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Senior Reserves List

Contributed by Sam West
Captain Benjamin Jacobs Senior Reserves of New Hanover and Brunswick Counties

In the year 1864 there were several companies of Senior Reserves, created here in southeastern North Carolina. One of those companies raised which was located primarily in New Hanover and Brunswick was under the leadership of Captain Benjamin Jacobs of New Hanover County.

The enrollments were mainly in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties, however, from information given by these enlisted men, their places of birth was primarily from all of the lower Cape Fear River area.
Upon enlistment the men provided the enrolling officer with the following information: When born [usually Month and year, but some would give the actual date]; birth place; Height [feet and inches]; Complexion; color of hair and eyes; and occupation. The following is a list of those men which served in Captain Benjamin Jacobs Company of Senior Reserves:

Captain Benjamin J. Jacobs, - Alfred Alderman, Thomas Allen, William H. Applewhite, Simeon Barnes, James Batchlor, Charles F. Bell, Daniel J. Bordeaux, Richard L. Bordeaux, Charles W. Bradley, Hazel W. Burgwyn, Nathaniel Carter, William W. Chasteen, James L. Corbett, Phillip Cox, John B. Craig, Israel Dew, James H. Durham, Needham Farron, William R. Garriss, Charles Geyer, Joseph Gore, A. J. Grady, James Grant, Edward W. Grissett, Timothy Gurganeus, Mauger J. Hall, Henry W. Herring, James M. Hicks, Luke W. Hilburn, John F. Horrell, James E. Huffam, Jones H. Hughes, William W. Humphrey, Mitchel Jones, William Keith, John B. King, Amos Lee, Joseph J. Leslie, John F. Lezwyn, Edward T. Lucas, Thomas Mashburn, George W. Moore, James W. Murray, W. W. Murrell, Fred J. Padrick, Peter J. Padrick, William Padrick, Timothy Peterson, James H. Philyaw, Richard J. Player, Thomas W. Player, Hiram N. Polley, Hazel Potter, Hilliard Potter, Solomon Reaves, Henry Schulkey, George W. Smith, Legrand W. Smith, Boney Southerland, Thomas Spooner, John Taylor, S. H. Taylor, Edward R. Ward, James Ward, Silas Watkins, Watson Watkins, Wright Weaver, A. H. Westbrook, Elijah Williams, Henry B. Willits, Sylvanus F. Wilson, Owen K. Woodcock, and William E. Wright.

Submitted by:
Sam West
4770 Old Whiteville Road
Lumberton, NC 28358
©2009 Natasha Miles