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3rd Infantry Regiment

Contributed by: Diane Siniard and Natasha Miles
The 3rd Infantry Regiment State Troops completed its organization at Garysburg, North Carolina in May 1861. The men in this regiment were from Wilmington and the counties of Green, Duplin, Cumberland, Onslow, Bladen, New Hanover, and Beaufort. Company K was known as the "Holly Shelter Volunteers."

Company D Roster

Savage, Edward
Meares, Edward G
Van Bokkelen, John F S
Cowan, John

Barr, William H 2nd Lieutenant
Houston, Robert B 2nd Lieutenant
Bivins, William J 1st Lieutenant
Cumming, William A. 1st Lieutenant

Noncommissioned Officers and Privates
Adams, Allen G Private
Adams, Churchill D Private
Adams, D C Private
Adams, George B Private
Adams, John D Private
Allen, Ivey Private
Allen, Lewis Private
Austin, Z Private
Avery Charles O Private
Bachelor, William N Private
Balden, A T Private
Baldree, Arnold T Private
Baldree, Elias A Private
Baldree, Richard H Corporal
Baldwin, A T Private
Batchelor, W M Private
Batchelor, William N Private
Batchelor, William T Private
Batchelor, William W Private
Beasley, Jacob Private
Beasley, Pyrom P Private
Beavers, Galen Private
Bell, Benjamin C Private
Best, Richard W Private
Best, Robert S Private
Best, William H Private
Blake, William Private
Boney, John B Private
Boylan, George W 1st Sergeant
Branch, Dennis J Private
Branch, James F Private
Branch, Richard H Private
Bridger, George E Private
Brown, James Private
Bryley, Burton Private
Bullock, J B Private
Burns, Francis Private
Byrd, Christopher Sergeant
Byrd, Michael Corporal
Cannon, Simon Private
Carroll, Adam Private
Carter, Branch S Private
Carter, Enoch Private
Carter, John W Private
Casteen, Jacob Private
Casteen, John Sergeant
Chase, Robert Private
Clarkson, Henry J Private
Clarkson, William H Private
Cook, William Private
Corey, Samuel Private
Costin, Zephaniah Private
Cotton, A R Private
Culler, W C Private
Daniels, James Matthew Private
Davis, Joel P Private
Dicksey, Jesse J Private
Dixie, Joseph Private
Donahoe, H Private
Dowd, Thomas C Sergeant
Dunn, Newman Private
English, Charles D Private
English, George W Private
English, James W Private
Englup, C Private
Enlap, C Private
Evans, John William Private
Evans, William Y Private
Flanner, Charles Second Lieutenant
Fleming, John M Private
Forbes, Robert G Private
Fornes, John Private
Frederick, Elisha Private
Frederick, Patrick Private
Fredericks, Elijah Private
Fredericks, James R Private
Fredericks, Patrick Private
Garvey, James Private
Gilmore, James W Private
Gordon, William K Private
