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Warren County, North Carolina, Revolutionary War Pension File
Transcribed and submitted by Deloris Williams

From microfilm copies of roll 266 – Image 491 – File W.2722

This was actually the combined files of JOHN WRIGHT and JOHN DEW because it covers the 2 husbands of NANCY TARVER. Also as a note, Nancy gives her incorrect marriage year to John Wright as 1781, however, the North Carolina Marriage Bonds shows they received a Marriage Bond on July 9, 1782 [as Nanney Tarver] in Warren County, North Carolina, Bond # 163495, Record # 01 281, Bondsman Bird Turver, probably actually Tarver.

Notations enclosed in square brackets [ ] are mine)

This woman’s first husband, JOHN WRIGHT,
Also served in the Revolutionary war.
See papers within.

Tennessee – 888
Widow of JOHN DEW
who served in the Revolutionary in NC
war as a Private
Inscribed on the Rolls at the rate of
80 dollars,____Cents per annum
To Commence on the 4th day of March 1848.
Certificate of Pension issued the
7th day of Jany 1852
And sent to W.E. JONES
Recorded on the Roll of Pensioners
Under Act July 29, 1848, Page 181, Vol. A

(Date of Death not on AB)

State of Tennessee, Wilson County,

On this 27th day of May A.D.1851, personally appeared before the undersigned a Justice of the Peace, and of the County Court, in and for said State and County, NANCY DEW, a resident of Wilson County, in the State of Tennessee aged eighty nine years, & who being first duly Sworn according to law, doth on her oath, make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congressed passed July 7th, 1838, March 3rd 1843, June 17th 1844, and February 2d 1848, that she was married to JOHN WRIGHT who was a Private Soldier in the Army of the Revolution, from Warren County, in the State of North Carolina, and who enlisted as she thinks sometime in the year Seventeen Hundred and Seventy nine (1779) for a tour of eighteen months, as she always understood from her husband in his lifetime, but that she does not recollect the name of his Captain or Colonel, nor the number of his Regiment although she has heard her husband mention their names, but that at the date of that enlistment she was not acquainted with the said JOHN WRIGHT, and therefore only gives the facts as narrated by him, that after the expiration of this term of service, he came to live at her father’s house to learn the Hatters’ trade, where he remained but a short time, before he went into service again, saying that all the young men in the neighborhood had gone, that he could not stay by himself, she think that this time he enlisted for twelve months and that it was in the year Seventeen Hundred and eighty (1780) and that during this tour he was at “Gates Defeat”, that after he was discharged and returned home to wit on the __day of April in the year Seventeen Hundred and eighty one (1781), she was married to said JOHN WRIGHT in Warren County in the State of North Carolina by a Justice of the Peace, that the first child of herself and the said JOHN WRIGHT was born on the 20th day of January in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty two, and was named TEMPY WRIGHT, that her husband, the said JOHN WRIGHT, after having removed to (or near) Sandersville, in the State of Georgia died on the 19th Day of July in the year Seventeen hundred and ninety five (1795), that she was afterwards married to JOHN DEW, in Washington County, in the State of Georgia, on the 9th day of March in the year Seventeen Hundred and ninety seven (1797) & that her husband the said JOHN DEW, removed from Washington County, Georgia to Wilson County, Tennessee, where he died on the 11th day of October Eighteen Hundred and twenty three (1823) that she was not married to the said JOHN WRIGHT prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the first day of January, Seventeen hundred and ninety four, viz at the time above stated. She further swears that she has no documentary or [read]? proof in support of her claim except a part of an old family record which is genuine and which she attaches here to that she remembers many years ago having seen the Discharge of her first husband, JOHN WRIGHT, and also of her second husband JOHN DEW who was also a Revolutionary Soldier, which Discharged were lost or destroyed many years ago. She further declares that a portion of the old family record containing the marriage of herself and the said JOHN WRIGHT, was taken by her son BENJAMIN WRIGHT, to McNairy County, Tennessee but she does not know whether he has still preserved it, or not. She further declares that in consequence of the great lapse of time, old age, and memory, she cannot give the name of any of the officers under when either of her husbands served with any degree of certainty or any further particulars in relation to their said services, than she has already given, nor does she know of anyone now living by whom she can have their services, and therefore relies upon the old original records, if any such be in existence. She further declares that she has not again intermarried since the death of the said JOHN DEW, but still remains his Widow, she therefore asks to be allowed a Pension under the Acts before recited, at such a rate as in justice she may be entitled to.

