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The Wilmington Gazette

Excerpts from The Wilmington Gazette 1810
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Gazette
January 2, 1810

Whereas since the death of mr Thomas Jennings, I have been duly appointed Guardian to the estate of the late mr George Jennings, Notice is hereby given that the houses and negroes of the said estate will be rented and hired out on the 1st of January next at Public auction, if not previously disposed of by private contract.
John Nelson
December 1?

For Sale by the Subscriber
Maderia, Sherry & Malaga Wines of a superior quality, Hats, Wrapping Paper, Cassia, Mackrel and Apples, all of which will be sold low for cash.
Oliver Parmlee
Who has on hand some United States Bank Notes which he will dispose of at a moderate premium.
Dec 19

For sale by the subscriber,
Fresh hyson tea, by the chest, loaf & lump sugar, by the hoghead or bbl a few cases assorted hats; 2 cases assorted cambricks; superfine cloths and casimeres, with a variety of Fancy Goods.
All of which he will sell low for cash or on approved short credit.
James Dickson
Nov 28

To Rent
About one hundred acres of Tide Swamp situated immediately below Mount Misery Bluff, on the North West River, enclosed within a tolerable good bank and ditch, with an excellent barn and thrashing machine upon the premises. Apply to
Wm B Meares
December 12

Stop the Runaway!
Twenty Dollars Reward
Run away from the subscriber a negro fellow named Ephraim, the property of the late William G Berry, was purchased by Thomas Hill of William Petty of Chatham county, near Pittsborough; into which neighbourhood the varlet Ephraim had himself conveyed by an imposing story on some waggoner, and in which place or vicinity  he is doubtless lurking. The above reward and all reasonable charges will be paid on delivery of the said runaway to the subscriber.
By order of the Administrator
Hanson Kelly
December 5

The subscriber having qualified as Administratrix to the estate of Henry Watters, senr. deceased, requests all persons having demands against said deceased to present them to Wm B Mears, who is fully authorized to transact and settle the business.
Elizabeth Waters
June 2

Dancing School
Will commence again on Wednesday the 24th of this month, continuing throughout the winter session, hoping that the parents of children and those who have a wish to become subscribers will not delay any time in forwarding them if they wish them to be put in the first class with those who are already students. N.B. The evening school for young men will be kept also. Private lessons will be given.
W H Clay
Jun 2

For Sale
Three hundred and twenty acres of land on Lord's Creek, about 15 miles below Wilmington - A part of it is fertile low grounds. The range for stock is equal to any in the state. For terms apply to
Ann McRee
August 8

In consequence of the death of Mr John McKellah which renders a close of the business of the firm of McKellar & McKay necessary, all persons indebted to the said firm are requested to call and settle their accounts, and those to whom the said firm may be indebted are requested to hand in their accounts for settlement.
William McKay
Surviving Co-partner

Just received from New-York and now opening at the store formerly occupied by McKellar and McKay in Market street,
A General Assortment of Fresh Goods,
Consisting of Superfine and Fine Cloths, ditto Casimeres and Common ditto, ditto fancy goods also.
Hardware, Groceries &c. &c. which will be disposed of low for cash or produce.
William McKay
November 14

Ran Away from the subscriber on the 15th Sept last a Negro fellow named Harry about five feet eight inches high, stout built, coarse complexion, and large teeth in the fore part of his mouth, plausible in his conversation. A liberal reward will be given to whoever will deliver the said negro to the subscriber in Wilmington, or lodge him in some jail where he may be got.
James Usher
October 31

To Rent
A Wharf and Ware Houses,
On Orange and Front Streets, possession given immediately.
John Hogg
September 12

Was Committed to Jail
A handsome negro boy named Robert or Rob about four feet high and probably about 12 or 13 years old. He was brought from Posetaligo SC six or seven years ago by a negro fellow named John Spaulding - he says his mother belonged to or lived with Dr James of that place. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away.
Henry Wright, Jailor
October 19

