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The Wilmington Gazette

Excerpts from The Wilmington Gazette 1813
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Gazette
Tuesday, February 2, 1813

10 Dollars Reward
Deserted from this post on the night of the 19th ultimate James Camrone, a private of infantry, aged 22 years, 5 feet 4 inches high, of dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, and by profession a labourer.  The above reward will be paid for his apprehension, on delivering him to the commanding officer at this post, or to any commissioned officer of the United States Army.
John Erving
Lieutenant 1st Artillerists Commanding
Fort Johnston, NC
November 22, 1812
Five Dollars Reward
Strayed from the plantation of the late John Hill, Esq. about the first of June, a bay mare, about 14 hands 3 inches high, seven years old with two colts, the largest three years old the ensuing spring; a bay with a white hind foot, the other a sorrel filly, two years old the following spring, particular marks not recollected.  The above reward will be given and all reasonable expenses paid, on delivering the said mare and colts at the above plantation.
F Hill
Oct 27
Will be sold on Thursday the 18th instant, at Hall Point, the plantation in Brunswick County of the late George Davis, all the personal estate all of the said deceased, consisting of Negros, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, household and kitchen furniture, and a quantity of farming utensils on a credit of six months.
Thos F Davis
February 2
10 Dollars Reward
Deserted from this place on the 31st ultimo, Joseph Clifford, a private of artillery in the army of the United States.  Born in Lincoln County, state of Massachusetts, 26 years old, 5 feet 9 inches high, a dark complexion and blue eyes.  The said Clifford was one of the militia detachment stationed at Fort Johnston and enlisted with me on the 24th of last month.  The above reward will be given for his apprehension and delivery to me at Ft Johnston or to any other officer in the United States Service.
William J Cowan
1st lieutenant 2d USA
February 2
Valuable rice plantation
Will be sold under the courthouse on the first day of February next that valuable rice plantation formerly owned by Carlton Walker Esquire containing about 200 acres, a part of which is under bank and ditch.  Any person desirous of purchasing had .... ? .... if not superior, ... rice land on the North West river.  Terms made known on the day of sale.  For further particulars apply to 
William Mitchell
January 19
The sale of the above plantation is postponed to Monday next, the eight instant, when it will positively take place as above stated.
February 2, 1813
For sale
Under the courthouse in Wilmington, on Friday the fifth day of February ensuing, certain lands formerly the property of Carlton Walker, Esq. and which will be more particularly enumerated in the Gazette of the ensuing week.  Payment will be received in such paper as the subscriber is legally bound to take that.
Benj Smith
January 26
PS the above lands are what generally go by the name of the Island Creek Mills, the Sound Residence, and sundry lots in Wilmington.  Sale to commence precisely at 12 o'clock.
The subscriber on the night of the 15th instant had his store broken open, and in the morning when first opened a Red Morocco pocketbook containing about forty dollars in North Carolina State bank bills, with some notes, (say on Mr E Pigford for thirty dollars and some cents, one on Mr R Parish for ten dollars, one on David Smith for eight dollars and seventeen cents, and also one on John Moore for about seven dollars, with a piece of Corbeau Cloth of six and a quarter yards; also a piece of light Homespun was missing.  The subscriber will give any suitable reward for the apprehension of the thief or the delivery of the above articles.
R Saunders
December 22
To rent
That convenient grocery store and bake house on the southeast corner of Front and Orange streets.  The rent will be low.  For particulars apply to
James Dickson
December 22
The Wilmington Gazette
Saturday, July 10, 1813

Notice is hereby given
That at the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions held for the county of Sampson, on the third Monday in May 1813, Letters of Administration on the Estate of Michael Sampson, deceased, were granted to the subscriber. All persons having claims against said estate are requested to present them to the subscriber, or to William B Mears in Wilmington, within the time limited by law. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment immediately.
Jane Sampson, Adm'r
June 26

The Subscriber having qualified as Administratrix to the estate of her deceased husband Thomas Hunter, gives notice to all persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, and to all persons having demands against the estate of the said Thomas Hunter, to present them for payment within the time required by an act of Assembly entitled, "An act concerning proving of Wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of intestates' estates." Also, an act entitled, "An act to amend an act entitled an act concerning proving Wills and granting letters of administration and to prevent frauds in the management of intestates' estates," otherwise they will be barr'd of recovery by the operation of the aforesaid acts.
She has appointed Henry Urquhart and William B Mears her Attorneys in fact, to whom all accounts and claims must be presented for adjustments and settlements.
Mary Hunter, Adm'x
February 16

Fifty Dollars Reward:
Will be paid to any person who will give information to conviction of any white person's harboring or employing the following Runaway - one half the above for the like information of his being sheltered by a person of color.
He is called Coventry, but sometimes takes the name Richard, a Bricklayer by trade, six feet high, and a remarkably civil black fellow, about 31 years old. He was seen going towards Cambahee a few weeks since, and may have a permit to seek for work from a mechanic in town to whom he was hired; so no papers which he may have in possession are to be regarded, and whoever may employ him are required to pay all his wages to the Subscriber only, who will give twenty dollars to whoever will secure him in any place of confinement, so as he be recovered by
Abraham Motte
No 97 Bay - Charleston SC
This being Coventry's first offense, it shall be overlooked if he comes home immediately of his own accord.
April 9

