Co C 8th Regiment NC State Troops

Contributed by: Diane Siniard

  Officers Captains MacRae, Henry Barron, Charles H Lieutenants Jones, Henry ~ 2nd Lieutenant Lawrence, Nathan M ~ 2nd Lieutenant Townsend, William L S ~ 1st Lieutenant Davis, Thomas W ~ 1st Lieutenant Noncommissioned Officers and Privates Alsbrook, Jesse ~ Private Altaffer, James M ~ Sergeant Anderson, Henry J ~ Private Anderson, Thomas J ~ Private Armstrong, Henry W ~ Private Baker, William J ~ Corporal Bledsoe, Jordan C ~ Private Braddy, Reuben A ~ Private Braswell, Spencer D ~ Private Braswell, Wiley C ~ Private Browning, William H ~ Sergeant Bruhr, W ~ Unknown Burges, Ridley ~ Private Burgess, Robert ~ Private Bush, Madison M ~ Corporal Butcher, James E ~ Private Byrd, Shadrack ~ Private Carroll, C W ~ Private Carter, Erasmus J ~ Private Cason, John R ~ Private Champion, Joseph ~ Private Conekin, William H ~ Private Crenshaw, Frederick B ~ Private Davis, Archibald W ~ Private Dawes, Miles ~ Private Dawes, Wells ~ Sergeant Flood, Richard ~ Private Ganus, J C ~ Private Ganus, Stephen D ~ Private Garce, George W ~ Private Garner, James A ~ Private Griffin, Robert ~ Private Hall, J A ~ Private Hastings, Charles ~ Private Heard, John ~ Private Huggins, Jesse B ~ Private Hill, Ashbury ~ Private Hill, Burrell ~ Sergeant Hill, Hardy ~ Private Hill, Isaac ~ Corporal Hill, McDuffie ~ Private Hopkins, Richard ~ Private Horn, H L ~ Private Huffam, Asa ~ Private Jackson, Thomas ~ Corporal Jourdon, Daniel ~ Private Jourdon, Mathew ~ Private Keller, J A ~ Private Keter, William ~ Private Knight, Asa P ~ Private Lancaster, Joseph J ~ Private Lee, Thomas ~ Private Lewis, Hudson ~ Private Lodge, Richard L ~ Private Long, Guilford H ~ Private Looper, James ~ Private Looper, Temolin ~ Private McCoy, Roy W ~ Sergeant McIntosh, John ~ Private Manning, Lewis E ~ Private May, Nathan D D ~ Sergeant Mintz, John H ~ Private Moore, Joshua L ~ Private Moore, Kinchen M ~ Private Moore, Theophilus ~ Private Moore, William G ~ Private Murrell, John P ~ Private Neathery, James K P ~ Sergeant Parker, William H ~ 1st Sergeant Parrish, Thomas M T ~ Private Peoples, Martin V ~ Private Peoples, Ralph ~ Private Piner, Lawrence M ~ Private Pratt, William ~ Private Proctor, John G ~ Private Queen, Alfred ~ Private Robbins, James A ~ Private Roland, Chelsey H ~ Private Ruffin, D C ~ Private Russ, Charles D ~ Private Russ, Edward J ~ Private Russ, James L ~ Private Russ, Jonah D ~ Corporal Russ, Porter ~ Private Russ, William ~ Corporal Sawyer, Robert W ~ Private Sessoms, William W ~ Private Skipper, Niram ~ Private Spicer, Calvin ~ Private Spruhen, Thomas ~ Private Stallings, Joseph J ~ Private Stallings, Wiley P ~ Private Suggs, William B ~ Private Summerlin, Jerry ~ Private Thornton, Luther J ~ 1st Sergeant Tolston, Andrew J ~ Private Tolston, Joseph ~ Private Vick, Nathan W ~ Private Vines, Alexander M ~ Private Walker, George W ~ Corporal Warbritton, James ~ Private Ward, Marsden B ~ Private Weaver, M ~ Private Whitman, James ~ Private Williams, Philander P ~ Private Williams, Warren G ~ Private Wright, William F ~ Private Wynne, George W ~ Private Wynne, Thomas J ~ Private York, H H ~ Private

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