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Marriages Concerning New Hanover County, Culled From Various Newspapers

Transcribed by Carolyn Shank and Fran West

The Star - 25 Jan 1810
Married a few days ago in New Hanover County, Mr John Hall, merchant of Wilmington to Miss Allice James of
New Hanover.

The Star - 22 Apr 1814
Married In Wilmington, Rev A Empie to Miss Wright, daughter of the late Judge Wright.

The Star - 8 Jan 1819
Married In Granville by Dr. Joseph Caldwell, Mr. Wm Green of Wilmington to Miss Sarah W Sneed, daughter of
Stephen Sneed, Esq.

North Carolina Journal - Wednesday June 6, 1827
Married, in Wilmington, a few days ago, Mr Giles M Mallett to Miss Sarah S Howard, daughter of Henry B Howard, Esq.

North Carolina Journal - Wednesday March 10, 1830
Married, in Wilmington, on Thursday evening last, by the Rev Mr Carnes, Mr Duncan G McRae, merchant, formerly of Fayetteville, to Miss Ann S, daughter of the late Jesse Wingate, Esq.

Charlotte Journal - December 22, 1837
Married, in New Hanover County, by the Rev. Colin McIver, Mr Edward Pittman, merchant of Mecklenburg County, to Mrs Margaret E McIntyre, daughter of the Rev Robert Tate.

Marriage Contracts of New Hanover County Citizens 1728-1855, Page 39
S M West and Mercy O Fish daughter of Lyman Fish of Philadelphia, on the 12th in Philadelphia, to S M West of Wilmington. W.A. 23 March 1838

North Carolina Argus - October 10, 1855
Married, in Wilmington on Tuesday morning, by Rev Mr Drane, S R Bunting, clerk of the county court of New Hanover,
to Miss Virginia P Marsteller, daughter of Gen L H Marstellar, of that place.

North Carolina Argus - August 16, 1856
Married in Duplin County, on the 31st ult., Atlas J Grady of Wilmington, to Miss Temperance W, daughter of the late
George E Houston.

North Carolina Argus - November 16, 1856
Married in Wilmington on Monday afternoon by the Rev Dr Drane, Mr John Edward Pierce to Miss Mary A Vail all of
that place.

North Carolina Argus - Saturday October 31, 1857
Married in the vicinity of Clinton, Sampson County, on the 21st inst. by the Rev Colin Shaw Mr R J Fennel of New Hanover County to Miss Jane R daughter of Wm Kirby Sr Esq.

North Carolina Argus - Saturday December 19, 1857
Married in New Hanover County on the 9th instant by the Rev Colin Shaw, Mr Archibald N McDonald Esq of Fayetteville
to Miss Ellis J, only daughter of the late James Anders.

Charlotte News - 28 Nov 1890
Rev and Mrs F D Swindell celebrated the 18th anniversary of their marriage in Wilmington last night. Mr Swindell was
formerly pastor of the Methodist church here and both he and his wife are very popular in Charlotte.

The Raleigh Standard - March 23, 1859
Married at Spring Garden, New Hanover County, on the 10th inst, by G J Moore, Esq, S S Satchwell, MD to Miss A V Moore, daughter of the late A L Moore.

The Raleigh Standard - February 22, 1860
Married in Wilmington on the 7th inst, by Rev Dr Drane, Mr Samuel Northtop to Miss Mary E, daughter of George Houston, Esq.

The Standard of Raleigh - December 3, 1862
Married at Grace Church in Morganton, on Sunday afternoon, the 23rd inst., by Rev S C Roberts, Captain Thomas W Brown of Wilmington NC to Miss Lucy Empis, daughter o fthe late Rev Dr Adam Empie of Wilmington.

The Standard of Raleigh - July 9, 1862
Married In Wilmington, on the 1st inst. by Rev J I Prichard, Mr William M Poisson and Miss Mary Frances, daughter of Alfred Alderman, Esq.

The Morning Star, Wilmington NC - Friday November 3, 1871
Married Wilder - Ellis. In this city, in the First Baptist Church, November 1st, 1871, by Elder J C Hiden, Mr Jessie Wilder, of Wilmington, NC, to Miss Fannie D, daughter of Gardner Ellis, Esq, of New Hanover County, NC.

The Daily News - 12 February 1890
Marriages Today: At Wilmington, Mr W L Holt will be married to Miss Mamie DeRossett.

The Charlotte News  - 6 December 1890
Married in Wilmington: Mr. Edwin I Justice of Rutherfordton and Miss Lila Davis, daughter of Mr
DuBrutz Cutlar, were married in Wilmington last Thursday evening. The ceremony was performed at St John's Church by the Rector, Rev Dr Carmichael assisted by Rev DL Arnold of St Stephen's, Goldsboro. The spacious church was filled to its upmost capacity long before the hour appointed for the ceremony. Mr EP Boatwright presided at the organ and the choir consisted of Mrs Thornburn, Miss Florence Bowden, Miss Gabrielle DeRosset, Miss Lizzie Waddell and Messrs HM Emerson, Alex. S Holden and Julius Barbot. Miss Lula Cutlar, sister of the bride, was maid of honor and Mr Dick Hacbett of Wilksboro was best man.

