITUARY for Albert Taylor McKinney
03/30/2014 - OBITUARY for Rebecca Midyette Lewis Paul Porter
03/30/2014 - OBITUARY for Robert Lee Powell
03/30/2014 - OBITUARY for Amelia Grant Willis
03/31/2014 - OBITUARY for William Derwood Lupton

February 2014

02/10/2014 - OBITUARY for Elsie McLawhorn Alexander
02/10/2014 - OBITUARY for Jacob Kelly Ferrell, Sr.
02/10/2014 - OBITUARY for Dora Lupton Gaskins Gerard
02/10/2014 - OBITUARY for George W. Hodges
02/10/2014 - OBITUARY for Peggy Ross Bennett Potter
02/26/2014 - OBITUARY for John L. Kyak