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Hi Mary,
The letter dated 1911, from a Cora Henry, Wilmington, NC, answering a
query sent to her by great uncle, Lewie Herring Henry.

Wilmington, NC
May 20th, 1911

Mr. L.H. Henry,
Texarkana, Texas

Dear Sir:-

Your letter of inquiry dated March 20th, has been received.

My Great-Grand-Father, Henry, moved from Scotland, to Rocky Point,
Pender County, North Carolina, at the age of twelve years, from Rocky
Point, he moved to Black River Chapel, New Hanover County, North
Carolina, there he raised a family of twelve Chldren, four daughters and
eight sons, their names were as follows,-daughter, Mary, Betty, Margret,
and Diam., Sons, Robert, Meal, Gearge, Andrew, Archie, Edwin, Patrick,
and John.

My Great-Grand-Father, was named William,, my Grand-Father, was named
John Calvin Henry.

My Great-Uncles, Archie and Robert Henry, moved to the State of Arkansas
in 1842, but Archie moved to North Carolina about 1845, Robert, married
in Louisiana and raised a family, I don't know how many, he died in the
early sixty's.

John C. Henry, my Grand-Father, had a first Cousin named George Henry, a
son of Ben Henry, that moved to Texas about the year 1843 or 44, and he
had a brother named Harvey, and a sister named Mary.

My Great-Grand-Mother, Henry, moved from Long Island, New York, to New
Hanover County, North Carolins, she had a sister named Flora, and three
brothers named John, Ben, and Meal.

She was related to to the Harrison's of England, but was not related to
my Great-Grand-Father, William Henry, whom she married.

My Great-Grand-Father, William Henry, was related to Patrick Henry, of
Virginia and th Royal family of Henry the 8th, of England.

L.H.H., No. 2.,

I am rlated to all the Henry's in New Hanover County, all the old heads
are dead, and the Henry family is quite small compared with what it was

My Father, Dillard Fillmore Henry, and one uncle, William James are
among the old heads that are living , my Father is in his 58th, year.

I have one brother, and one sister, Walter James, and Mary Fillmore, are
their names, and I am quite sure that we are related to you.

I have told you all about the old heads of the Henry family, at least as
far as my knowledge affords me.

Father is away from home at this time but, will be back in a few days,
and he can perhaps, give me more information on the subject.

Trusting to hear from you again soon, I am 

Yours very respectfully,

Cora L. Henry

This is the end of the letter with all the mistakes and typos intact.
Meal is Neal I assume
Diam. is Diane I assume
As far as the accuracy of this goes---I think some is correct and can be
documented, but the Harrisons?? and King Henry???? and Patrick
Henry????, I do not believe.
Mary Ellis
I will send a copy to the NH County library.
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