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Pendergrass - Hicks Photo
Contributeed by Jonathan DeMai

Note:  I have used small sample of complete photo due to size for those on a slow connection. However, you can also download the complete photo by clicking on this link.

Back row: Sallie Pendergrass, Robert Lee Hicks, Georgianna Pendergrass Hicks

Front row: Almacy Lee Hicks, Annie Lois Hicks (Rudd)

Sallie Pendergrass (abt. 1830 - aft. 1880) and George Hawkins were the parents of Georgianna Pendergrass Hicks (22 November 1860 - 22 February 1914).  Georgianna married Robert Lee Hicks (son of Amacy P. Hicks and Mary H. Tharrington; d. 5 July 1929) and their first two children were Almacy Lee Hicks (born 28 October 1885; married Sarah Ryner; died 2 December 1942) and Annie Lois Hicks (born 25 October 1886; married George Thomas Rudd 1 February 1905 and later divorced; died 20 April 1971).  This picture most likely dates from 1887 or 1888.



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