The Wilmington Gazette
June 19, 1810

Fort Johnston, 11th May 1810
40 Dollars Reward
Deserted from this post this morning, Daniel Squires a private of artillerists belonging to capt C Mulford's company. Said Squires is 35 years old, five feet 7 1/2 inches high, swarthy complexion, light brown hair, grey eyes, has lost one of his front upper teeth, born in Craven county, NC by occupation a Hatter - has been at sea and may offer himself as a sailor; he has taken with him many clothes and about 100 dollars in money. Whoever will apprehend said Squires and secure him in any jail in this State and give information thereof to the subscriber, or deliver him to any officer of the United States Army, shall receive the above reward and all reasonable expenses paid.
J G Swift
Major Commanding

Ten Dollars Reward
Run-away from the subscriber a negro fellow named Toney, about 30 or 35 years of age, by trade a Ship-Carpenter, and from 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet high, formerly belonged to Mr John Henderson, deceased. He took with him a grey jacket and blue pair of trousers. As he has a wife at Mr Hooper's bluff, it is probable he may be lurking about in that neighbourhood. All persons and particularly masters of vessels are warned not to harbour the said runaway or carry him off, as the severest penalties of the law will be enforced against them on proof of the fact.
George Cameron
April 17

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran-away from the subscriber about the 20th ultimo, a negro boy named John, about 18 or 19 years of age, of a very dark complexion and very spare built. He is either lurking about Wilmington or is endeavoring to make his way to Hillsborough. The above reward will be given to any one who will deliver him to me or secure him in any jail so that I get him.
Elizabeth Watters
June 19

Ten Dollars Reward
Ran-away from the subscriber on the 17th instant, a negro fellow named Billy, about three or four and twenty years of age, about five feet nine or ten inches high, well made and of a very black complexion. He had on when he went away a drab colored broad cloth coat and a pair of striped homespun trousers. It is supposed he is at present in Brunswick County, in the neighbourhood of Hood's Creek, but will probably endeavor to get up to Orange county. The above reward will be given to any person who will deliver him to me in Wilmington, or secure him in any jail so that I get him.
Wm B Mears
June 19

Forty Dollars Reward
A reward of forty dollars will be given to any one who will apprehend and secure in the Wilmington jail the following Negro women: Harriet, Bella, Elsey and Milly. Harriet is a tall thin wench of a yellowish complexion about thirty two or thirty three years of age, well known in Wilmington, where her parents are and supposed to be harboured in the neighbourhood of Town Creek Bridge. Bella a short wench - her complexion similar to that of Harriet, who I have reason to believe is secreted in town. Elsey is also a short wench, her complexion deeper than either of the others, has remarkable white teeth and speaks quick. She is supposed to be frequently in town and at Mr George MacKenzie's plantation, (Lilliput) where she has a husband. She is about twenty five years of age. Milly is a slender wench of the common height, her complexion very much of the mulatto; she is about three and twenty years of age and may be found either in town or at Mr George MacKenzie's plantation. Forty dollars will be given for their delivery in the Wilmington jail or ten for either of them.
William M Mackenzie
April 1

Twenty Dollars Reward
Run-away from the subscriber about the 1st of November last a negro man named Scipio between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet high, of a yellow complexion, impudent in speech, and well known about Wilmington. I will give the above reward to whoever will secure him in any jail so that I may get him again or I will give one hundred dollars reward to whoever will convict any captain, master or owner of any vessel, who has taken him off, as I am told is the case. I hereby warn all captains, masters and owners of vessels or others from harboring or taking him out of the state or employing him in any way.
W F Strudwick
April 17

10 Dollars Reward
Runaway a negro fellow named Robert, belonging to C Schaw. Near 6 feet high, black and sleek, well made and erect and very plausible. He is probably about Wilmington, or if not, may be harbored at or near the plantation of the late Mr Merrick, on the Sound. Ten dollars reward will be given to any person who will apprehend the said runaway, deliver him to the subscriber, or lodge him in some jail.
A M Hooper
May 22