The Wilmington Gazette
Saturday, October 2, 1813

10 Dollars Reward
Runaway from the subscriber about the 1st August last a negro man by the name of Affellow, about 18 or 20 years old; he had on when he went off a brown broadcloth coat, white homespun trousers and an old black chip hat, he was seen lately in Wilmington, and is no doubt lurking about there yet. Whoever will apprehend said negro and bring him to me or lodge him in any jail where he can be found, shall have the above reward and all reasonable expenses paid. 
All masters of vessels and others are cautioned not to harbour or carry away the said runaway, as the penalties of the law shall be enforced with the utmost rigor against whoever shall be detected in an act so unjustifiable, illegal and base.
John Kelly
September 25
Taken up and committed to jail on the 18th August, a negro boy 18 or 19 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, and says his name is Cato, and his master's name Penuil Hewit of South Carolina. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away.
Henry Wright, Jailer
Wilmington, August 21st
And Another!
Taken up and committed to jail on the 21st July a negro lad about 18 years old he is smart and likely, says his name is Henry and that he belongs to James Bryant of Halifax County in this state, that he ran away about ten weeks since. He is about five foot high and has on a good suit of clothes of a light brown or yellowish colour. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away. 
Henry Wright, Jailor
September 18th
Ten Dollars Reward
Run away from the subscriber about three weeks since a mulatto fellow named George Redout alias Morris. This fellow is a dark coloured mulatto, pitted a little on the face with the small pox, is about five feet four inches high, and about twenty-four or five  years old; he is a West Indian by birth and it is more than probable he may attempt to pass himself for a free man. He is well known at Wilmington and at Fort Johnson where he was hired last year to Mr Halsey. Any one who will apprehend the said fellow or secure him in jail so that I get him, will receive the above reward by applying to
Thomas C Reston
August 21
Twenty Dollars Reward
Run away two negro fellows. The first named Damon, about 27 years old, stout made and knock-knee'd. The second named Paris, about 40 years old and slender made. For the delivery of both the above runaways (within three months) to me or Jesse Scarborough on Cat Fish, 5 miles from Wilmington, or for lodging the same in jail so that I can get them, a reward of twenty dollars will be given or ten dollars for either.
P P Ashe
June 25
Ten Dollars Reward
Deserted from Fort Johnston, North Carolina, on Monday evening, the 24th of May, 1813, William B Hodd, a private in my company, who delivered himself up to me in Edenton, NC, as a deserter from Norfolk, under the President's proclamation. He is about 26 years of age, 5 feet seven and an half inches high, blue eyes, dark hair, swarthy complexion and by profession a tin and copper smith. I will give the above reward for the apprehending said deserter and delivering him to me or any officer commanding a post or detachment in the United States.
Jesse Copeland
Capt 10th Infantry
May 29
From the US Gunboat No 150 Elijah Brent, alias Williams a dark mulatto man about 5 feet f or 6 inches high much pitted with the small pox, walks erect about 22 or 23 years of age, slow of speech, hails from Charleston where he says his mother and relations reside. Ten Dollars Reward will be given to any person who will take up said deserter and deliver him to any Officer of the Navy of the US or place him in jail.
T N Cautier
Commanding Naval Officer
July 24
The Subscribers at August Term, 1813, of New Hanover County Court, qualified as Executors to the last will and testament of Thomas Wright, deceased, late of Charleston. All persons having claims against said estate are requested to present them for settlement within the time prescribed by law, otherwise they will be barred of a recovery.
Hanson Kelly
Alex'r Peden
August 21
Ten Dollars Reward
Deserted from this Garrison on the 1st last, Daniel Grant, a private in Capt John Gray Blount's company 18th regiment of Infantry, aged 19 years, 5 feet 11 inches high, dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes and believed a seaman by profession. He went off with the militia of Duplin county lately disbanded from this station, where it is supposed he has gone. The above reward and all reasonable expenses will be paid to any person who will deliver him at this post or to any officer of the United States army.
William Wilson
Capt 1st Regi't Artillerists Commanding
Fort Johnston, Smithville, NC
23d August 1813
A note of hand made by Hanson Kelly to Alexander Anders and by him endorsed, dated 1st May 1811, payable 12 months after date at the Bank of Cape Fear, on which there is an endorsement of $557 paid on it the 10th November 1812. All persons are cautioned against purchasing The Same, as the balance due on it has been paid to me.
James Usher
Wilmington, Aug 17, 1813
The subscriber having qualified at the last County Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions for the county of New Hanover as Executor to the last will and testament of the late Robert Williams, deceased, notifies to all persons having demands against the estate of the said deceased to bring them forward legally attested for liquidation within the time prescribed by law. Debtors to said estate are requested to make payment as soon as possible.
Thomas Cowan, Adm.
March 29
50 Dollars Reward
Will be given for apprehending and lodging in any jail in this state, so that I get him, my mulatto man named Abram otherwise Abram Patrick or Abram W Patrick, he is well known about the town of Wilmington, on Livingston Creek in Brunswick County, on the river through the county of Bladen, in and about the town of Fayetteville, and on Rockfish Creek, in the County of Cumberland, where he was raised with Mrs. Kirkpatrick his former owner.  Abram is remarkable for being a tall man with rather thin visage, hair fine and inclined to curl about the neck, with a scar as from a ? under the left cheekbone, and for conversing upon mechanics on which he is very speculative.  He is a good millwright and house carpenter, and is particularly expert at putting water on the wheel of a saw or other mill.  He can write and will probably attempt to pass himself as a free man.  Persons are warned how they are imposed on, as in case of employing him without permission.  The penalties of the law we'll be enforced.  Abram has been out since the sixth day of June and has been seen in the neighborhood of Mr. John Waddle's in Bladen County.  Should he come in and deliver himself up within the course of this month, his offense shall be pardoned.  Otherwise I shall take the necessary steps to outlaw him.
James W. Walker
July 10

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