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The original book of marks and brands is in the Archives in Raleigh NC. File No. 37.910.1 from 1732-1746 Edgecombe Co. Included the Granville, Bute, Franklin, Warren  Counties.

From 1732-1758 Edgecombe included Halifax.

From 1732-1777 Edgecombe included the NASH County Area.

Around 350 marks and brands for livestock were recorded in Edgecombe County  Court between 1732- 1835. These people had to show up in Court to record the markings or Brands on their livestock.

This is a list of names and years for the years 1732-1745.   

Submitted by Lisa Graham  LisaGraham32@aol.com


Thomas Goodwin
William Goodwin
John Hardy
John Wynns
Daniel Crawley
Maj. James Milliken
Col. Henry Guston
Dr. James Thomson
Isham Randolph
John Pope
Joseph Lane
John Lane (son of Joseph Lane)
Robert Warren
Benjamin Lane
Philip Mulkey
Thomas Perry
John Ferrell
George Pace
Capt. Simmon Jeffrey's
Capt. John Pratt
Barnaby Mckinne, Jr.
John Pope
Joseph Simms
Stephen Clayton
Richard Lewis Sr.
Richard Lewis Jr.
Thomas Jones
William Hurst
Philip Hurst
Col. William Whitehead
William Kinchen Jr.
William Pope
John Bass

William Williams
Robert Forster
Solomon Williams
Joseph Culpepper
Capt. James Speir
John Speir (Son of James Speir)
William Speir
Walter McFarlin
James Cain
Joseph Moore
Major John Pope
William Caine
Hardy Council
Joseph Cotton
James Sanders

Edward Simmons
Nathaniel Holley
Daniel McDaniel (Son of Daniel McDaniel)
John McDaniel
Thomas Smith

Doctor Davie Hopper
Coctor James Moore
William Killingsworth
Samuel Williams

1735- Edward Brown

Thomas Fail
Thomas Lane

John Perril

Garret Wall
Edward Sayer
Sarah Woodward
John Haywood
Grace Haywood
John Lemons
William Merritt
Francis parker
Robert Harris
Montford Elbeck
Richard Rishards
Thomas Campbell
Nathaniel Sanders
James Lee
Samuel Williams


Thomas Barker
Benjamin Rawlins
Philip Alston

Joseph Wall
William Alston
Edward Jones
Sugar Jones
John Crowell
John Egerton
John Lane (Son of Joseph Lane Jr.)
Marmaduke Norfleet
William Rhoods

William Kinchen
William Eaton
John Pugh
Robert Hilliard
Benjamin Blackmon
William Blackmon
John Kearsey
William Pace
Arthur Bell
William bell
Stephen Jackson
West Harris
Thomas Benson
Edward Robinson

Samuel Brown
David Coltrane
Captain John Speir
Elias Fort
Capt. Lewis Davis
Jacob Whitehead
George Fort
Elias Fort Jr.
James Cane
William Taylor
Barnaby McKinne (son of William McKinne)
William McKinne (Son of Michael McKinne)
Pjilemon Hawkins
Captian Jos. John Alston
Capt. Samuel Williams
Elizabeth Jenkins
James Garey
Mathew Rushing
John Rushing
Ralph Mason
West Pope

Arthur Merritt
William Paschal
Mary Clark
Samuel Holliman
James Judge
William Row
Aaron Etheridge
John Grant