Joshua L. Spain to Nancy Sawyer

State of North Carolina
            Hyde County

 To any regalar Minister of the Gospell or Justice of the Peace for the County of Hyde you or any of you are authrise to celebrate the       of marrage between Jousha L. Spain and Nancy Sawyer & Joine them together as man and wife in Holy wedlock.

 Witnesses:  W. W. Spencer, Clerk of the Court of Please & Quarter Sessions of Office the 28 day of Augst AD 1864.

                                                                                    W. W. Spencer, CCCrk
                                                                                        By J. R. Lilly DP Clr/D

            I Certify that the Solemnization of matrimony was administered to J. L. Spain & Nancy Sawyer by me Aug 29th 1864.

                                                                                    N. C. Williams, J.P.

(Part of the William Odell Spain Private Collection held by Janet Orndorff who kindly submitted this marriage license)

2010 Kay Midgett Sheppard