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Marriage Certificate
Thomas Y. Perdue and Catherine W. Hicks - 1871
Transcribed and submitted by Jonathan DeMai


State of North Carolina,
Warren County.

            To any regular Minister of the Gospel, of whatever Denomination, or any Justice
of the Peace of said County, GREETING:

            You or either of you, are hereby authorized and empowered to solemnize the
Rites of Matrimony between Thos Y Perdue, son of Thomas Perdue and Martha E
and Mrs. Catharine W Hawks daughter of John Hicks and Roan Hicks and
join them together as Man and Wife.

            In Witness Whereof I, ISHAM H. BENNETT, Register of Deeds for the County aforesaid, have hereunto set my hand, at office, this 8 day of December, A. D., 1871

                                    I. H. Bennett, Register of Deeds.

Marriage Certificate.

            This Certifies, That the rites of Matrimony were solemnized by me between Thomas Y Perdue and Catharine W Hawks on the 13th day of December A. D. 1871, at John Hicks Warrenton, NC

                                                            H. H. Gibbons



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