Grubb, Solomon M Corporal
Gully, Jonanthan B Private
Hall, John Private
Hanchey, William H Corporal
Harlow, William Shepard Sergeant
Harrell, Joseph Holiday Private
Harrington, David Private
Harrington, Edward A Private
Harrington, Wiley Franklin Private
Harris, James H Private
Harris, William H Private
Harrold, Levi Private
Hart, Matthew Private
Hethcock, Alexander Private
Hethcock, William Private
Highsmith, Richard P Private
Hines, John W Private
Hines, Lewis W Private
Holmes, Benjamin Private
Howard, William A Private
Howell, James H Private
Huggins, William H Private
Hutchinson, William K Private
James, Robert Private
Jernigan, Jesse Rufus Sergeant
Jolly, William Private
Joyner, Charles Private
Joyner, J W H Private
Keeter, Elijah Private
King, Charles C Private
King, Isaac W Private
Knowles, William Private
Kornegay, Luke Private
Lamon, Malcom A Sergeant
McClenny, John H Private
MacCumber, Florney Noah Private
McCumber, Orrin Private
McDonald, Isaac W Private
McGee, George W Private
McGlawhorn, Luke Private
McGown, George W Private
McKinlass, James Private
McNeal, A B Private
McNeil, D G Private
Manning, Abram Private
Manning, Lillington M Private
Manning, Samuel Private
Manning, Theophilus Private
Meeks, Nathaniel Private
Mills, Calvin Private
Mills, Samuel Private
Moore, George B Private
Moore, John Allen Private
Moore, Warren Private
Musgrave, Crawford E Private
Musgrave, Louis J Private
Needham, Elias Private
Needham, James Private
Neele, Joseph E Private
Nelson, Lemuel Private
Newsom, Alfred Private
Newsom, James Private
Newsom, Joshua J Musician
Newsom, Owen Private
Nobles, James Private
Nolan, William H Private
Padgett, Hinton Private
Parker, Jesse Private
Penn, Charles Private
Plyler, A Private
Ringold, Lockett Private
Robinson, Oliver P Private
Rochelle, John T Private
Rochelle, Napoleon B Private
Rouse, Asa Private
Rouse, George W Private
Slaughter, Cannon Private
Smith, Hagan H Private
Smith, William H Private
Smith, William J Private
Springs, Seth J Sergeant
Stine, William T Private
Stokes, John W Private
Stokes, William B Private
Stone, W Private
Taylor, John Private
Teel, William E Private
Terry, S Hillsman Private
Thurston, William J Y Private
Tindall, Jesse 1st Sergeant
Tottan, John H Private
Tripp, Caleb Private
Tucker, William Private
Vann, Marion Corporal
Wallace, William Private
Weatherington, Spiver W Private
Wiggs, Alexander W Sergeant
Williams, Elias Private
Williams, Simeon Private
Williams, Stephen Levi T Private
Willoughby, Robert T Private
Wood, David W Corporal
Wood, John L Private
Wooten, Thomas Private
Wright, J M Private

