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The Wilmington Gazette

Excerpts from The Wilmington Gazette 1809
Transcribed by Natasha Miles, March 2011
The Wilmington Gazette
January 3, 1809

Married. On Sunday evening last, by Hanson Kelly, Esq. Capt. James T Gibson, of the English schooner Dolphin, to Mrs Eleanor Creighton, of this town.

Died lately, in Jamaica, Mrs Muter, relict of Mr Robert Muter, merchant, formerly a resident in this town.

The Wilmington Gazette
March 14, 1809

Will be sold on Saturday the first day of April next, in Duplin county, at the late dwelling house of Auston Bryant, dec. all the perishable property of the said Bryant, yet unsold, consistent of a good horse, a yoke of oxen and cart, some hoggs, cattle and sheep, and household furniture, beds, &c. Six months credit for good notes with approved security to the administrator who once more beggs all those having any demands against the estate to come forward on or before that day to
Israel Judge, Adm'r
March 14, 1809

For Sale
Sugar of an excellent quality in barrels, and a few bags coffee.
Also to Rent
A shop and bake house in Dock-street near Mr Dana's lately in the occupation of Mr Jacob Hartman. Enquire of
John London
March 14

To Rent
And possession given immediately that commodious House in Orange Street, lately occupied by Mr John MacAuslan. For terms apply to
Wm Hattridge
Feb 21

Taken up by the subscriber on the 1st March 1809, on the Sound near Wilmington, NC and committed to jail, a Mulatto fellow who says his name is Ravis, and belongs to Mr John Jeffry, Union county SC on Gilkings Creek. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away.
Thomas Jennings
March 7

Five Dollars Reward
Ran away from the subscriber living in Wilmington, a Negro Woman named Lucy of a yellowish complexion, about 23 years of age, remarkable for her loquacity. Any person delivering said negro to the subscriber or securing her in Wilmington jail shall be entitled to the above reward.
Alice Heron
Feb 21

All persons indebted to the estate of William Grave Berry, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment, and those to whom the said estate is indebted are desired to render in their accounts attested to Hanson Kelly, who is authorized to settle all affairs of said estate.
James H Ancrum, Adm'r
Nov 22

The subscriber being about leaving town requests all persons having demands against him to present their accounts for settlement.
Clement Starr
March 14

In Onslow county on the 6th inst Mr William Hill of Duplin to Miss Ann Dudley, daughter of Colonel Christopher Dudley of the former place.

Cyprus Wreath
On Tuesday last the friends and relations of Mrs Elizabeth Hill, wife of John Hill Esq. assembled at Fairfield Plantation to perform to her the last sad duties of humanity by attending her obsequies. Not one who followed to the grave the mournful bier, but grieved in unaffected sorrow for the loss of which society had sustained and which to her husband and children can never be made up.She doubtless partook of those imperfections to which human nature, in its most perfect state, is doomed to be subject; but with as little doubt may the belief be cherished and laid as a "flattering unction to the hearts" of her dearest and most afflicted friends, that perfection is now her state, that cloathed in angelic brightness, she now participates in the joys of the virtuous in Heaven.

In Duplin county, on the 24th February Mrs Elizabeth Beck, in the 80th year of her age. In the death of this elderly lady society has sustained a considerable loss, her deportment through life was marked with the strictest propriety, and her pious examples were eminently calculated to her own esteem. She possessed the friendship and confidence of all who knew her, for it may in truth be said in her heart dwelt no deceitful thing, and her tongue spoke the law of kindness. She has left a numerous progeny to regret her death.

Taken up and now in my possession, an African man about twenty-five years of age, five feet eight or nine inches high, spare made, has on a pair of plain blue trousers, a blanket & common blue negro cap; he can scarcely be understood, from which I infer that he has been but a short time in this country; he says his name is Will, that his masters name is Pee, (being now dead) by signs he conveys the idea his master planted cotton and corn, and that he had a cotton machine. The owner of said negro is requested to come forward, prove his property and take him away, reasons to be assigned to the owner why the subscriber has not committed the said negro to jail.
Jacob Leonard
Brunswick County, January 17

