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Transcribed by Nola Duffy


From:  Charles L. Coon, NORTH CAROLINA SCHOOLS AND ACADEMIES 1790-1840; Raleigh, Edwards & Broughton Printing Company, State Printers and Binders, 1915 pp. 573 - 633

Note:  We have followed the format from the original book which is not completely chronological so you may have to scan all pages if you are interested in a particular time period. ND


"The documents brought together in this volume attempt to portray education as it existed in North Carolina during the fifty years immediately succeeding 1700. In two former volumes covering this same period an attempt was made to trace the development of the sentiment which led to the passage of our first public school law in 1830. In many ways this volume supplements the material brought together in the Beginnings of Public Education in North Carolina 1700-1840.

No claim is made that these documents are entirely complete. It has been impossible to get first hand information about many schools of the period. However, these documents are representative and typical.



An act for erecting an academy at the town of Warrenton, in the district of Halifax.


Whereas it is necessary especially in republican governments, to hold forth every possible opportunity and encouragement to liberal education :

I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that an academy be erected and established for the education of youth, under the name, stile and title of the Warrenton Academy.

II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the Reverend Henry Patillo, William R. Davie, Benjamin Hawkins, William Johnson, Nathaniel Macon, Philemon Hawkins, William Duke, Edward Jones, James Miller, Philemon Hawkins, jun. of Granville, John Macon, Wyatt Hawkins, Thomas Person, Thomas Eaton; William Green, John Hawkins, James Johnson, James Gloster Brehon, Nicholas Long and -Willie Jones, Esquires, and they and their successors to be elected in manner herein after directed, shall for ever be a body politic and corporate in deed and in name, by the title of the trustees of Warrenton Academy, and by the same name they and their successors shall and may have perpetual succession, and be able in law to receive, take, and enjoy to them and their successors, lands, tenements, rents and hereditaments of any kind, nature, quality or value, in fee; and also estates for lives and for years, and all sums of money, goods, chattels and things whatsoever, of any nature, quality or value, for building, erecting and supporting the said academy, paying salaries to the president, professors and tutors thereof; and by the same name they and their successors shall and may be able to implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in all courts and places, and before all Judges and Justices whatsoever in all actions, pleas, plaints, and demands, and to grant, bargain, sell or assign any lands, hereditaments, goods tenements or chattels and to act and do all things whatsoever for the use aforesaid, in as full and ample manner and form as any natural person or body politic or corporate can or may by law: that they shall and may have a common seal for the business of them and their successors, with liberty to change, break, alter or make new the same from time to time as they shall think proper.

III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that the said trustees or any seven of them, shall have full power and authority to meet at all times when they shall think proper at Warrenton aforesaid, to deliberate, resolve upon and carry into effect the laws and regulations to be by them made for the government of the said academy and shall have full power to fill up any vacancies which may happen in the said incorporated body of trustees, by the death, refusal to act, resignation or removal out of the state of any of its members; and the persons appointed to fill such vacancies shall be and they are hereby declared to have the same power and privileges as the trustees named in and by this act.

IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said trustees or a majority of them, be and they are here by authorized and impowered to convene at Warrenton at any time after the passing of this act, and then and there elect and constitute by commission in writing under their hands, or the hands of a majority of them, and sealed with the common seal of the corporation, a proper person to preside at the said academy, who shall be a trustee during his continuance in office, and vested with the same powers, privileges and authorities as any trustee named in and by this act ; and such president and the trustees or their successors, or any seven of them, at all other times thereafter when met together in the said town of Warrenton, shall havo full power and authority to elect and constitute one or more professors or tutors, a secretary, treasurer and steward; and also to make and ordain such laws, give certificate to such students as shall leave the said academy, certifying their literary merit and progress they shall have made in useful knowledge, in general they shall and may do all such things as are usually done by bodies corporate and politic, or such as may be necessary for the promotion of learning and virtue. Provided, that they shall not on any account grant degrees or titles, such as Batchelor or master of arts, or doctor in any faculty.

V. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that the said trustees or a majority of them are hereby authorized and declared to have power to remove or displace the president, professors or tutors, ,the secretary, treasurer or steward, or any of them if they shall find it necessary, and appoint others in their stead; and in case, of the death, refusal to act or resignation of the president, or any of the professors or tutors, the secretary, treasurer or steward, others shall be elected by the trustees in the room and stead of those dead, resigning or refusing to act.

VI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that every treasurer appointed by the trustees aforesaid, shall previous to the entering upon his office, enter into bond in the sum of five thousand pounds payable to the trustees aforesaid, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his office and the trust reposed in him; and that all monies and chattels belonging to the said corporation, which shall be in his hands at the expiration of his office, shall then be immediately paid and delivered into the hands of his successor in office; and every treasurer shall receive all monies, donations, gifts, bequests and charities whatsoever, that may belong or accrue to the said academy during his office, and at the expiration thereof shall account with the trustees for the same; and on his refusal to pay and deliver to his successor as aforesaid the monies and chattels in his hands, the same mode of recovery shall and may be had against him, as is or may be had for the recovery of monies from the sheriffs or other persons chargeable with public monies.

* * * * * *

IX. And be it enacted, that nothing herein contained shall be constituted so as to make this one of the academies mentioned in the constitution of this State.
有aws 1786, Chapter LXIV.


An act to amend an act, entitled, An Act for erecting an academy at the town of Warrenton, in the district of Halifax, passed at Fayetteville, in the year 1786.

Whereas it is represented to this General Assembly, that a majority of the trustees appointed by the above recited act, live at so great a distance from the town of Warrenton, a number sufficient to constitute a quorum to do business, cannot attend at the times appointed for the meeting of the trustees, whereby many disadvantages arise, and the education of youth much diminished: For remedy whereof,

I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That from and after the passing of this act, John Faulcon, William Alston, William Green, Thomas Alston, James Paine, Thomas Miller, Henry Montford, Thomas Glouster, Marmaduke Johnston, William Eaton Johnston, Daniel Anderson, Robert Freeman, James Turner and James Collier, be and they are hereby constituted and appointed Trustees to the said academy, erected at the town of Warrenton, in addition to those appointed by the before recited act; and they are hereby vested with the same powers and authorities as those expressly named in and by the said act.

II. And be it further enacted, That so much of the said recited act as comes within the purview and meaning of this act, is hereby repealed and made void.

佑hapers LIV, Laws 1791, Vol. XXIV, State Records.




By the appointment of the Trustees of Warrenton Academy, the subscribers will receive proposals until the 15th of May next, from any Person disposed to undertake the building of a House for the use of that Institution. A Plan of the Building may be seen at any time, on application to the Committee in Warrenton. Satisfactory Security will be required for the faithful Execution of the Work.

April 4th, 1800.  
由aleigh Register, April 8, 1800.  

The undersigned, a Committee of the Trustees of the Warrenton Academy, are authorized to contract for the building of a House, forty Feet by thirty-four, two stories high. A Plan of the Building with a Description of the Materials, and of the Manner in which the Work is to be executed, may be seen by applying to the Committee at Warrenton. * * * Proposals will be received until the first Day of October next.

Warrenton, 1st Sept. 1800.  
由aleigh Register, September 9, 1800.  



The Exercises of this Institution have already commenced in the new Building lately erected by Subscription, conducted by the Reverend Marcus George as Principal. Price of Tuition as before made known to the Public. Board . may be procured in eligible Families upon moderate Terms.

A person well qualified to teach the French Language, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, will meet with liberal Encouragement, by applying to the Subscribers, who are appointed a Committee by the Trustees of the Academy for the purpose of receiving such Applications.

Warrenton, Jan. 8, 1802.  
由aleigh Register, January 19, 1802.  


A Room of Instruction for Young Ladies is opened in Warrenton. The Terms of Tuition and Boarding, are One Hundred Dollars per Annum; one half to be paid in Advance. Application may be made to SARAH FALKENER.
由aleigh Register, January 19, 1802.  