Company F Roster

Parsley, William Murdock
Radcliff, Robert S
Cantwell, John L

Runciman, John W 3rd Lieutenant
Crapon, George M 2nd Lieutenant
McClammy, Charles W 2nd Lieutenant
Northrop, William Harriss 2nd Lieutenant
Potter, Henry W 2nd Lieutenant
Summersett, Christopher H 2nd Lieutenant
Willis, Hardy Bryan 1st Lieutenant
Garrison, Edward J 1st Lieutenant
Pickett, Isaac J. 1st Lieutenant

Noncommissioned Officers and Privates
Aldridge, George W Sergeant
Allen, John Calvin Private
Anderson, Andrew J Private
Atkinson, Benjamin Private
Bell, George J M Sergeant
Berry, Charles W Private
Bishop, George W Private
Bishop, Henry M Private
Bradshaw, John H Private
Bradshaw, William Private
Brafford, Edward Private
Brantley, George W Private
Brewer, Martin Private
Britt, Enoch Private
Britt, Kinchen Private
Brooks, H Private
Brown, John Private
Brown, L Private
Byrd, John B Corporal
Byrd, Joseph T 1st Sergeant
Byrd, Robert J Private
Canady, John Private
Carter, Nicholas Private
Casteen, Alonzo Private
Chandler, Peter H Private
Charles, Andrew Private
Charles, Levin Private
Clark, Thomas Private
Cliff, Elias Private
Cole, Ryland R Private
Collins, John Private
Cooper, John W Private
Courtney, Patrick Private
Cox, John W Private
Craig, Edward Corporal
Craig, Henry Private
Crawford, Charles H Private
Croom, Isaac Private
Curtis, Charles Private
Curtis, Washington Private
Davis, Calvin Private
Davis, Stephen Private
Donnigan, Ashley Private
Eldridge, John H Private
Evans, Jackson Private
Evans, John Private
Evans, Junious G Private
Farrow, Charles H Private
Fink, John A Private
Floyd, Thomas D Private
Gentry, W H Private
Gibbs, J R Private
Gildea, Patrick Private
Goodman, Curtis Private
Green, John Private
Haga, Absalom Private
Hagarty, James Private
Hamilton, Samuel Private
Hancock, John M Private
Hardin, Cornelius Private
Hardin, Jesse Private
Hardin, William Private
Harrell, A Stroud Private
Hawkins, James H Private
Henry, W B Private
Hewett, James Henry Private
Hicks, James H Private
Hightower, Robert A Private
Holmes, David E Private
Jarrell, Hiram Private
Julian, Tobias C Private
Justice, Archus H Private
Justice, Elijah Private
Keen, Joseph L, Jr Private
Keith, Raley Private
Kelly, Thomas Private
King, James Madison Private
Lane, William H Private
Laurens, Hiram Private
Lynch, John Private
McDonald, Davis Private
McDonough, John Private
Marshall, John H Private
Martin, Haywood Private
Montgomery, George T Private
Montgomery, John Private
Montgomery, John J Private
Montgomery, William A Private
Moore, Alexander Private
Moore, Asa W Private
Morgan, John Private
Morgan, John M Private
Murray, Michael Private
Nelson, Hiram Private
Nixon, William Private
Nolan, William Private
Northrop, Henry F Private
Nutt, H H Private
Ormsby, Asa D Corporal
Orrell, James S Private
Owen, Harbin Private
Parish, Nelson Private
Pavyo, Thomas L Private
Peebles, Selburn Private
Peugh, John H Private
Phillips, J Private
Phillips, J R Private
Pickett, William H Private
Pittman, Hezekiah Private
Potter, Miles Private
Powers, Mathew Private
Preston, Allen Private
Prevatt, Alfred Private
Prevatt, Eli Private
Prevatt, James P Corporal
Prevatt, Thomas Corporal
Quinn, Edward R Private
Reaves, Edward C Private
Reaves, Julius F A Private
Reaves, Thomas Private
Robbins, Robert F Private
Roddy, Patrick Private
Rowe, William L Private
Russ, John Private
Sampson, John W Private
Sanders, Britton Private
Sanders, Jesse Private
Sanders, John Private
Sell, David Private
Sell, Jacob Private
Sellers, Joseph D 1st Sergeant
Shay, John Private
Sheffield, Isaac E Private
Sheffield, John Private
Shepard, John F Private
Simms, William James Private
Simpson, Isaac Private
Simpson, James W Sergeant
Smith, Hiram Private
Smith, James E Sergeant
Smith, Peter H Private
Smith, Thomas Private
Smith, Thomas J Private
Spivey, Josiah Private
Spooner, William T Private
Springs, Lemuel Private
Stephens, James E Private
Terry, Calvin S Private
Thompson, Thomas Private
Tillotson, William H Private
Tyner, Benjamin Private
Utley, Henry C Private
Wade, John M Musician
Walsh, Coleman Private
Weeks, Thomas O Private
White, John A Corporal
Williams, George W Private
Williams, Gibson Private
Williams, Nathan Private
Wilson, John A Private
Wright, A S Private
Wright, William E Private
Yopp, Franklin V B Sergeant

Company K Roster

Williams, David
Armstrong, Thomas E
Powers, Kinchen

Hand, John P 3rd Lieutenant
Bannerman, Alexander W 2nd Lieutenant
Black, John 2nd Lieutenant
Hand, Samuel P 2nd Lieutenant
Ormsby, George M 2nd Lieutenant
Castine, Andrew J 1st Lieutenant
Williams, Andrew J 1st Lieutenant

