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Pamlico County Newspaper Articles

These obituaries & news articles are garnered from newspapers, periodicals, magazines, the Internet, microfilm and others that were sent in by fellow researchers.  Each entry will have (most of the time) the full obituary with the name and date of the source in parenthesis following the article. The criteria for these postings are: the person had to be born, died, buried, married, worked, lived, or otherwise was affiliated with Pamlico County in some capacity.   If you can add anything to one of these obituaries or make corrections, please let me know and Iíll be glad to include it (and the source) at the end of the obituary. I urge each of you to dig through your old shoe boxes or scrapbooks for any obituary pertaining to Pamlico County and email me and I'll be glad to include them for you.


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