Thirty Dollars Reward
For the recovery of a negro name named Barney, about 45 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, stout made, of a good appearing countenance, speaks plain,  has long hair, somewhat of a dark mustee kind, one of his legs is much larger than the other. The said Barney eloped from my plantation on Coopers River, near Charleston, South Carolina in May 1807, and from information made his way for North Carolina. As his former owner resided near Wilmington, in said state and on his way was apprehended, but afterwards made his escape, and is supposed to be in or near Wilmington. If apprehended and sent on to Charleston, South Carolina, all reasonable expenses together with the above reward will be paid on delivery of said negro to
Thomas Baldwick
Feb 13

Ten Dollars Reward
Absconded on Saturday the twenty-first of October last, my negro fellow named Charleston or Charlton. He is well known about Augusta as a drummer; is slight and well made, of very black complexion, about 5 feet nine inches high and years of age. He has a deep mark or cut on one of his eye-brows (which not recollected.) The above reward will be paid on his apprehension and delivery to me, or on his being lodge in jail.
James Cormick
December 9

Valuable Lands!
For sale, low for cash or young Negroes, the following valuable property, viz:
That well known plantation, formerly the residence of my father, lying on the stage road to Fayetteville, between the 37 and 38 miles posts. It is well covered with Cypress and Pine trees and lightwood. Also another place of 550 acres on the west side of the river, back of Mr William Sutton's. It is allowed to have the best timber and lightwood to that part of the country and the whole of it lies handy to the river. Also several other tracts of land in Bladen County. Likewise a Mill Seat with a good Corn Mill, on an excellent stream, within a quarter of a mile of the above plantation, lying in New-Hanover County. All the property now offered for sale is situated in a healthy part of the country and is well worth the attention of any one desirous of purchasing valuable country property.
Evan Andres
May 8

The Wilmington Gazette
June 26, 1810

Married on Thursday evening last by the Rev Mr Robert Tate of South Washington, Mr William I Love of this town to Miss Theresa Maria Greer of Rockfish.

Died Lately in Charleston SC Mrs Sarah Smith, aged 81, respected through life for her many virtues and amiable qualities. This venerable lady was the daughter of one of the first settlers on Cape-Fear River and the founder of the town of Brunswick. From her were descended 113 persons, of whom 4 children, 34 grandchildren and 26 great grand children were living at the time of her decease.

