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Warren County Notes


There have been problems with some of the North Carolina Census where certain Counties were mixed up with the records of other Counties. These were apparently done sometime after the original Census were taken, perhaps someone dropped the pages as they were being audited, and they were misplaced in the wrong locations. If you've come across some not mentioned here, please share with us, we'd all like to know. These are two cases that I know specifically about.

Part of 1840 Warren County Census was incorrectly filed as Washington County, NC, so several pages have residents listed as Washington County, but were actually in Warren County.

Part of the 1820 Granville County Census was incorrectly filed as Guilford County. If you are missing ancestors who were known to have been in Granville at the time, do a search for them in the Guilford County Census to see if they may turn up there.



Page 81:
October 27, 1918
The 29th of Sept was a terible battle with Warrenton Co in France. A great many Killed & wounded in Battle with the Germans. 4 Killed from Warrenton- LEON POWELL, CRAWLY ROBERTSON LUTHER BALL wounded, ROBT LEE ALSTON Killed

November 11, 1918
This terrible war closed between U.S. Allies & Germany 2 A.M.

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