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Paschall Family Wills & Estates


Partition of Estate of Thomas Paschall - 1821

Transcribed and submitted by Jonathan DeMai


Warren County}  We the under signed commisioners appointed by the worshipful Court of Warren County Nov. term 1821.  To divide the real estate of Tho. Paschall late of said county decd.
Do respectfully submit the following report.  That Tho. Paschall, William Paschall, John Paschall and Michael W. Paschall, sons of said Thomas Paschall decd. And William Hagood next friend and guardian of Nancy D. Paschall daughter of Robert Paschall decd. who was another son of said Thomas decd.  Did present to us on oath a statement of  advancements made to them in real estate by said Tho. Paschall in his lifetime Of a  greater value than an equal proportion of his real estate that he died seized and posesed of which we have divided amongst the residue of the children of said Tho Paschall decd.
(Viz) Henry Paschall, Nancy Watkins, Elizabeth Bartlet, Mary Smith, Martha Walker and Barsheba Taylor.
           After the widows dower was taken off we divided the tract of land lying on the waters of Sarapin creek, agreeably to the annexed plat, and valued Lot No 1. of 45 Acres to $229,,50 Cents drawn by Elizabeth Bartlet  Lot No. 2nd of 50 Acres to $235. drawn by Mary Smith Lot No 3rd. of 55 Acres to $181,,50 Cents drawn by Nancy Watkins Lot No. 4th. Of 39 Acres to $257,,40 Cts. drawn by Barsheba Taylor Lot No. 5th. 49 Acres to $376,,20 Cts drawn by Martha Walker.



Charity Paschall relinquishment of administration - 1821
Transcribed and submitted by Jonathan DeMai 

1821 November 28th

            I Charity Paschall widow of the late Thomas Paschall ^Senr Decd. do hereby relinquish the administrationship into the hands of Thomas Paschall ^Junr. therefore Praise the Court to appoint said Paschall as admr. given under my hand


Edm Mayfield

Charity x Paschall





Warren County Will of John Paschall dated 7 August 1832 and proven in court November 1840.

From NC Archives "Warren County Wills, Accounts, Inventories, and Settlements 1838-1845, Vols. 37, 38" C.100.80011.1

November Court 1840
In the name of God Amen:  I John Paschall of the County of Warren and State of North Carolina, being of perfect sound mind and memory, and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die do make constitute and ordain, this Writing to be my last Will & Testament, in manner and form following.  (To Wit)
Item: It is my Will and desire that all my Estate and property that I am now or may be in posesion of at the time of my death, shall be lawfully sold, and after paying all my lawful debts and funeral charges, the remaining part of the money to be put on Interest, and my three youngest children, Robert D. Paschall, Rowan Paschall, and Adeline Paschall be fully supported and schooled out of said Money or Interest thereof untill my said son Robert D. Paschall comes to the age of twenty one years, at which time it is my will and desire that my said son Robert Shall Receive one equal fifth part of all my said Estate or money, that may be remaining.  Also that it is my will that my said two daughters Rowan and Adeline continue to be supported out of the remaining part of my said estate as before mentioned until they both become twenty one years of age or marry.  Then it is my will and desire that they both Rowan & Adeline my said daughters, shall receive one equal fourth part (each of them) of all my said estate or money, that there may be remaining after said Robert has received, one fifth part as before mentioned.
Item: I give unto Ellender E. Andrews, my daughter, one equal fourth part of all my said estate, or money, remaining as before said, after said Robert has received one fifth part to receive it at the time, when the said Rowan & Adeline comes of lawful age or marry.
Item: I give unto my daughter Wilkey B. Pitchford, one equal fourth part of all my said estate, or money, that may be remaining to receive at the time where said Rowan and Adeline, comes of age or marry as before mentioned
Also it is my will and desire, that if either or both of my said mentioned two daughters husbands should die leaving wife or children, or in any other way, said wifes or children or either of them become distresed for want or a support, before the distribution herein may take place then and in that case it is my will and desire that my Executors shall administer to the support, so much of said Estate, as they deem necesary to be allowed out of their part or share that might be coming to them at the time of the distribution herein before mentioned.
Also it is my will and desire that if either of my children herein mentioned should die leaving no lawful heir of their body, that then and in that case it is my Will that all property that they might or has owned or money of my said estate should return back from whence it came and be equally divided between them all my children that may be living at that time.
And further I do hereby nominate and appoint my trusty and well belove friend Burwell Pitchford Senr and Weldon N. Edwards, whole and sole Executors to this my last Will and Testament, signed with my hand and sealed with my seal this 7th day of August in the year of our Lord 1832.
Signed sealed and delivered
in presents of us
Jas. O R. Mayfield
Tho. H. Christmas}
John Paschall [Seal]

Nov Court 1840

            The last will and testament of John Paschall decd was exhibited in open court for probate and the execution thereof leaving here duly proven by the oath of James H. Mayfield a subscribing witnes thereto

Whereupon Burl Pitchford, one of the executors therein named came into open court and qualified according to Law


                                                                                    Edw. H Best Clk



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