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The Wilmington Centinel

Excerpts from The Wilmington Centinel And General Advertiser 1788
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
June 25, 1788

Run-Away, or Kidnapped,
From the subscriber, on Friday the 13th instant, a mulatto fellow named Charles who is so well known in and about Wilmington that his person requires no particular description. The subscriber has great reason to believe that Charles has got on board of Capt Stewart's vessel, bound to Jamaica, in which went passenger, a Mr Barnes, merchant, who has resided in this town for some considerable time past. Any person that will give such information as will enable me to prosecute the captain or his securities to effect, shall receive a reward of Twenty Pounds.
James Geekie
June 16, 1788

Run away from Mount Pleasant estate on the North-West, a Negro fellow named Tony, late the property of Miss Cobham, well known in and about Wilmington, as he was one of the fiddlers to the assemblies. He is tall, well made, and thin visaged, between black and yellow. He took away a fiddle, some carpenters tools, &c. He has a wife at Mr Frederic Jones's on the Sound, named Belly, (his cook) who harboured him when he left his master before. He, and some others, it is suspected, intend trying to get to the Eastern states, imagining they will be free. Their intended rout is by the back part of this state and Virginia, to Pennsylvania; they proposed taking their wives. Tony's wife would not go with him. A reward of Ten Pounds will be given to any person who will secure him in any of the gaols of this or any neighbouring state; and any  moderate expense to deliver him to Mr Sheriff Wright, or by giving information by letter to
Goodin Elletson
At Mount Pleasant, on North-West of Cape Fear
Bladen, May 17, 1788

The Administrators of Robert Schaw, Esq, Deceased
Request all persons indebted to the said Robert Schaw, Alexander Duncan, deceased, Duncan, Ancrum, and Schaw, and Ancrum and Schaw to settle and make payment, or renew their obligations with Mr John Bradley, who is fully empowered for that purpose: And those who have any demands, are desired to make them known, that they may be settled and paid.
Wilmington, May 21, 1788

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
July 2, 1788

Whereas Margaret McKay, the spouse of Neil McGeachy, late of Cumberland County, has in the absence of her husband, made her elopement and went off with a certain Martin Dye, to the interior (?) of Georgia, with whom she h(?) several years past, and has children by (?). This is to forewarn all persons not to credit the said Margaret McKay on account of the said Neil McGeachy, as he has taken the proper steps for divorce, and will never pay any debts she may contract.
Neil McGeachy
Wilmington, July 2

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
July 9, 1788

For Charter
To Charleston, or a Northern Port
A stout Sloop, burthen 200 barrels.
Apply to
Edward Jones
July 2, 1788

A Few Quarter Casks of Maderia Wine,
For sale by
Edward Jones
May 21

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
July 23, 1788

Married last Thursday evening, Mr Charles Cropton to Mrs Jane Smith.

For Falmouth or Plymouth,
in England,
The Brigantine Fame,
John Hands, Master,
Will sail (wind and weather permitting) in fourteen days.
For light freight or passage, enquire of the Captain on board said vessel or of
John Burgwin
Wilmington, July 23

Wilmington District
Gabriel Dubrutz, complainant
Aaron Pimental, defendant
In Equity, June Term, 1788
Ordered that the defendant do appear to complainant's bill, on or before the first day of ensuing term (which will be the sixth of December next) in default whereof the complainant's bill shall be taken pro confesso.
Published by order of the court,
Thomas Davis, C & M E

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
July 30, 1788

To Be Sold
At Auction
On Tuesday the Fifth Day of August next,
A Negro Wench
Belonging to the estate of John Lyon, Esq, deceased. Said Negro being sold in order to discharge the debts due from said estate.
By order of the Executor
Thomas Wright, Sheriff
Wilmington, July 16

To Be Rented
The house where the late Mrs Lyon resided. Inquire of
A Maclaine
June 25

Catharine Martin
Lately from Germany
Who has attained a liberal Education in all kinds of needlework, purposes opening a school for the instruction of young ladies (should encouragement offer) at the moderate price of Three Pounds per quarter, one half of which will be received at their entrance.
She at present resides at Mr McCulloch's where she may be found at all times to attend those ladies who please to favour her with their commands. And takes the liberty to subscribe herself, with respect, the public's
Most obedient Servant,
Catharine Martin

For Greenock,
The Brigantine Queen
William Morrison, Master
Will sail in all next month. For passage, apply to
James Fleeming
Wilmington, July 30

For Barbadoes,
The Brigantine Jenny,
William Thompson, Master
Will sail in eight days. For passage apply to
James Fleeming
Wilmington, July 28

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
August 13, 1788

Died - On Wednesday last, Mrs Ann Walker.
On Sunday, Mrs ____ Clark.