The Charlotte News - 28 November 1890
Mr L L Pritchard, son of Rev Dr TH Pritchard, was married in Wilmington Wednesday evening to Miss Georgie Gore,
daughter of Mr WL Gore. The bride is quite a favorite in Charlotte, where she has many friends.

The Charlotte News - 3 May 1890
Marriage of Mr. Smith and Miss Strange
Mr George Herbert Smith was married in Wilmington last Wednesday evening to Miss Carrie W Strange. The ceremony was performed in St James's church by Rev Robert Strange, and was one of Wilmington's most brilliant social events. The bride is one of Wilmington's most charming young ladies and is a niece of Mrs Capt Thos H Haughton of Charlotte. She has visited this city frequently and has a large circle of admirers here. Mrs Haughton attended the wedding. The bride and groom took  the fast mail train for New Yrok where they will remain until the later part of next week when they will sail for an extensive tour of Great Britain and Continental Europe.

The Daily News - 19 Feb 1890
Marriage of Col Strange - Wilmington Messenger
The following special received by the Messenger from New York last night conveys a pleasant bit of news and will be read with interest throughout North Carolina:
The following will appear in the World tomorrow: At St Ann's Episcopal Church, Fifth avenue and Eighteenth street yesterday at 3 PM, Miss Florence A Rogers, only daughter of the late Dr WN Rogers of California, was married to Col Thomas W Strange of the staff of Governor Fowle of North Carolina by his brother, the Rev Robert Strange of Wilmington. Capt B Cameron, Assistant Inspector General of North Carolina, acted as best man and the bride was given away by her mother.
The bride was beautifully attired in a traveling suit of electric gray carrying a bouquet of roses. After the ceremony a reception was held at the Hoffman House.
Among those present were: Mr. John W Bolles, Dr JE Pigford, Mr AJ Ruffin, Miss Pattie Ruffin, Mr  AG Ricaud, and Mrs Lou Broadnax, of North Carolina; Mr and Mrs Joseph H Strange, Mrs Villa Longa, Capt and Mrs Simmons, Mrs GW Huntington, Mr and Mrs Thurman, Mrs Mather, Mr Fuller, and Mr Springs, of this city; and Lieut Taylor, U.S.A.
The evening before Mr Strange entertained a company of his gentlemen friends at Delmonico's.
After a brief visit to New England, Colonel and Mrs Strange will be at their home in Wilmington.

The Charlotte News - 1 Jul 1890
Wilmington Star: R Rev AA Watson, DD, bishop of the diocese of East Carolina, was married yesterday at 8:30 AM to Miss Mary C Lord, daughter of the late Mr FJ Lord. The ceremony took place in St James' Church and was performed by the Rector of the church, Rev Robert Strange. The Bishop and his bride left by train for the North and will leave New York Monday, July 7th, on the steamer Alaska for a tour of Europe.

On November 16, 1905, two years after his return to Wilmington from Baltimore, Dr Green married Miss Emma Perrin West, thus uniting another old Cape Fear family with the Greens, Iredells, Harrisses and Meares. Mrs Green is the daughter of Henry P West, wholesale merchant. Her grandfather was SM West, also a native of Wilmington and Civil War veteran and the son of James West. Her grandmother was Emma (Perrin) West, daughter of Henry R and Elizabeth (Jennings ) Perrin.
Mrs Green's mother was Rebecca (Love) West, daughter of John D and Mary Orme (Nutt) Love; the former the son of William James and Marie Teresa Love; the latter, the daughter of JD and Rebecca Vance ( Dickinson ) Nutt. The Wests and the Loves have been residents of this part of North Carolina since pre-Revolutionary times and largely have been engaged in business or farming in preference to the professions. John D Love, maternal grandfather of Mrs Green, was a planter and farmer and a large section of the northeast part of Wilmington once was a portion of the John D Love plantation. Two children have been born of the marriage of Dr and Mrs Green. They are Emma West Green and Mary West Green, both at home.

Goldsboro Daily Argus - May 28, 1917
The Young Peoples Missionary Society of St Paul M E Church, gave a delightful "Announcement Party" on Monday evening, at the home of Mrs DH Dixon, 310 North James Street.  After the guests were assembled, all entered into a contest, the prize being won by Mr Gordon Pyland and the "booby" by Miss Parker, of Raleigh. They were next ushered into the dining room and were presented with corsage bouquets and buttoniers of sweet peas, to each of which was tied a place card, reading on one side:                
Mr William Gurley and Miss Bessie Branton
June 14, 1917
and on the other side:
Mr Victor Overman and Miss Ethel Branton
June 14, 1917
As congratulations and good wishes were being showered upon the brides-to-be, the gentlemen present suddenly left the dining room for a few minutes, returning with bands of crepe on their arms, mourning the loss which the Young Peoples Missionary Society and Goldsboro would suffer from the absence of two of its sweetest and most popular girls.  Delightful refreshments, consisting of fruit punch and sandwiches, were served after which a musical program was enjoyed.  The Misses Branton are the attractive daughters of Mr and Mrs CF Branton, 310 South John Street.

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