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Samples from Miss Mordecai

These are  just a few sample pages to give you a feeling of what we hope to see from the Mordecai collection.  It is being filmed, page by page, without the aid of a flash bulb, because of the fragile condition of the material.  While the letters can be photocopied, this is not possible for any of the notebooks or journals.  I will continue to send samples while the original material is  being transcribed and collated into our own Warren Co. collection of material.   These images  are all for the period of 1815 +/- 5 years.

Exam book, Nov. 1818 - Students names
Photo of Scrapbook - Pre 1820
Journal Entry - 1815 - Page 1 only of what appears to be another of her stories about local people and events.
Photo of Miss Patty Mordecai

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