List of Letters
Remaining in the Post-Office, Wilmington.
A: The Hon Samuel Ashe, Stephen Abbot, Messrs John Armstrong and David Cannon, Samuel Ashe, jun.
B: John Bell, Robert Bowland, Joseph Beale, Peggy Balcour, Ceasar Beloat, 2, Jonathan Boardman.
C: John Collins, John Currie, Joseph Carr, Sylvester Child, Nuton Connely, Matthew Clendenning, Clerk of the Superior Court, John Cotterell, Hugh Carragan.
D: Lawrence Dorsey, Jonathan Dixon.
E: Duncan Eachran.
F: David Flowers, 2, Samuel Foldick.
G: John Geurard, Alexander Giffard, Alexander Geddes, Robert Gefford, James Gellespie, Gilbert Geer.
H: Robert Hunter, Captain George Hazard, Henry Halsey, 2, James Howard, Arthur Howe, Solomon Hammer, 2, William Hendry, Jean Hendre, Mrs Abby Hodgeson.
J: Thomas Jones, 2, Thomas Jennings, Rowland Jones, Capt Thomas Jennett.
K: Archibald Kennedy, William Keddie.
L: Col Henry E Lutterlow, 2, John Leviston, Wayne.
M: The hon. Alfred Moore, Colin Morrison, Andrew McKenzie, Samuel Mallett, William Mabson, George Moore, Mr McCommack, tavern keeper, Wilmington, Hugh McCormick, Robert McFarland, Fingal McKinnan, Donald McKay, William McVerrick, John McFarlane, James McMurphey, Donald McNeal.
P: Alexander Patrick, Aaron Pierce, James Prentice, Capt David Porter.
R: John Ross, Samuel Russel, John Rowan, John Rutherford, James Row, J Rhodes.
S: John Sutherland, Dougal Stewart, George Stark, Robert Smith, Edward Simont, Thomas Sewell, 3, Isaac Stark, William Sharpe, John Sellers, Edward Sharpe, Samuel Smith, J Miller, tavern-keeper, Samuel Strodevick, 3.
T: William Thurston, Charles Tinning.
V: Capt John Vance.
W: William Watson, Jacob Williams, Doctor Lewis F Wilson, Mr Benjamin Williams, John Walker, 2.
The above letters, if not taken up in three months will be sent to the General Post-Office at Philadelphia.
John Bradley, P M
August 8, 1788

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser

August 27, 1788

The subscribers request all persons having any demands against the estate of the late John Grange, Sen. Esq. deceased, to render in their accounts to them as speedily as possible, properly attested, as they wish to have the accounts against the said estate adjusted, that they may as soon as possible discharge the same; and also request all persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payments to prevent prosecution.
Thomas Neal, Jun
John Hall
July 15, 1778

Whereas by a decree of the honourable The Court of Equity in the suit therein depending, wherein Severin Erichson is complainant and Samuel Vance, defendant - It is ordered by and with the consent of the parties, that the Master in said Court do forthwith collect and recover the debts due to Samuel Vance or Samuel Vance and Co. Notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said concerns that they call on the Master, and pay the respective balance by them due, on or before the first of September next, when all persons failing therein, will be sued without further notice.
Thomas Davis C & M E

The administrators of the late Mr Swann request those who are indebted to the store in Wilmington, kept by Mr James Mills, to call upon Mr Isaac Bernard, who is authorized to settle and receive the debts and to give discharges.
Wilmington, July 16

To Be Sold Cheap
For Cash or Produce
Two valuable Plantations at the White Marsh, Bladen County, containing 900 acres, the property of the late Robert Rowan, Esq deceased. For further particulars apply to H J Richards or
Archibald Maclaine
Wilmington July 16, 1788