Fifteen Dollars Reward!
Ran away on the 2d instant, a likely negro fellow named Jacob, formerly the property of Joshua Bradley deceased, quite black about six feet high, plausible in conversation and very artful. He has a down look, is well known about the plantation of Joshua Bradey's called Indian-Creek, ? miles from Wilmington on the North-west river. A more particular description of him will be given the next week. Whoever will apprehend the said fellow and lodge him in jail so that I can get him, or deliver him to me in Wilmington shall receive the above reward.
Hillory Moore, Ex'r
January 31

A Theft Detected
And the owner called for.
From a negro Woman named Momlly I stopt about a fortnight since, 21 lbs of Tallow. As the wench has not returned to claim it, it is probable she stole it. The person to whom it belongs, on proving his property and paying for the advertisement, shall have it restored by calling on
Thomas Grandy
February 28

P Benjamin
Has the honor to inform his patrons and the public that he has removed to the house in Market Street, lately occupied by Edwin J Osborne, Esq. Where he will be ready and happy to attend any of their orders in the musical line. Having now a commodious room for the purpose, he will give lessons on the instruments he has advertised to teach, at his own house, to those who may prefer receiving them there, and he will attend those who desire it at the places they may appoint.
Feb 28

The Wilmington Gazette
May 23, 1809

Run away a Mulatto boy named George, belonging to the subscriber - As it is probably he is gone to Wilmington, all masters of vessels and other persons are cautioned, at the peril of the law, which shall be strictly enforced against them, not to harbour or carry him away. Any person who shall deliver the said boy to Messr John Mitchell at Wilmington or Duncan McRae of Fayetteville, shall be entitled to a handsome reward.
William Duffy
Chatham Court-House

Peter, a Mulatto boy, belonging to A J DeRosset, about 18 or 19 years of age, low of stature, but sturdy made, bushy hair seldom combed, and inclined generally to be dirty - dressed in striped cotton homespun, tho he may have other clothes.
Bryant Sullivan, belonging to James Telfair, about 16 years old, also a Mulatto, stutters when questioned, a scar across his nose, habited in homespun, but also has other clothes.
Both these boys have worked several years at the Brick-Laying business.
A reward of ten dollars will be paid by the owners of the above boys respectively, if taken within the state, and thirty if without the same, and all charges paid on delivery in Wilmington on their being so secured as that the owners shall get them.
Masters of vessels are particularly cautioned against taking them off or harbouring them under the penalty of the law, which will be rigidly enforced.
A J De Rosset
James Telfair
May 13

30 Dollars Reward
Run away from the subscriber on the eleventh instant Three Negro Men, belonging to the estate of Capt John Green, named Moses, Harry, and Carolina. Moses is a stout, able and likely fellow, about five feet ten inches high, very large eyes, about 22 years of age and speaks very distinct, not very dark; had on blue dyed homespun pantaloons, blue negro cloth jacket. Harry is a very likely fellow, about 21 years of age, five feet 8 inches high, very dark skin, pleasing countenance, had on a glossed servant's hat, dressed in blue negro cloth, wears his hair platted before and behind. Carolina is about 28 years old, slender made, narrow long face, swings himself very much when he walks, about five feet seven inches high and homely.
Thirty dollars will be paid for apprehending said negroes and securing them in any gaol, or ten dollars for each, and if delivered to the subscriber in addition all necessary expenses paid.
All persons are forewarned from harbouring said negroes or masters of vessels from carrying them off under the penalty of the law.
John Grange
Brunswick County, NC
Town Creek, May 13, 1809

Ran away, a likely young negro fellow, named Tom, formerly owned by Mr Lucas, at the White Marsh. he is about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high and well made. Having a wife here and a mother on Town-Creek, he may probably be lurking about Town. All masters of vessels and other persons are therefore cautioned at the peril of the law (which shall be strictly enforced against them) not to harbor or carry him away. Whoever shall deliver the said Fellow to the subscriber, or lodge him in jail, shall receive 15 dollars.
Henry Young
May 9

Court of Hymen
On Thursday evening last, at Cedar Grove, on the Sound, by the Rev S Halling, Mr Samuel C Mabson to Miss Elizabeth Moore.

One Hundred Cents Reward
Absconded from the subscriber an apprentice boy named Larkins Rowe, about nineteen years of age, (as may be ? by his indentures.) All persons are forbid harboring or employing the said runaway.
John MacColl
May 23

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