Sworn to and subscribed by me the date above written,

[signed, her mark]


State of Tennessee
Wilson County

I JAMES ARRINGTON, a Justice of the Peace and a Justice and a member of the County Court of said Wilson County Tennessee, do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with MRS. NANCY DEW who has this day appeared and made oath to the declaration before me that she is a woman of Truth and Veracity that full faith and credit is due and of right ought to be given to her statements and I
[statement ends here]

[A page out of a family record book follows. Some entries very poor quality because page is scratched out and parts repaired]

JOHN DEW was married to NANCY WRIGHT the 9th of March 1797
JOHN DEW was married the Ameable MISS ROCKY CANNEN the 2nd of July 1786
TEMPY WRIGHT married [illegible, badly damaged phrase] ELIJAH ?RUTLEDGE? [more damage for several words] day
MARTHA WRIGHT was married to JOHN ?BELOTR? on the 12th day of October 1808
ELIZABETH DEW was married to WM. L. SYPERT the day of Dec. 1812
WILLIAM WRIGHT son of ?NANCY? was born the ______of ___
BENJAMIN WRIGHT and MARY E. LEWIS was married the 20th May 1 814
BENJAMIN WRIGHT [and] JNO H. DEW [are the only words can make out in this entry because it is mostly scribbled out]
MATTHEW T. DEW JANE BRADLY was married on the 23rd February 1819
WILLIAM C. DEW & ANN ROLAND was married the 4th of June 1819. P.M
TEMPERANCE RUTLEDGE was married to ELIJAH RUTLEDGE on 18th August 1807. P.M [probably rewritten entry for marriage several lines above, with the mistaken married name given for the bride]


JOHN DEW son of JNO DEW and JUDY his wife was born January the 4th 1764
ROCKY DEW daughter of JOHN CANNON & MARY his wife was born January 12th 1756
NANCY TARVER daughter of BENJAMIN and PATSY his wife was born January the 13th 1763
MATHEW DEW son of JOHN DEW and ROCKY his wife was born November the 9th 1787
WILLIAM C. DEW son of JOHN DEW and ROCKY his wife was born November the 17th 1790
ELIZABETH DEW daughter of JOHN DEW and ROCKY his wife was born February the 9th 1796
BENJAMIN WRIGHT son of JOHN WRIGHT & NANCY his wife was born April the ___ 1788
TEMPY WRIGHT daughter of JNO WRIGHT and NANCY his wife was born 24th January 1782
PATSY WRIGHT daughter of JOHN WRIGHT & NANCY his wife was born in October __th
BYRD WRIGHT son of JOHN WRIGHT & NANCY his wife was born ?16? Dec. 1794. 22 years old died.
NANCY ?. DEW daughter of JNO DEW & NANCY his wife was born the 22nd of April 1798
SARAH D. DEW daughter of JNO DEW & NANCY his wife was born the 7th April 1800. Dead.
JOHN H. DEW son of JNO DEW & NANCY his wife was born the 18th of Jany 1802
JOSEPH A. DEW son of JNO DEW & NANCY his wife was born the 11th of October 1804
ROKEY S. SYPERT daughter of WM. L. SYPERT and his wife ELIZABETH C. SYPERT was born the 6th of October 1814
MARY A. SYPERT daughter of WM. L. SYPERT & his wife ELIZABETH C. SYPERT was born the 11 February 1816

Communicated –
Married on Thursday the 22nd of Jany. 1824 MR. ROBERT HALLUM to ANN T. DEW. ?P.?M. by the REV’D E. MADDOX

[following listed under DEATHS but appear to be BIRTHS instead]
MATTHEW WILLIAM SYPERT son of W.L. SYPERT & his wife ELIZABETH C. SYPERT was born 30th of October 1817.
NANCY JANE SYPERT daughter of WM. L. SYPERT & his wife ELIZABETH C. SYPERT was born the 21st of November 1819
SEMPHRONIA ELIZABETH SYPERT daughter of WM. L. & ELIZABETH C. SYPERT was born on the ___ day of ___ 1822.
JOHN DEW SYPERT son of W.L. & ELIZABETH C. SYPERT his wife was born 1823.
JOSEPHINE SARAH DEW daughter of JOSEPH & ELIZABETH DEW was borned January 10th 1827

BYRD WRIGHT departed this life in the 22nd year of his life on the 16th of August 1816
SARAH DEW departed this life on the 8th day January 1803 in her 3rd year of age
JANE B. DEW departed this life on the 23rd of March 1819 and in her 19th year of age after being married one month to M. DEW
ROCKY DEW wife of JOHN DEW since departed this life the 17th April 1796, 24 years age
MATTHEW DEW departed this life 26 April 1833? [year is illegible] ???20 days[rest is illegible]
JOHN WRIGHT husband of NANCY WRIGHT departed this life the 19th July 1795 (37 years old)
WILLIAM WRIGHT departed this life__________ [end of entry]
MARY E. WRIGHT wife of BENJAMIN WRIGHT departed this life [day illegible] July 1822 at 6 o’clock Post Meridian and in the 24th year of [last word gone]
REV’D JOHN DEW SENR. Departed this life on 31st day of October 1823 at 6 o’clock A.M. at 59 years & 1 month after an illness of about 35 days pulmonary disease
JOSEPH ARTHUR DEW departed this life on 19th day of October 1827 at 3 o’clock P.M. aged 23 years 8 days after an illness of 32 days with Billious fever