MRS. FALKENER Acknowledges with lively Gratitude the Pleasure she received in the expressed Approbation of her Pupils Improvements at their last public Recitations. She proposes to devote her attentions the ensuing Year to such Young Ladies as may be confided to her Care; and assures the Parents and Guardians who may intrust their Children or Wards to her Management, that every exertion shall be used towards accomplishing them in Literature, and moral and domestic Economy. The first Day of January next is fixed on for the Reception of Boarders and Pupils; and as Mrs. F. has great Reason to expect a full School, she takes the Liberty of intimating that the earliest Applications will command Preference.

Warrenton, Dec. 10, 1804.  

The extraordinary Prices of Provisions compel a small Advance on what was formerly paid for Board, etc. The Terms will therefore be, for Board and Tuition one hundred and five Dollars:友or Day-Scholars twenty Dollars per Annum, one half of which must be paid at Entrance and the Remainder at the Expiration of six Months.

由aleigh Register, December 17, 1804.  


It being the wish of many of the Friends and Guardians of the Pupils confided to Mrs. Falkener's Care and management, that they could be instructed in the French Language, and the polite Art of Music, Mrs. F. is happy in announcing that she has procured a Master for that purpose, whose Terms will be made known on Application.
Warrenton, Jan. 7.  
由aleigh Register, January 14, 1805.  


Mrs. Falkener has the satisfaction of announcing to her Patrons and the Public, that a Gentleman (who has taught with much Approbation in several of the most respectable Seminaries on the Continent) has engaged to attend her Academy, for the purpose of giving Instructions in the various Branches of Music, Dancing and the French Language. Such as chuse their Children or Wards to become Pupils therein will be pleased to make Application, when they can be acquainted with the Terms.
Warrenton, March 24th, 1805.  
由aleigh Register, April 8, 1805.  



* * * On the Evening of the first day's Race, there will be Theatrical Performances, by the Gentlemen of the Town, for the benefit of the Academy. * * * * * * * *

Warrenton, June 4.
由aleigh Register, June 10, 1805.



The Trustees of the Warrenton Academy, having lately viewed with concern the declining state of this institution, and believing the want of suitable buildings for the accommodation of the students with board, lodging, etc., under the immediate inspection of the Principal, to have been in a great measure the cause thereof, they have been zealous in their endeavors to procure funds adequate to such purpose; and it is with pleasure they now announce to the public that they have contracted for the building of a steward's house, together with all necessary outhouses, which by the terms of the contract are to be compleated by the first day of January next. By this arrangement the students sent to the Academy will be compleatly separated from the town and being compelled to board at the seminary, the price of boarding will be considerably lessened.

The Trustees flatter themselves, that from the healthiness of the situation, the exertions now employed to erect proper buildings, and the possession of a good mathematical and philosophical apparatus, which most other institutions of the like kind in this state are destitute of, will ensure to this institution the patronage of their fellow citizens. They pledge themselves to the public to keep over it a special care and superintendence. They will see the laws made for the government thereof duly executed, and no exertions shall be wanting on their part to make it the seat of literature; of science, and of morals.
The subjoined regulations have been established by the Trustees:

For the Government of the Warrenton Academy.

1. No student shall be permitted to lodge out of the Academy, except the children or particular relations of those who reside in town or its vicinity, and to whose satisfaction and convenience it may be to board with such family.

2. The Principal of the Academy shall cause the bell to be rung on every morning at sun-rise, when the students shall rise, and within half an hour thereafter he shall cause the bell to be again rung, when the students shall assemble in the common-hall, and the Principal shall deliver a prayer, immediately after which the students shall go to their studies.

3. The Principal shall cause the bell to be rung at dark every evening; after which no student shall be absent without license from him or a tutor.
4. Each Saturday shall be employed by the students in such exercises as the Principal shall prescribe, until ten o'clock in the morning.
5. It shall be earnestly recommended to the Principal to cause the students to meet at the Academy, at twelve o'clock on every Sunday, by the ringing of the bell, and to deliver to them a discourse upon some religious or moral subject.
6. No student shall be allowed to absent himself from the Academy, for the purpose of attending a music or dancing school.

