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The following is from Branson's North Carolina Business Directory for 1872. The first part is general business information.   I have tried to maintain the form and format as well as possible, together with all the misspelled words.


Warren County.

Population in 1870 - 17,708
  White, 5,276; Colored 12,492

County Seat - Warrenton

Population - 329
  White, 128, Colored, 201
Population (inc'g township) 2,886

County Officers

Clerk Superior Court - Wm. A. White
Commissioners - A. L. Steed, Chm'n.
  B. L. Williams, John Read, John M. Paschall, James H. Alston
Coroner - H. H. Plummer
Register of Deeds - Isham H. Bennett
Sheriff - Nathaniel R. Jones
Solicitor - Wm. R. Cox, 6th Dist.
Surveyor ------ (no name is shown)
Standard Keeper - Peter J. Turnbull
Treasurer - John C. McCraw
Auctioneer - P. J. Turnbull
Jailor - David Parrish

Warren County.

Warrenton. -- Mayor - B. D. Williams
Commissioners. - E. H. Plummer, W. J. White,
  G. A. Foote, Jerry Draper, J. H. Cook, Albert Burgess, (col.)
  H. H. Plummer, (col.)
Ridgeway - Mayor - A. T. Johnson
Commissioners..- T. P. Jerman. P. R. Davis, J. D. North, J. A. Cheatham,
  A. S. Webb.

Names, Clerks and Post Offices of Clerks

River - Wm. H. Nicholson.
Six Pound - Robert B. Thornton, Macon Depot.
Haw Tree - L. C.Perkinson. Warren Plains.
Smith's Creek - John H. White, Ridgeway
Nut Bush - Wm. W. White,  Manson.
Sandy Creek--S. L. Crowder, Warrenton.
Shocco - Robert W. Alston, Warrenton.
Fishing Creek - Phil. G. Alston, Jr., Warrenton
Judklns - Rob't. K. Clanton,. Macon Depot
Warrenton - Isaac B. Edwards, Warrenton


Names, Pastors, Denom.

Brown's - Warrenton. N. A. Purefoy Bap
Gardner's - Macon Depot. N. A. Purefoy Bap
Reedy Creek - Warrenton. Jas. A. Pitchford Bap
Sharon - Warren Plains, L. C. Perkinson. Bap
Warrenton -Warrenton, C. T. Bailey Bap
Tanners - (No. Pastor.) Bap
Emauuel - Warrenton, M. M. Marshall Epis
Mt. Auburn - Munson, Jas. W.. Wellons Chris
Cokesbury -  R. A. Willis Meth
Hebron - R. A. Willis Meth
Pegram's - R. A. Willis Meth
Shocco -  R. A. Willis Meth
Shady Grove - R A. Willis Meth
Bethlehem - R A. Willis Meth
Prospect -  R A. Willis Meth
Warrenton - Warrenton - R A. Willis Meth
Twittys - Ridgeway. H. H. Gibbons Meth
Zion - H. H. Gibbons Meth
Jerusalem-Ridgeway - H. H. Gibbons Meth
Ridgeway - Ridgeway - H.H. Gibbons Meth


Names, Post Offices and Proprietors

Warrenton Hotel, Warrenton, T. S. Brownlow
Ridgeway Hotel. Ridgeway, J. S. ? (Looks like it starts with an L)

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