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To the Hon: The General Assembly of The State of North Carolina

We the Inhabitants of the County of Bute being deeply Sensible of the long Experienced Grievance & Inconvenience which we have Laboured under for many years, by reason of the large Extent of our County, and the Numerousness of the Inhabitants Thereof, and many of us are Oblidge to Attend as Jurors, Witnesses, Elections, Genl. Mustors & C. from the remote parts of the County, it becomes a Burden most Intollerable to be Born. And Tho' we have petitioned your Hon: body for a redress of our Grievances by a Division of our County, yet we have been Denied the prayer of our petition, and as we know of no Other Tribunal to whom we can have recourse to for the redress of our Complaints we can but deplore our Situation and lament while we with a Retrospective View see that we are not put upon the same respectable footing with our fellow Citizens in Other Counties in this State. Edgecomb and Other Counties tho' not so Extensive, not so Wealthy, nor yet so numerous in their Inhabitants, have been Divided by a petition from the People, while our petition for a Division of our County in the same Assembly was rejected the reason of which is unknown to us yet we Cannot, we do not Attribute it to the unwillingness of your Hon. Body to redress Our Grievances but to the Eroneous Representation that have been made by a few Individuals, who for the Sake of their Own privat Ease & Convenience wish the County to Continue undivided. But we Doubt not of your readiness to redress our grievances when you are led to believe the reality of our Complaints by our repeated petition (for the remedy of the heav Burden we now labour under), By a division of our County, Begining on Fishing Creek where the County line Crosses the Same. Then up the Creek to the mouth of Shocco. Thence up Shocco to the fork near Mr. Benj. Wards. Then a West course to Granvil line - Or by an East line from Granvile line to Hallifax line, having in Each respective part or Division an Equal quantity of Acres and that we be Vested with the same privileges and Immunities with the rest of the Counties of this State is the prayer of your Humble petitioners & as in Duty Bound will ever pray.

Ben Hill Benjamin Pickrell Bassett Burten William Durham
Rob Hill Soln Higgins Wm Carrell James Mosley
Thos Miller John Wright Brittain Jones John Durham
Tho. Miller, Jur Thomas Gardner Lewis Milam Wm Wilson
William Miller Jesse Mosley Moses Shearin John Moseley
James Norsworthy James Mealer William Rainwater Adam Milam
Aaron Shearin Samuel Bell Fredr Jones John Lancaster
James Hudson Danl Pegram James Myrick John Shearin
James Jones John Todd Thos Harton Robt Harris
Wm Rede Thos Bell George Pegram William Gilreath
William Thompson Dwelly Darnall Edward Pegram Joseph Harris
John Riggan Wm Riggan Guy Wellace Lawn Lancaster, Senr
Howell Harton Augustine Balthrop Gideon Pegram John May
John Colclough John Thompson Ned Coalman John Rodwell
John Coleman,Senr Robert Waller Samuel Harris Petter Jackson
John Coleman, Jur Henry Fitts Geo Carrell James Milam
Nathl Baxter James Gilreath Wm Pegram Joseph Hudson
Philip Johnson Wm Shearin Geo. Rede Wm Wheeler
Wm Balthrop James Bell Jos Martin Saml Wheeler
John Baxter Wm Noles Saml Carpinder Saml Davis
Cajabeth hisXmark White Lawrence Noles Wm Coleman Baley Owen
Wm. G Hill Jesse Bell James Coleman Wm Owen
Jno Hill Wm Durham Henry Jones  
John Gilreath Allen Burton Francis Riggan  

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