7. Every student who shall be concerned in any kind of gambling, if he shall be under the age of fourteen years, shall receive from the Principal such correction as in his opinion he shall deserve. If over fourteen, for the first offence he shall be publicly admonished by the Principal, for the second he shall be suspended until the next meeting of the Trustees, who shall decide regarding it as they think, and the Principal in that case shall convene a Board as soon as he can conveniently thereafter.

8. The ages of the students shall be made known to the Principal when they first enter the Academy, and shall be recorded by him.
9. There shall be a vacation of one week, to commence on the first Saturday of May in each year, and another which shall commence on the Saturday next succeeding the fourth Monday in November in each year, and shall terminate on the first day of January following; and on the Saturday next preceding the said Saturday above-mentioned, there shall be a public examination of the students at the Academy, by the Principal assisted by at least five of the Trustees, and such other gentlemen as he or they may invite for that purpose. On the day next before the fall vacation there shall be a public exhibition by the students, either by the delivery of single pieces, or the acting of plays or farces, as the Principal shall direct.
10. The rules regarding prayers in the morning and delivery of a discourse on Sunday, shall not be put in force, if at any time the number of students be less than ten.
11. That no student shall be absent from his studies during any time set apart for the purpose; and any one offending herein, or against any of the rules and regulations hereby adopted, shall be dealt with as in the case of gambling herein before specified.
12. Any student who shall be guilty of any immoral or disorderly conduct, other than what has been herein specified, shall be subject to the same punishment, to be inflicted in like manner, as in the other cases before mentioned.
The first three articles are necessarily suspended in their operation until the fall vacation. When the new buildings are completed, not only these articles will be enforced, but every other regulation adopted which the good order and prosperity of the whole establishment can require.
March 30. By order,
裕he Halifax (N. C.) Journal, May 6, 1805.

R. DAVISON, Secretary.

[The above appears in several preceding numbers and also in several succeeding numbers of the Journal.]



The Warrenton Academy will be opened on the 1st day of January next, for the reception of students. The Trustees have engaged Mr. Marcus George as Principal Teacher. Mr. J. Mordecai will act as steward for the ensuing year. * * * The following are the terms of Tuition and Board. For teaching the Classics, Mathematics, Geography and use of the Globes, etc., twenty dollars per annum, 12 dollars paid in advance for the first session and 8 for the second. For teaching the English, Arithmetic, etc., fifteen dollars, 9 paid in advance for the first session and 6 for the second. Students not having Relatives in the town, or its vicinity, must board with the steward and lodge in the Academy. The price of Board $75 per annum, in which time it is understood the students will be absent during the Winter Vacation (one month) those who stay during that vacation, to pay five dollars extra. Candles, if required, will be furnished at two dollars per annum. Washing and mending eight dollars. Those who do not furnish their own Beds and Bedding, will be charged eight dollars per annum. 40 dollars must be paid in advance for the first session and 35 in advance for the second ; and in like proportion for Candles, Washing, Mending and Beds.

Warrenton, Nov. 14, 1806.  
由aleigh Register, November 24, 1806.  



Gratefully thanking her numerous Patrons and Friends who were pleased to express their Approbation on hearing the Recitations of her Pupils, respectfully informs them and the Public, she intends continuing to devote her time to the Cultivation of the young Mind, in all the useful Branches of Female Education; and engages, for the Encouragement of those who may think proper to patronize her intentions, that she will most assiduously endeavor to instil into the minds of the Scholars, such principles of Morality, domestic Economy and polite Behaviour, as may render them Ornaments to their Country, Consolations to their Parents and Friends, and happy in themselves. The terms for Board and Tuition are One Hundred and Five Dollars a Year, one half of which must positively be paid in advance, and the remainder at the expiration of six Months. The School will be opened on the first Monday in January next. To save Trouble, it is requested that each Young Lady will bring with her a pair of Sheets, a blanket, Counterpane and Hand Towels.

Dec. 7.
由aleigh Register, December 30, 1805.