Noncommissioned Officers and Privates
Allen, William M Private
Anderson, William W Private
Atkins, W T Private
Banks, Berry P Private
Bannerman, David W Musician
Barlow, Martin Private
Blake, John B Private
Blake, Stephen G Private
Bloodowrth, Timothy J Private
Bloodworth, William A Sergeant
Bordeaux, Richard Henry Private
Boseman, James Private
Bowden, Hinton J Private
Bowden, Morris C Private
Bowden, Richard T Private
Bowen, Kinchen Corporal
Brinkley, William A Private
Britt, Alexander A Private
Brown, Isaac H Private
Brown, William J Private
Brown, Zachariah Private
Bunn, Dallas Private
Bunn, George A Private
Bunn, James D Private
Bunn, Wesley Private
Carter, Eldridge Private
Carter, James H Private
Casteen, Council W Private
Chadwick, Robert Private
Cole, John H Private
Cowan, George H Private
Cowan, Richard O Private
Cowan, Robert M Private
Cowan, Thomas J Private
Cowan, William W Corporal
Croom, Jesse J Private
Croom, William A Private
Currie, Benjamin P Private
Deal, James M Private
DeBose, Anthony Private
Dockery, Elijah H Private
Ellis, William H Private
Ennis, John A Private
Evans, Lewis T Private
Ferrell, Corda B Private
Foy, George W Private
Futch, Chrles F Private
Futch, Hanson M Private
Futch, John Private
Futch, Wiley Private
Garris, James R Private
Garris, John W Private
Gideons, Archibald Private
Gideons, Robert Private
Gideons, William Private
Gurganus, Alfred Private
Gurganus, James A Private
Ham, J O Private
Harris, John W Private
Heath, George H Private
Henderson, M W Private
Herring, Calbert M Private
Herring, Henry H Private
Highsmith, Richard E Private
Hines, Jacob Private
Hodge, Charles Private
Holmes, James D Private
Horrell, Americus V Private
Horrell, James B Private
Howard, George E Private
Hubbard, Mark T Private
James, George Private
Johnson, I B Private
Johnson, Levi Private
Johnston, Jesse V Private
Johnston, Josiah S Private
Jones, Allen H Private
Jones, John Private
Jones, Jonas Private
Keith, George A Private
Kenion, Joseph B Private
Lane, Thomas J Private
Lanier, James M Private
Lanier, John A Private
Lanier, Thomas H Private
Lanier, William E Private
Lee, George W B Sergeant
Lee, James C 1st Sergeant
Lee, Peyton L Corporal
McDonald, J D Private
Mallaby, Reuben Private
Malpass, John W Private
Mathews, Nicodemus Private
Medlin, William S Private
Meeks, Brantley R Private
Meeks, Felix M Private
Mills, Edward J Private
Mills, James L Private
Mills, Timothy W Private
Moore, David Private
Moore, Timothy Private
Mott, Moses D Private
Murray, Asa G Corporal
Newton, William B Private
Ormsby, George William Private
Ormsby, Robert S Private
Ormsby, Thomas P Private
Padgett, Jacob B Private
Padgett, John W Private
Padgett, McRae Private
Padgett, Nelson M Private
Pear, James Private
Pierce, Archibald Private
Pierce, John Private
Pierce, Joseph Private
Pierce, William D Private
Pigford, Jacob L Private
Piner, John Private
Piner, Joseph Private
Piner, Robert Private
Piner, William D Private
Player, Richard L Sergeant
Player, William B Sergeant
Player, William Jackson Private
Pool, George Private
Powers, Hanson Private
Price, Thomas A Private
Privett, Kearney Private
Rainer, John N Private
Rainer, Stephen D Private
Ramsey, Robert T Private
Ramsey, Thomas J Private
Ray, Burwell J Private
Richardson, William W Private
Rivenbark Robert Corporal
Rivenbark Washington L Corporal
Robbins, Zachariah Private
Rochelle, Blaney J Sergeant
Rochelle, Edward G Private
Rochelle, Ephraim J Private
Rochelle, Isaac Private
Rochelle, Robert H Private
Rooks, William S Private
Ross, Adam Private
Ross, Luke W Private
Rowe, John W Private
Saunders, Robert Tate Private
Scarboro, George D Private
Sellers, Jordan Private
Shepard, George W Private
Sikes, John J Private
Smiley, Alonzo N Private
Smith, William A Private
Spence, James Private
Spencer, Edmund Private
Stell, William R Private
Stokes, Wiley Private
Stroud, William Private
Taylor, Alfred A Private
Tuter, James A Private
Waller, Squire Private
Walton, Elisha E Private
Walton, John D Private
Ward, Alexander Private
Watkins, Daniel Private
Watkins, Patrick Bunyan Private
Watkins, Silas C Private
Way, Robert F Private
Wells, Henry Private
Wells, Jacob Private
Wesley, John Private
White, Gideon L Private
Williams, Ransom Private
Wood, Murdock Corporal
Wootten, Amos Private