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Administration of Estate of William Riggan, 1815


Agreement for the Division of the Estate of William RIGGAN

An Agreement made and entered into this 24, day of February in the year of our Lord 1815 between Elizabeth RIGGAN Widow and relect of William RIGGAN des.d; Samuel RIGGAN, Jeremiah RIGGAN William W. RIGGAN; Benjamin RIGGAN, Michael RIGGAN, Jonathan RIGGAN; Children & heirs of William RIGGAN decs.d who died intestate (having real and personal Estate, also James RIGGAN who is now under age but being willing to become a party to this agreement he has the priviledge of doing So when he arrives at the age of Twenty one years.

Whereas the above named William RIGGAN died Some time past Seised and possessed of real & personal Est.a leaving the above mentioned Widow and Children his legal Heirs, now for the purpose of Comfortably Supporting the said Widow and for the purpose of making a division of Said Est.a agreeable to the Wishes of all the parties they have and they do by these presents agree as follows & they do further agree to Caus[?] any & every legal rightand division according to the Law: but to abide by & stand to this agreement as fully and Compleatly as if the s.d Est.a had been Settled and divided according to the Laws of the State. and it is first agreed that the adm.r Shall Sell So much of perishable property as will pay the debts & Charges of S.d Est.

The widow is to have an equal Share of the land with the Children to be equally divided between the said Widow. Elizabeth, Samuel, Jeremiah, William W, Benjamin, Michael, & Jonathan, the s.d Land to be So divided between that each of the above Shall keep the land on which they have made Settlements to be divided according to the Value of the Lands but not to take in Consideration the improvements they have made thereon, the youngest Son James is to remain with his mother and the Share or equal part of the land laid of ['off'] to her he is to take for his Share, after the death of his mother, who is to have the said lot or Share her life which lot is to Comprehend the dwelling house &c.e also the s.d Mother and Youngest Son James is to have the use of Two Negroes, Phill & Clary during the life of the the Said mother for their Support and maintenance and after the death of our mother the S.d Negres with their increase to be equally divided between all the Heirs of s.d William RIGGAN dec.d

Should there be more of the perishable property than will be Sufficient to pay the debts the Surplus to be equally divided between all the parties.

now for the purpose of fully Carrying this agreement into effect We the above mentioned parties have Chosen John MILAM, Chales MYRICK, & Sherwood SLEDGE together with the County or any other Surveyor we Can get to divide the Said Lands and Value the Same and alot to each his portion agreeable to this agreement and their report to be enter'd of record in the County of Warren

now for the faithfull performance of this agreement we the above mentioned parties do bind our Selves, and each of us Severally and Jointly our and each of our heirs Ex.rs adm.rs & assigns in the Sum of Five hundred pounds to be paid by the partie refusing to Comply to the parties Complying or Willing to Comply to this agreement and that this agreement Shall be ent.d of record in the County of Warren-

In Witness Whereof we have hereunto Set our hands & Seals the day & date above Written


Elizabeth RIGGAN *Se*
her mark
Samuel RIGGAN *seal*
his mark
Jeremiah RIGGAN *seal*
William W RIGGAN *seal*
Benj:a RIGGAN *seal*
Michl RIGGAN *Seal*
Jonathan RIGGAN *Seal*

Henry SHEARIN, (Jurat)
Having arrived at the age of twenty one years I do hereby give full consent to the foregoing.

Witness my hand and seal this 23 day of October, 1815.

  James RIGGAN *seal*

Henry SHEARIN (Jurat)
Warren County, NC - Inventory of the Estate of William Riggan 1815
Warren County Will Book 19 p.132
Inventory of the persishable estate of William RIGGAN dec.d - 1815

Six horses, eleven cattle, one yoke of oxen, fifteen sheep, one Ox cart, three bee-hives, parcel oats, one grindstone, three empty hogsheads, six empty ["hogsheads" struck out] barrels, sixteen geese, parcel fodder, four beds and furniture, three chests, one bureau, two looking glasses, two tables, one clock, two spinning wheels, one flax wheel, ten sitting chairs, one stone mug, parcel old books, one gun, half bushel measure, three augers,one foot adze, one cross cut saw, one hand saw, two chisels, one hammer, Sett shoe-makers' tools, one coopers adze, three old saddles, three old bridles, five plates, two dishes, four basons, six table spoons, one spice martar, one weavers Loom with harness &c. one coffe pot, one tea pot, half dozen cups and saucers, half dozen tea spoons, three brass beels, five reap hooks, one scythe, five knives & forks, one knife box, three raw cow hides, three sheep skins, two washing tubs, two piggins, one coller &haims, one tine trumpet, one dutch oven, three iron pots, one frying pan, one gridiron, one flesh fork, one ladle, parcel tar, parcel hogs' lard, parcel tallow, one butter pot, one frow, one jointer, parcel cotton, ["three empty" struck out] parcel salt, parcel wheat, one churn, one candlestick & pair snuffers, parcel corn, parcel bacon, parcel tobacco, three jugs, two pair old cotton cards, six plowhoes, one coulter, one spade, two grubbing hoes, three hilling hoes, one howell, two weeding hoes, three axes, one iron, wedge; sett Shaving instruments, ["one churn" struck out], five hogs, two sows and fourteen pigs one pair leather traces, one pair steelyards, parcel pewter, one negro woman & child hired till Christmas 1815, two pair sheep shears.

[illegible, folded in copy] Elizabeth GLASCOCK for thirty dollars [illegible, folded in copy] to be entitled to some credit, Bond on Daniel RIGGAN for seven dollars and five cents, cash four dollars.
One table, three empty barrels, one iron pot, one washing tub, two piggins, four cattle, one horse, two sows and pigs, seven shoats, two beds and furniture  one cupboard, one Chest, one saddle, six geese, one negro man (Phil), one negro girl (Clary)
                                     March 5th, 1815.
                                     Benj:a RIGGAN  adm.r

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