Francis Maurice, acknowledging with much gratitude the encouragement he has received during his attendance at Mrs. Falkener's Room of Instruction, is emboldened to tender his further services. He proposes, from an expectation of an increase of Scholars, to teach Music, vocal and instrumental, treble, tenor, counter bass and thorough bass for the Piano Forte, and Dancing, for twenty five dollars per quarter; and promises to instruct those Scholars who may engage with him for one year certain, in the necessary art of tuning the Piano Forte.

Jan. 1, 1806.
由aleigh Register, January 6, 1806.



MR. MILLER Has engaged to teach the above Branches of the Polite Arts, at Mrs. Falkener's Young Ladies Boarding School in Warrenton. Being engaged by the patronage of many respectable Citizens, be means to devote his time entirely to that Seminary; and anticipates, that his exertions in the discharge of his duty, will so attach his Employers as to insure a continuance of their favours.

Jan. 28.
由aleigh Register, February 2, 1807.


Having received the approbation of an enlightened Auditory, who most respectfully testified their satisfaction after the recitations, etc., of the Pupils of this Institution were concluded, I hope not to be deemed vain in renewing my offers to those Patrons of Literature who may think proper to intrust their Children or Wards to my care for the ensuing year. * * *
Warrenton, Dee. 5.



The Vacation at Mrs. Falkener's Boarding School having taken place, the Subscriber returns his thanks to those Ladies and Gentlemen who have thought proper to encourage his attempts :oward the improvement of the Scholars in the various Branches of Vocal & Instrumental Music, together with Drawing and Painting. It is his intention to exert his best endeavours the ensuing year. * * *

由aleigh Register, December 17, 1807.


The Summer Vacation commences on the 13th of June next. 'Tis the request of the Subscriber that. the Pupils may not be kept at home longer than the time prescribed, which is a fortnight. She takes this opportunity of obviating a report, which must have been circulated for some sinister purpose, "that it is impossible for one person to superintend so many scholars," by assuring her Patrons of the Public, that there are five persons (besides the Gentleman who teaches musick) daily employed in the tuition of the Pupils confided to her care. * * *


May 23, 1808.
P. S. Having lately made a considerable addition to our Buildings, there is room for the reception of a few more Young Ladies.
由aleigh Register, June 2, 1808.



Emboldened by the general approbation which was expressed by those patrons of Literature and Arts who honored this institution by their attendance at the late public recitations, and grateful for the encomiums they bestowed whilst viewing the exhibition of penmanship, needlework, embroidery, etc. etc. I venture again to offer my services in the discharge of those duties which have occupied a material part of my latter years. * * * I intend dedicating my whole time to the improvement and edification of such Young Ladies as may be entrusted to my care: Assuring their parents, guardians, etc. that it shall be my constant study to discover the truth or bent of their minds; that where it is necessary T may be able by gentle and persuasive means so to meliorate their dispositions as to induce them to wish to learn; and where the propensity is already discernable, to heighten it by just commendation, that it may become more sedulously emulous. * * * Every possible exertion is employed to procure a Discreet and properly qualified person to teach Musick. The School will be opened on the first day of January next. *


Warrenton, Dec. 9, 1808.
由aleigh Register, December 22, 1808.



The Summer Recess having taken place, Mrs. Falkner Informs her friends and the public, that her School will be opened on the 5th of June next, * * * She has engaged a Gentleman to teach vocal and instrumental Music, whose abilities and conduct, she is happy to say, appear corresponsive with the high recommendations that induced her to employ him and she has additional pleasure in communicating that he has a daughter of fourteen Years of age, that is fully adequate to the teaching of the Piano Forte, who will be in Warrenton previous to the commencement, to attend him as an assistant, in order that the scholars may have the benefit of being taught the theoretic and practical parts of those accomplishments to the greatest advantage. lie desires it may be known that the rule (which has always been observed in this seminary) forbidding the exhibition of any but sacred music on the Sabbath Day, will be religiously adhered to. * *

Warrenton, May 19.
由aleigh Register, May 19, 1809.