State of Tennessee
McNairy County

Personally appeared BENJAMIN WRIGHT before me SAMUEL D. PACE an acting Justice of the Peace in & for said County and made oath in due form of law said that in the year eighteen hundred & forty two while on a visit to my Mother (ANN or NANCY DEW) she requested me to try & get her a pension (she believing that she was as much entitled as any female that had received a pension was her statement to me) I concluded to undertake it. The first step I took was to go to MRS. CELIA ?URY? a sister of my Mother who made oath that she was at the marriage between my Father JOHN WRIGHT & my Mother whose maiden name was ANN or NANCY TARVER afterward married JOHN WRIGHT as aforesaid & after his death & during her widowhood, a man by the name of JOHN DEW. I expected to get from GENERAL JACKSON all that might be necessary but although well acquainted with my Father & Mother he knew of my Father having served 2 or 3 tours in the army but could not tell in what Reg’t or Company; he saw my Father & Mother after they were married but could not tell the times they were married. MRS. CELIA ?URY? has died since she made oath to the marriage to my Father as aforesaid. I was born about the 3d day of April 1788 which makes me Sixty three years last April. I know although I was small that my Father & Mother lived together as man & wife until his death. But I have no knowledge of the date of this marriage Sworn to & subscribed this 10th day of December 1851.


Justice of the Peace
This is to certify that the above affidavit of BENJAMIN WRIGHT was sworn to before me that I am personally acquainted with said WRIGHT & that he is a man of credibility given under my hand at office this 10th Dec. 1851.

Justice of the Peace
For McNairy County

State of Tennessee
McNairy County

I, A. A. SANDERS, Clerk of McNairy County Court do hereby certify that S.D. PACE Esquire, whose name is Subscribed to the foregoing affidavit is and was at the time of Subscribing the Same as acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County duly commissioned and sworn as the law requires that he is empowered by law to administer oaths for general purposes that his signature is genuine and that full faith and credit are due all his official acts as such. In testimony of which I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal at office in Surety this the 10th Dec. 1851.


State of Tennessee
Sumner County

Personally appeared CELIA YOURA formerly CELIA TARVER before me JOHN L. SWANEY an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid and made oath in due form of law that she was personally acquainted with JOHN WRIGHT who married her sister ANN TARVER in the State of North Carolina and the County of Warren she thinks in the year One thousand seven hundred and eighty two or three that she the said deponent was at their wedding at her Fathers and that the said deponent knows of their having lived in a state of wedlock as man and wife until the death of the said JOHN WRIGHT who died in the State of Georgia, that the said ANN WRIGHT then the widow of the said JOHN WRIGHT deceased married a man in the State of Georgia, Washington County by the name of JOHN DEW and this deponent further states that she was at their wedding at BENJAMIN TARVER’S the father of this deponent and the said ANN, and this deponent further states that the said JOHN DEW and the said ANN his wife lived together as man and wife until the said JOHN DEW died in Wilson County & State of Tennessee and the deponent further states that the said ANN DEW has lived a Widow ever since and is now living in Wilson County & State of Tennessee.
Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 11th day of November 1843

[signed, her mark]


State of Tennessee
Sumner County

Came this day JOHN L. BUGG and R. J. WARNER before me an acting Justice of the Peace for said State & County - who being first legally sworn deposeth and saith that they are well acquainted make the above deponent CELIA YOURA – that she is a woman of respect truly and her statements are entitled to full credit and I the Justice of the Peace and certify that the deponents are ????? of character and their statement are entitled to full credit-



Sworn to and Subscribed above
J. L. SHELL, J. P.

November 28, 1932

JOHN DEW – W.2722

Mrs. Edith R. Whitley
2710 Belmont Blvd
Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Madam;
Reference is made to your letter in regard to John Dew, a soldier of the Revolutionary War.
The data furnished herein are obtained from the papers on file in Revolutionary War Pension Claim W.2722, based upon the military service of John Dew in that war.
John Dew the son of John and Judy his wife,was born January 4, 1764.
While residing near New Bern, North Carolina, he enlisted in 1779, or the first of the year 1780, served as sergeant, a part of the time under Captain or Colonel Dixon in the North Carolina Troops, was at the battle of Guilford Court House and was discharged at the close of the war.
After the Revolution he lived in Pitts County, North Carolina; moved from their to Washington County, Georgia and then to Wilson County, Tennessee.
He died October 11 or October 31 (both dates appear in the claim, 1823 in Wilson County, Tennessee. At one time he was a senator of the legislature of Tennessee and later was a minister of the Gospel.
John Dew married July 2, 1786, Miss Rocky Cannon, the daughter of John and Mary Cannon. Rocky was born January 7, 1756 and died in Washington County, Georgia , April 17, 1796

John and Rocky Dew had the following children:
Matthew or Matthew T. Dew - born November 9, 1787, died April 26, 1823, married February 23, 1819 Jane Bradley who died March 3, 1819.

