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New Hanover County Ship Passenger Lists

Ship Name, Origin and Destination
The Edinburgh from Cambeltown, Scotland to Cape Fear
Allan, Alexander
Buie, Donald
Buie, Duncan
Caldwell, James
Curry, Donald
Curry, Donald
Curry, Jno
Curry, John
Darroch, Duncan
Fairley, Jno
Kelly, Duncan
Kelly, Duncan
Kelly, Effy
Lamont, John
Lamon, Jno
McLean, Duncan

McLean, Duncan
McEacheran, Archd
McEachern, Archd
McGeachy, Niell
McIlchere, Alexr
McKay, Iver
McKay, John
McKendrick, Magnus
McKendrick, Magnus Junr
McKendrick, Robert
McKendrick, Robert
McKergus, Neill
McMath, Mary
McMurchy, John
McMurchy, Thomas
McViccar, Elizabeth

Smith, Archd
Smith, John
Sinclair, Flory
Watson, John
Watson, John
Watson, Samuel

The Ulysses from Greenock to Wilmington
Source: Records of Emigrants from England and Scotland to North Carolina edited by A R Newsome, 1962

August 1774
The Diana from Greenock, Scotland to Wilmington
Currie, Catherine 62
Hendry, Archd 10

Hendry, Barbara
Hendry, Catherine 35
Hendry, Charles 5
Hendry, Neil 27
Hendry, Neil 3
Kelso, Elizabeth 50
McDonald, Jessy 2
McDonald, Mary 4
McDonald, William 40
McKenzie, Gilbert 34
McKenzie, Mary 27
McAlester, Coll 24
McAlester, Mary 31
McMillan, Archd
McMurchie, Elizabeth 14

McMurchy, Archd 21
McMurchy, Elizabeth 8
McMurchy, Hugh 46
McMurchy, Mary 17
McMurchy, Patrick 17
McMurchy, Robert 9
McNeil, Jean 32
McNeil, Lachlan 2
McNeil, Mary 7
McRob, Duncan 26
McVicar, John 36, Glasgow
Murchie, Findlay 45
Sillar, Catherine 23
Sillar, Hugh 55
Sillar, Mary 27
Speir, Alexander 19, Glasgow
Wright, Isobel 36

September 1774
The Alexis from Greenock to Wilmington

(A list of passengers intending to go by the British Brig Alexis of Greenock, to Wilmington, North Carolina, sworn 29 March 1804.)

Patrick Fenor, labourer, Carrickmacross
James Flanagan, labourer, Dundalk
James Gordon, farmer, Dundalk
Thos. Gormen, labourer, Creggans
Wm. Greyson, labourer, Creggans
Hu. McNight, 40, farmer, near Belfast
Jas. McNight, 54, farmer, near Belfast
Batty McNight, 36, farmer, near Belfast
Margt. McNight, near Belfast
John McNight, child, near Belfast
Batty McNight, Jr, child, near Belfast
Eliza McNight, child, near Belfast
Michael Mackay, labourer, Cullaville
Terence Murphy, labourer, Carrickmacross
Oliver Plunkett, labourer, Creggans
Willm. Vance, labourer, Carrickmacross
Hu. Wilson, farmer, Dundalk

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