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Please feel free to enter a query for your family lines in Pamlico County. If your lines are not in this county, please do not enter a query here. The family in question must have lived in Pamlico County or in Beaufort County or Craven County before the creation of Pamlico County in 1872.
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Marcella Aldridge July 16, 2007

Seeking to mother's maiden names: 1. Ann (Unknown), wife of Hilliard "Hillary" JARVIS. 2. First wife of William Martin JARVIS (not Susan SEARS), mother of Carney Rodman JARVIS, born Hyde County in 1856. He is listed as nephew of John William TINGLE and Clarissa (PIPKIN) TINGLE on 1880 census.




Gail Swain December 29, 2008

A cousin and I have a page in Ancestry on Land's & Brinson's. We are looking for descendants of Sophronia Grace Land and George Wilson Brinson to be able to add their descendants to the page. We are also looking for descendants of Sarah Caroline Brinson who married Edmund Baxter Land, all from Pamlico Co. in Arapahoe.  Sophronia and George Brinson stayed in Pamlico Co. and Sarah and Edmund lived in Norfolk, VA.  Any help would be much appreciated. Another cousin besides me to contact is fairlytall@mac.com.

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