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1880 Pamlico Co., North Carolina
 Federal Census
(Transcribed by Sallie Gargis)

Page 301A
Township #3
Twenty Sixth day of June, 1880
P.J. Delamar, Enumerator

House Family Name R S Age


Occupation Read
Birthplace of
Birthplace of
Birthplace of
321 321 Martin, Matilda w f 50   w     North Carolina [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Sarah w f 27 daughter s     " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Edmond w m 26 son s     " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Josephine w f 24 daughter s     " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Benjamin w m 22 son s     " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Challie w f 18 daughter s     " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Caroline w f 15 daughter s     " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Susan w f 14 daughter       " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Henry w m 12 son       " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Mollie w f 4 gr. daughter       " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Hanah w f 3 gr. daughter       " [blank] [blank]  
    Martin, Lavinia w f 8/12 gr. daughter       " [blank] [blank] Born:  Oct.
322 322 Gilcrice, Nathaniel b m 24   s     " [blank] [blank]  
    Badger, Isabella b f 43 sister d     " [blank] [blank]  
323 323 Gilcrice, Henry b m 62         " [blank] [blank]  
    Gilcrice, Esther b f 70 wife       " [blank] [blank]  
    Gilcrice, Frank b m 7 gr. son       " [blank] [blank]  
324 324 Sawyer, Brittian w m 73         " [blank] [blank] Consumpton
    Sawyer, Sallie w f 73 wife       " [blank] [blank]  
    Payne, Victoria w f 11 apprentice       " [blank] [blank]  

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