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The Wilmington Gazette

Excerpts from The Wilmington Gazette 1816
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Gazette
January 13, 1816

Twenty Five Dollars Reward
Ranaway from the subscriber in Richmond County, Rockingham, on the 29th of October, a bright mulatto woman about thirty five years old, likely and straight built, well known in Wilmington by the name of ? formerly owned by Doctor Cutlar? who sold her to Mr Hugh Campbell Merchant of Fayetteville. All captains of vessels are forewarned from employing or giving her a passage or in any manner securing her on board of a vessel, as I understand her aim is to get to New York. The above reward will be given to any person who will take her up and commit her to jail so I get her again.
John Jennings
Rockingham, Richmond Co, NC
Those persons having in their possession books belonging to the Circulating Library of the late William S Hasell, who do not return them during the present week, may rest assured that the rules of the Library will be enforced in every case whatsoever.
Wm H Halsey, Admr
December 7, 1815
Is hereby given to the persons indebted to the estate of the late Capt Abraham Golden that unless they make payment previous to the 20th instant their accounts ? will be placed in the hands of an Officer for collection without discrimination.
Samuel Potter, Admr
December 7, 1815
N. B. In the absence of the Administrator M. Courtland Freeland is fully authorized to ? for him.
Married - On Thursday evening last, Mr Henry B Toomer, of this town, to Miss Ann Scull, of Brunswick County.
State of North Carolina
New Hanover County
Whereas the last Will and Testament of Abraham Golden, deceased, was duly proven at Nov term, 1815, of the County Court of Please and Quarter Sessions, of New Hanover County; and it appears that John Bishop and Jacob Clarkson, of the City of Philadelphia, are therein appointed Executors.
These are therefore, to notice the said John Bishop and Jacob Clarkson, to appear before said Court on 2d Monday of February  next, to qualify the said Will; otherwise letters of administration of the Will annexed will be issued.
Witness Thos I Davis, Clerk of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Session for the County of New Hanover, at Office this 4th day of January 1816.
Thos Davis, Clerk
January 13, 1816
For Sale
That valuable plantation called Lilliput, late the residence of G McKenzie, Esq, deceased. It contains 640 acres of land, about one hundred and twenty of which are tide swamp and ?, admirably adapted for Rice or Cotton, about sixty acres are under a high state of cultivation for Rice. On the plantation is a good two story dwelling house, with out buildings, houses for Negroes etc. Its situation is undoubtedly the handsomest on Cape Fear River and the place is beautifully ornamented with live Oak groves of the natural growth. Its distance form Wilmington is about twelve miles and from Brunswick three. A more particular description is unnecessary as those inclined to purchase will of course view the premises. The price will be moderate and the terms accommodating, which will be made known upon application to
Maurice Moore
Brunswick County
or to
M Campbell
January 13, 1816
Abraham W Patrick 
This means is taken to inform the above named Abraham W Patrick late the property of James W Walker of Wilmington this state that I have agreed with his said late master for his ? and to ? of him that he forthwith come in and surrender himself to me at my plantation in Bladen County.
James Owen
August 31, 1815
Ten Dollars Reward
Runaway from the subscriber on the 10th of Sept last, a negro wench named Hannah, formerly belonging to Mr Almond Hall where is so well known in Wilmington that a description of her need not be given. I will give the above reward to any person that will deliver her to me or confine her in jail so that I may get her again. I hereby caution all white persons not to harbor said runaway under the strictest penalty of the law. If said negro returns home in eight days from the date she shall be forgiven if not I will outlaw her.
Robert Simpson
November 9, 1815
Is hereby given that May Term ? of New Hanover County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions the Subscriber qualified as Executor of the last Will and Testament of William Cutlar, Esq, deceased. All persons having claims against the Estate of the said William are requested to present them agreeable to law. All persons indebted to the said William must make immediate settlements.
Edward Mills
August 17, 1815
Is hereby given of the death of William S Hasell Esq late of Wilmington, and that at November term 1815 of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions in and for the County of New Hanover, the subscriber attained letters of Administration on the estate of the said William S Hasell. All persons indebted to the said estate are notified to make payment without delay, and those who have claims against the same to present them to the subscriber for liquidation within the time prescribed by an act of Assembly entitled "An act to amend an act entitled an act concerning proving of Wills and granting letters of Administration, and to prevent frauds in the arrangement of intestate estates" otherwise this notice will plead in law of recovery.
Wm R Halsby, Adm'r
The August terms of the court of Pleas and quarter sessions for the county of New Hanover, state of North Carolina, the subscriber was duly qualified as Administratrix on the Estate of Mr William McCaskey deceased.
All persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make immediate payment for the same; and all persons to whom the said estate is indebted our desired to make out their claims and present the same within the time prescribed by law and legally attested otherwise they will be barred of recovery.
Fes Webb
September 31 (sic), 1815
Fifty Dollars Reward
The subscribers Salt Warehouse, on the River, hath been broken open last night the second time this season, and a quantity of salt stolen. They offer a reward of fifty dollars, for any information which ultimately will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the offender or offenders.
And it is evident enough that such robbery would not be committed, if it was not encouraged by the certainty of disposing to some base persons of the articles stolen, the subscriber give this public notice that they will prosecute to the utmost any person or persons buying salt from negroes not lawfully authorized to dispose of the same.
Jocelyn & Garnier
August 9th 1815

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