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Inventory of the Estate of William Riggan 1815
Warren County, NC

Warren County Will Book 19 p-114

State of North Carolina Warren County.

Know all men by these presents that Benjamin Riggan, William Balthrop and Benjamin Colclough are held and firmly bound unto Henry Fitts Chairman, and other Justices of the County of Warren in the sum of four thousand dollars, to be paid to the said Chairman or his successors in office, or other Justices of the County of Warren.  To the which payment well and truly to be made, we binding to ourselves, our heirs, Executors and Administrators jointly and severally, firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated 27 February 1815.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bounder Benjamin Riggan Administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, writes and credits of William Riggan deceased, do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, knowledge or possession of the said Benjamin Riggan, the same to be made to exhibit or cause to be exhibited to our said County Court of Warren within ninety days after the date of these presents, and the same goods and chattels and credits and all other good chattels and credits of the said deceased at the time of his death, or which at any time hereinafter shall come into the hands or possession of the said Benjamin Riggan, or and to the hands possession of any person or persons for higher, do well and truly administer according to law: and further do make or cause to be made a true and just account of his said administration within the time required by the act of assembly after the date of these presents, and all the rents and residue of the said goods, chattels and credits which shall be found remaining in the hands of or due from the said Administrator, shall deliver and pay to such person or persons respectively, as the same shall become due, pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the act of assembly in that can make and provided.  And if it shall appear that any will or testament was made by the said deceased, and the Executor or Executors therein named, do exhibit the same in court, making request to have the same allowed and approved of accordingly, if the said Benjamin Riggan the above bounder being thereunto required, do render and deliver the said letters of Administration (Administration of such testament being first had and made in the said court) that this obligation to be blade, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Benjamin Riggan
William Balthrop
Benjamin Colclough

Signed, sealed and delivered to the presents of: William Green CWCC

Warren County February term 1815.

This bond was executed in open court, and on motion recorded pursuant to order.

William Green CWCC

Warren County North Carolina will book 14 p. 156-157

Account of sales at auction for the property of William Riggan, deceased, late of the County of Warren in the Estate of North Carolina made by Benjamin Riggan Administrator on the 4th day of April 1815.

To Whom Sold

Alexander Gordon, Charles Bell, John L. Laughter, Green Harris, James Paine, Earby Harris, William W. Riggan, Harwell Harris, Jacob Riggan, John Dowdon, Benjamin Nicholson, John Wilson, Jacob Riggan, James Paine, William Kimball, Samuel Riggan, William W. Riggan,  Jeremiah Riggan,  Jonathan Riggan, Harwell Harris, Daniel Riggan, James Durham, Francis Riggan, Drury Harris, Raleigh Myrick, Hardy Felts, Harwell Harris, Dudley Clanton, Michael Riggan, buried Nicholson, Peter R. Davis, James Harris, Richard Baxter, John Wilson, James Harris, Francis Barrow, Robert R. Johnson, Francis Balthrop, James Riggan, Richard Baxter, Charles Stewart, Benjamin Nicholson and Joseph Bradley.

Totaling $576.27 April 4th 1815 Benjamin Riggan Administrator.


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