William C. Dew - born November 27, 1790, married June 4, 1819 Ann Roland. He was living in Wilson County, Tennessee in 1851

Elizabeth Dew – born February 9, 1796, married in December 1812 William L. Sypert. One William L. Sypert was living in Wilson County, Tennesssee in 1851, and was then aged fifty-seven years

Said William L. Sypert and his wife, Elizabeth Dew Sypert, had the following children:
Rocky L. Sypert – born October 6, 1814
Mary A. Sypert – born February 11, 1816
Matthew William Sypert – born October 30, 1817
Nancy Jane Sypert – born October 21, 1819
Semphronia Elizabeth Sypert – born ------- -- 1822
John Dew Sypert – born -------- -- 1825

The soldier, John Dew, had a brother, Arthur, who was living in Wilson County, Tennessee in 1851; his age is not stated.

John Dew married a second time on March 9, 1797, in Washington County, Georgia, Mrs. Nancy Wright, widow of John Wright. She was also known as Ann, and was the daughter of Benjamin and Patsy Tarver, who at one time, lived four miles from Catawba Town, in South Carolina, where it was stated, General Andrew Jackson (afterward President Jackson) often visited them. Celia Youre, or Ury, who in 1843, was residing in Sumner County, Tennessee, and Polly Span, who in 1851, was living near Murphreesborough, Tennessee, were sisters of Nancy. Their ages are not given.

Nancy Tarver married in April 1781, in Warren County, North Carolina, John Wright, above named.

Said John Wright was the son of William and Rhocksilary Howell Wright. The date and place of his birth are not stated. He had brothers, Simon and Ewell, and his sisters named in the papers are Tempy who married William Marks; Nancy who married George Swathy or Swithy; Elizabeth who married James Ellington; Susan, who was married but whose married name is not given; one sister who married ________ Long, her Christian name not given; and two other sisters, names not given, who at one time, lived in Warren County, North Carolina.

John Wright was also a Revolutionary War soldier. He enlisted in Warren County, North Carolina sometime in 1779, for eighteen months and again enlisted in 1780, for twelve months and was at the battle of Gates’ Defeat. No further particulars of his services are given. He died July 19, 1795, near Laudersville, Georgia, aged thirty-seven years.

John and Nancy Wright had the following children:
Tempy or Temporance Wright - born January 20, 1782, married August 18, 1807, Elijah Rutledge.
Patsey Wright - born October --,----
Benjamin C. Wright – born April 3, 1788, married May 20, 1814, Mary E. Lewis, who died July --, 1822, in the 24th year of her life.
Byrd Wright - born December 16, 1794, died August 16, 1816
William Wright – no dates of birth death given.

One Martha Wright married John Belote, and the names Quinton and Henry Belote appear, no relationship stated.

Benjamin C. Wright was livng in Purdy County, Tennessee, in 1851; he stated that he spent nearly three years in Texas and then went to Mexico with the Tennessee Cavalry but gave no further particulars. He had a son Charles, a schoolmaster, who was living in 1851, place of his residence not stated, a son Marcus Wright was chief clerk of the Navy Yard at Memphis, in 1851, and another son, John, was a physician and practiced with Dr. Crump, a son-in-law of Benjamin C. Wright; the name of Dr. Crump’s wife is not stated and the place of residence of Doctor John Wright and Dr. Crump is not stated. Benjamin C. Wright also had a daughter, Frances; no particulars in regards to her.

Nancy Tarver Wright Dew allowed pension on account of the services of her last husband, John Dew, on her application executed May 27, 1851, while residing in Wilson County, Tennessee.
The soldier, John Dew and his wife, Nancy, had the following children:

Nancy T. Dew - born April 22, 1798 or 99
Sarah D. Dew – born April 7, 1800, died January 8, 1803
John H. Dew – born January 18, 1802, one John H. Dew was an attorney in partnership with William L. Sypert, and was administrator of the estate of the Reverend John Dew.
Joseph Arthur Dew – born October 11, 1804, died October 19, 1827.
One Josephine Sarah Dew, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Dew, was born January 10, 1827.

The following also appear on the family record: Robert Hallum and Ann T. Dew, married January 22, 1824. One Robert Hallum was aged fifty-two in 1851, and resided in Wilson County, Tennessee.

The above is the history of the only soldier named John Dew, found on the Revolutionary War records of this office.

Very truly yours,

Assistant to Administrator.

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