Yesterday the Young Ladies at Mrs. Falkener's Boarding School, closed their exercises for the present Year. As, in such institutions, it is not practicable to examine the Pupils, in the moment of Vacation, on all the course of their studies, it has been usual in this Seminary to make an Exhibition of the proficiency of the Young Ladies, by the delivery of select pieces of sentimental prose and blank verse, rather than to examine them on particular and prominent parts of their ordinary lessons, as better calculated to discover the knowledge and taste they have acquired for elegant language. In the exhibition which took place on this occasion, the Young Ladies discovered an improvement beyond their Years, and did honor to their instructors. Several pieces were delivered in a style of eloquence which is rarely heard. * * *

We noticed with pleasure, in the Musical Exhibition, which took place in the afternoon, under the direction of Mr. Krauth, a proficiency on the part of his Pupils, most of which had commenced with him within the last nine months, such as might have been expected from the instruction of a Pike or a Sambourne. * * *

Warrenton, De. 12, 1809.

由aleigh Register, January 4, 1810.



Mrs. Falkener, gratefully returning her thanks to her friends for their continued encouragement, informs them and the Public, that the Summer Recess expires on the 25th of this month * * *.

Mr. Krauth * * * will continue to teach Music, Drawing and Painting, assisted by his Daughter * * *.

June 12, 1810.
由aleigh Register, June 28, 1810.



The Old Institution Revived. Excited by the solicitations of some respectable friends, Mr. and Mrs. Falkener, make known to the Public, that they purpose to resume their former vocation, and intend opening their School on the first day of next January. * * *

December 15, 1811.
由aleigh Register, December 20, 1811.


Warrenton, De'cr 24, 1811.


Mr. Falkener having recently made an engagement which obliges him to relinquish his plan of reviving his former institution, takes the earliest opportunity of presenting his thanks to those friends and patrons who intended to favour him with their countenance and support. * * *
由aleigh Register, December 27, 1811.




At the solicitude of some Friends who are desirous of seeing us engaged in our former vocation we propose taking under our care a number of Young Ladies and Gentlemen of tender age with a




The Examination of the Students of this Institution took place on the 25th and 26th ult., at which Dr. J. Bogle, of the Louisburg Academy, and Alexander Falconer, Esq., attended by invitation, who, with the Principal of the Academy, Mr. Crawford, examined the different classes. * * *

Warrenton, June 27.
由aleigh Register, July 19, 1810.



The Examination of the Students in the Warrenton Academy will commence on Monday the 2d of December. On Wednesday night succeeding, a Tragedy and Farce will be performed by the Young Gentlemen of the Academy.

Nov. 20, 1811.
由aleigh Register, November 29, 1811.


The Exercises of the second Session of this Institution commenced on Monday the 6th inst. under the direction of Mr. Win. Crawford, as heretofore.
July 8, 1812.
由aleigh Register, July 10, 1812.



William Crawford, the Principal Teacher in the Academy, having been appointed to an office, under the federal government, there will be a vacancy in that department the ensuing year, which the Trustees are anxious to supply at the commencement thereof : For that purpose they have appointed the undersigned or any two of them a committee to contract with any one who may be desirous of undertaking that trust.

This committee are now ready to receive such applications. The qualifications required of an applicant will be a thorough knowledge of the Latin and Greek languages, Mathematics, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Astronomy, Geography, the use of the Globes, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The salary will be in all probability a handsome one.

Warrenton, N. C., August 2, 1812.  JNO. HALL.



* * * The next session of Warrenton Academy will open on the first Monday in January next, under the direction of Mr. Halbert, who is well qualified for a full discharge of all the duties of a Teacher.

由aleigh Register, December 11, 1812.



