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66th Infantry Regiment

The 66th Infantry Regiment was organized at Kinston, North Carolina, in October, 1862, by consolidating the 8th North Carolina Battalion Partisan Rangers and the 13th North Carolina Infantry Battalion. The men were from the counties of Orange, Nash, Franklin, Wayne, Lenoir, Carteret, Jones, Duplin, and New Hanover. The unit was stationed at Wilmington, then in May 1864, moved to Virginia. Attached to General J.G. Martin's and Kirkland's Brigade, it fought at Cold Harbor, was placed in the trenches of Petersburg, and saw action at Bentonville. On April 26, 1865, it surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.
The 66th Regiment was comprised of 10 companies. Companies A-I represented various other counties including Orange, Nash, Franklin, Wayne, Lenoir, Carteret, Jones, Duplin, and Onslow. Company K was mostly from Wayne and New Hanover counties.

Company K Roster

Wm C Freeman, Captain
John P Sykes, Captain
E F Gilbert, 1st Lieutenant
Alvin Bagley, 1st Lieutenant
Wm R Privett, 2nd Lieutenant
John J Massey, 1st Lieutenant
D J Knowles, 2nd Lieutenant

Non-Commissioned Officers
O L Jackson, 1st Sgt
B F Stancill, 2nd Sgt
C C Stancil, 3rd Sgt
John J Massey, 4th Sgt (Promoted to 1st Lt)
Edwin Barnes, 5th Sgt
T W Ellis, 1st Corporal
J P Garris, 2nd Corporal
B F Whitley, 3rd Corporal
J G Rowe, 4th Corporal

Anderson, Henry
Bailey, Redden
Bradley, Levi
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, John W
Bailey, W W
Barnes, Clinton
Bryant, R C
Bagley, Ezekiel
Brown, Richard
Brock, David
Byrd, Benjamin K
Boswell, J A
Boswell, J T
Bradley, Benjamin
Barrington, J J
Bailey, Alvin
Bland, W W
Croft, Thomas
Creech, Larkin
Creech, D H
Creech, Thomas
Creech, Thomas
Creech, Josiah
Comish, Wiley
Cox, James W
Croom, Wm H
Crawford, J H
Crawford L H
Capps, William
Capps, John
Dickson, Everett
Evans, J D
Evans, Elisha
Edwards, James
Ellison, Charles
Ellis, A J
Florey, James
Farmer, Moses
Farmer, P R
Glisson, Bryant
Huggins, C W
Hughes, Joseph
Hamilton, B B
Hill, W F
Hill, George
Howell, Jethro
Hemant, Claudius
Howell, Henry
Hines, Christopher
Hines, Thomas
Ingram, S S
Johnson, J W
Johnson, M T
Jones, W D
Jackson, Wm
Jackson, O L
Jennett, J G
Knowles, D J
King, James
Langston, Littleton
Lane, John
Lane, David
Lane, J M
Lane, John W
Lamb, Thomas
Lamb, Jonas
Lewis, David
McLorem,H W
Millard, James
Millard, Bennett
Mathis, Nowell
Mathis, Wells
Massey, West
Massey, W C
Massey, B G
Massey, Wm
Massey, D F
Merritt, L L
Newell, Dempsey
Oldham, Nathan
Oliver, Wesley
Oliver, T T
Oliver, W B
Oliver, H N
Oliver, A W
Price, James
Parker, Wiley Sr
Parker, Willie Jr
Parker, George
Pate, Van H
Pittman, D J
Price, N G
Rogers, W W
Roberts, N W
Ruffin, A G
Rowe, J G
Stallings, J T
Stancil, W B
Smith, John
Sellers, D A
Stanly, D K
Sasser, William
Stallings, W H
Stallings, J J
Spencer, W J
Taylor, Levi
Turner, Hilliard
Tomlinson, R H
Tomlinson, W H
Wright, Willie B
Winborn, David
Williamson, E E
Whittey, J T
Waller, Willis
Wiggs, Nathan
Waters, Benjamin F
Woodard, Joseph
Woodard, D D
Woodard, Richard
Wellons, Erastus
History of 66th Regiment NC Troops