The Wilmington Gazette
July 24, 1810

List of Letters
Remaining in the Wilmington Post-Office, July 12th 1810
A: Benjamin Aikin - Paoli Ashe - Isaac Arnold - Thomas Archibald - John Allen - A S Allen - Capt Bara Allen - Capt William Anderson - Charles Allen - David Allemand.
B: Mr Barley - R W Brown, 2 - Sarah Bowdish, Benjamin Blaney - Mrs Bradley - Mr Joseph Baker - Mr Bowman - Lewis Bloodworth - James Byrns - F T Bludworth, 3 - John Brown - Messrs Daniel & Richard Bordeaux - James Bull - Anthony Bordeaux - William Bludworth - James Blanks - Cyrus Bryan - Mrs Susannah Baldwin - James Brownlow - Mrs Mary Bludworth - Daniel Bellune.
C: Capt Abraham Crapo - Owen Clinton - Miss Hannah Corner - Joseph Cauldin - Capt Ephraim Corning - William Campbell - Thomas P Carsey - Freegift Coggelhall - John B Cowan - Thomas Clayton - Stephen Copes - Obid W Coxe - Capt J Cox.
D: Mr D F - Monsieur Danmar - George Duncan - Thomas Devane - Mr Downin - Ephraim Dennett - Ann Dudley - Ann J Devaun - Zachariah Dutton - Joseph Dyer - Robert Dorsey, 2.
E: Edward Ellis - Capt Ephraim Ellis.
F: Henry Ferran - James Foy - Myadget Fooshee - John Freeborn.
G: Gilbert Geer - David Greer - Robert Gibbs - Thomas R Green - Mrs Hannah Green, 2 - Mrs Abraham Golden, 2.
H: ... ? ... Henry B Howard - Mr Joel E Hobbs - A Hall - Solomon Halling - Nathaniel Howe - Messrs Howard & Stewart - capt William hall - John Harriss, Sen'r - Captain John Hay, 2 - John Hunter - Captain Thomas Hunter - John P Maslice - capt Bartlett Holmes - Wm Henry - Captain Josiah Hammon - James M Horton - Cornelius Hurst.
J: Rev Allbrittias Jones 2 - Miss Nancy Jenning - Hinton James - Benjamin Jacob - John Jones - Edw'd Jones - H Jinkens.
K: Captain George Kuhn, 2 - James King - Joseph Kellogg - Samuel Betts, care of H Kelly - Capt Sam'l Kelly, 2 - Keeper of the Gaol - John Kinnear.
L: Richard Langdon - Ezekiel Lane - John Litchfield - Monsieur V Lobre - Anthony Lamby - Mrs Lallersteadt, 2 - Capt William Lapham - James B Laroque - George D Ludlow - Captain Luther Lincoln.
M: W B Meares - Mrs Jane McLeod - Joseph Mumford - Duncan Morrison - capt Allen McLean - George W Marshall - Miss van Moore - John McAllester - Robert McKenzie - John Miller.
N: Richard Nixon - Exum Newby - George W Noble - Z B Nettles.
O: Silas Oviatt - Mrs Sarah Osborne.
P: Joshua Potts - Alexander Peden - Monsieur Picard - J Parham - John Pollock - Edward Parish - Amos Perry - Thomas Pitchell - John Plumley - Elisha Perry - Joel Parrish.
R: Neil Roberson - Monsieur P K Robeson, Joshua C Rhodes - ... ? ... - John Rogers - John P Redbrook - Nathaniel W Ruggles 2 - Ephraim Robbins.
S: Mr Lias Sneed - Thomas Sneed, 2 - John ?, 10 - Samuel Swann, 2 - Miss Susan M Smith 2 - John G Scull - Robert Smith - Esther Spicey - Jos. Simpson - Isaac Stow - Wm Shepperd - Mrs Margaret Stanly - Mrs John Smith - Knott, Esq - Samuel Sexton, 2 - Mrs Mary Sampson - W F Strudwick, 2 - Thomas Swann - Captain J Stephens - R G Swain - John B Sabeston - Stokely Sidbury - Wm Starrate.
T: Edward K Timpany - Richard Taylor - Enoch Titcomb - Isaac S Tobey - David Tuman - Nathaniel Tupper.
V: Monsieur Leonard Valbrane - captain William Vaughn.
W: Wm Wilkes - Carleton Walker - Hans H Wilson - Mrs Wate - Edward Ward, jun'r - Major John Walker - William Wingate - capt Halbert Wattson - W Wilkeson, 3 - Asa Westow, Junr - George Webb - Samuel Winship - Mrs E Willkings - Messrs Thomas Williams & Co - John Wayne - Samuel Winslow - Christopher Wallace - Miss Watters, 2 - Moses Waddle - William Walker - John Walker - Watson (printer) - Mrs Jane Williams - Mary Wilson, John Wilkes.
Y: Miss Younger - Henry Young.
July 17

For Sale
On very reasonable and accommodating terms, An excellent light London built Coach & an handsome Phaeton.
I am also disposed to sell a very convenient Jersey Waggon - A boat just finished that will carry from 60 to 70,000 Shingles, built of the best materials and to draw but little water.
Several young women, with families of promising children. Apply to
Benjamin Smith
June 25

At Fayetteville, on Thursday last, Mr James Neate, Merchant of this town, to Miss Eliza Dick of that place.

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