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
September 10, 1788

Twenty Pounds Reward
On Thursday last a Negro fellow named Tom, late the property of Colonel J Leonard, murdered Mr John Leonard, of Brunswick County, at the plantation of Mr Arthur Howe. Tom is a small black fellow, about twenty-one years of age, stutters much in his speech, is a designing artful fellow, tells a most plausible story, and will try to get out of the state. It is supposed he was wounded in the head by a guard placed at Mr S Daniel's last Friday night. The above reward will be given to any person who apprehends him, by applying to Mr Lewis McPherson, merchant, Wilmington, or the subscriber in Brunswick County.
Jacob Leonard
August 25, 1788

September 10
We are informed that the Negro fellow who shot Mr Leonard as mentioned in our paper of the 27th ult was taken some time last week near Lockwood's Folly. He was immediately brought before the magistrates of the county, who, finding him guilty of the horrid crime of murder, sentenced him to be hung and afterwards burnt, which was accordingly put in execution the next day.

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
September 17, 1788

Cash given for Turpentine by
Mar R Wilkings
Wilmington, Sept 17

To be Sold
On reasonable terms by
Philip Spaulding, at the house of Capt T Callender,
The following articles viz.
New England Rum, Ginn, A quantity of Pickled Fish, Smoaked and Pickled Salmon, Sweet Oil, in jars, Cheese, Raisins, Women's Shoes, White Pine Boards, Felling Axes.
Sept 17

To Be Rented
(And entered immediately)
That large and commodious store
With two convenient stone cellars, under the printing-office.
For terms apply to
J Kingsbury
Sept 10, 1788

For New-Providence,
The Schooner Ulyses,
Samuel Hovey, Master
Will sail by the first of October. For passage only, apply to the Master on board, or to
Samuel Vance
Sept 17

To be Let
And entered immediately,
A commodious Brick House, with a Store, Kitchen, Cellar, and Yard, all in complete repair, on the south side of Market-street, lately occupied by Mr Patrick Brenan.
For terms apply to
J Kingbury
Sept 17

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
October 15, 1788

Wanted immediately
About 7000 Dollars
In Pierce's Final Settlement, for which good Indigo will be given.
Apply to
Lewis Dupre, Brunswick County
Cornelius Dupre, Little River
Sept 15, 1788

Came to the subscriber's plantation on Sunday last, a Negro Fellow who says his name is Harry. He speaks very broken & can give no account where he came from: He says his master is dead: He appears to be about 30 years of age, thick set, and 5 feet high. Whoever will prove said Negro to be their property and pay charges may have him again by applying to
Edward Russel
Living on the Sound
Wilmington, October 13

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
November 12, 1788

Died on the 4th instant, Mrs Elizabeth Hill, consort of William H Hill, Esq.

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
December 3, 1788

Notice is hereby given, to all persons whom it may concern, that my supposed wife, Priscilla Hatcher, by maiden name, and now goes by the name of Priscilla Johnson, as by a marriage name; the said unlawful woman has absented herself from her supposed husband's lawful commands. I the subscriber hereby forewarn all persons, under no pretense, to rely on me by the said above-mentioned woman. Contracts by accounts, deeds, notes, bonds, or orders, wrote or verbal, nor no contracts of conveyance whatever to come against me by the said woman.
Matthew Johnson
Wilmington, Nov 19

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
December 10, 1788

Stolen From the subscriber last week, a Silver Table Spoon, marked M G M: whoever will give information of the spoon so that it may be recovered, shall receive ten shillings reward by applying to
Mary Meek
Wilmington, Dec 9, 1788

The Wilmington Centinel
And General Advertiser
December 25, 1788

To be Sold
By Private Contract
That well known valuable Plantation, situated on Cape-Fear River, in North-Carolina, containing one thousand acres, and generally known and distinguished by the name of the Pleasant Oaks. This place is so desirable in point of situation, as well as profit, as renders it inferior to none. Also, the whole or any part of the subscriber's land on Little-River, great part being as good for Indigo, Corn, Cotton, or Hemp as any in the state. Conditions - Cash, Old Bonds, or Bonds with good security, payable agreeable to the Installment Act, will be taken for the above valuable property by
Francis Allston
Little River, Dec 6, 1788

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