The Committee to whom was assigned the duty of attending the Examination of the Students of Warrenton Academy on the 28th and 29th inst. have performed that duty and beg leave to submit to the Board of Trustees, the following Report, to wit :

Class No. 1. * * * English Grammar, Reading and Arithmetic. * * *
No. 2. * * * Arithmetic. * * *
No. 3. * * * English Grammar. * * *
No. 4. * * * Arithmetic. * * *
No. 5. * * * Arithmetic. * * *
No. 6. * * * Ruddiman's Grammar and Corderius Colloquies.* * *
No. 7. * * * Selectae e Veteri and Selectae e Profanis. * * *
No. 8. * * * 13th book of Ovid's Metamorphoses and Sallust. * * *

No. 9. * * * Virgil's Bucolics. * * *

No. 10. * * * Virgil and Cicero's Orations.
No. 11. * * * Virgil and Cicero. * * *
No. 12. * * * Cicero's Orations. * * *
No. 13. * * * Greek Testament. * * *
No. 14. * * * Equal and a good Class.
No. 15. * * * European Geography.* * *
No. 17. * * * Blair's Rhetoric. * * *
No. 18. * * * Paley's Moral Philosophy. * * *

[Names of pupils and comments omitted.佑. L. C.]

Ordered to be published,

June 30. GEO. ANDERSON, Sec.
School will commence on 12th July.
由aleigh Register, July 16, 1813.



The Summer Examination will commence at the Academy in Warrenton, on Monday the 27th June, and close the day following. The "Cure for the heart ache" (a comedy) and some Farce will probably be performed by the Thespians, on Wednesday evening the 29th June.

由aleigh Register, June 3, 1814. G. ANDERSON, Sec.



The Semi-annual examination of this institution will commence on the 1st Monday in next month. The undersigned, a committee appointed to engage a Principal and Steward for the ensuing year, have the pleasure to inform the public that they have engaged Mr. Morgan, a graduate from Yale College, in the first character, under whose direction the study of the different branches heretofore taught will be resumed the first of January next. And Doct. Gloster in the latter. The contiguity of whose houses to the Academy, and the high character as houses of private entertainment they have justly acquired as well as the great attention and care which it is believed he and his family will bestow on their guests * * *.


It is understood to be the Doctor's intention to lodge the smaller boys in his own house which is large and convenient, and place the larger ones with Mr. Morgan at the Academy.

Nov. 22d, 1814. JN. HALL.
由aleigh Register, November 25, 1814



* * * The exercises of the Academy will recommence on the 29th of June, under the superintendance of the present principal, the Rev. C. A. Hill, A. M. assisted by the Rev. Ezekiel C. Whitman, the present assistant.

June 5.
由aleigh Register, June 5, 1818
The Exercises of the Academy will again commence on Monday the 29th instant under the charge of Rev. Charles A. Hill, A. M. assisted by Mr. George B. Perry.
June 18.
由aleigh Register, December 26, 1818.
* * * The exercises of the Academy will again commence on Monday the 4th of January, under the care and direction of the Rev. Charles A. Hill, A. M. who has presided for the two last years, to the entire satisfaction of the Trustees and friends of the institution. * * *
由aleigh Register, December 11, 1818. GEORGE ANDERSON, Secy.




The Examination of the Students of this Institution closed on the evening of the lath inst. The different classes according to their respective studies were examined on Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, on the different parts of English Grammar, viz. Orthography, Etymology, Syntax and Prosody, with Etymological and Syntactical parsing; on Geography, Logarithms, Geometry and Trigonometry ; on mensuration of heights and distances, of Areas and Solids; on Land Surveying and Navigation ; and on Rhetoric. The classes in Latin were the Grammar, Fables, Caesar, Virgil and Cicero; in Greek, the Testament and Graeca Minora.

At the close of the Examination a number of Young Gentlemen delivered select single speeches洋any of them exhibiting a high degree of proficiency and perfection in this useful and ornamental part of Education. * * *
The exercises of the Academy will be resumed on the first Monday in January next, under the superintendence of the present Principal, the Rev. C. A. Hill, A. M. who has presided over this Academy for nearly four years. * * *
Nov. 25, 1819.


由aleigh Register, December 3, 1819.  
Source:  Charles L. Coon: North Carolina Schools and Academies, 1790 -1840; Edwards & Broughton Printing Co., Raleigh, 1915.


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