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At long last the book is now done but certainly not finished or polished.  I promised the book would be online today (01/21/2010) and so it is.  We have posted Chapters I -IX but have not yet posted the introduction or the copies of the original document images at the end of the book but they will be online within a couple of days.  The Index alone runs to 100 pages and I will not be transcribing it at present but fortunately, the book will be completely indexed by the search engine before the end of this evening. In the meantime, I have linked all the chapters I - IX.  While working on this today, I also noticed that some of the images are missing although I know that both Ginger and I have them.  Since the links are on each page, I imagine Ginger just needs to get the remainder to me and then the broken links to the missing images will work.


We would like to thank the family of the author for giving us permission to make this book available to the Warren Co., North Carolina researchers.  His son shared his only copy with me some time ago in order that we could scan each page.Sadly, it would not OCR so each page has been typed by hand.    We would also like to thank all  the researchers who volunteered to help type this 1000 page book.  Bittany Trexler, a graduating senior from Granville Co. spent much of one summer typing pages in her spare time and finally Ginger Beattie Christmas finished the typing and put it together.  If it does not look professional now, it is because of my personal difficulty porting pages done in MSW to HTML but I will not stop until each page appears as it should.  Again, only the links to the chapters are currently linked.


Note: A word of caution, from D.Williams, NCGenWeb Project. While this book remains a good source of information for many HARRIS lines, some of the earliest lines have been proven to be incorrect by newer research. As with any source used in research, it is advised that you use multiple sources to prove the veracity of any info found in a book, since errors can be made at any point in time.  



    Dedication vi    
    Introduction and Acknowledgments x    
    About the Compiler-Writer xiii    
    Bibliography xv    
    The numbering system xviii    
    Prologue xix    
    Part I - Our American Harris Family      
    Chapter 1 - The Colonial Period 1    
    Chapter 2 - The Descendants of d121 Edward Harris; born 1663 19    
    Chapter 3 - The Descendants of d125 Robert Harris; born 1674.... 133    
    Chapter 4 - The Descendants of d125/71 Nelson Harris; born 1756. 265    
    Chapter 5 - The Descendants of d125/73 Morris Harris; born 1765. 856    
    Part II - Our English Harris Family and Other European Ancestors      
    Chapter 6 - Our English Harris Family 885    
    Chapter 7 - Our Other English and European Ancestors 909    
    Part III- Probable Origins of the Harris Family and Other Reflections      
    Chapter 8 - Probable Origins of the Harris Family 926    
    Chapter 9 - Some Summary Reflections 934    
    Appendix I - Addendum      
    A.  Continuation of the Family of Joseph Harris - d125/5 944    
    B.  Some Ties Between the Harris, Sledge and Clarke (Clark) Families      
    C.  Some Ties Between the Harris, Green, Duke, Tomlin and      
    Turner Families 959    
    Appendix II - Family Wills, with index 962    
    Index of Family Names - American 1004    
    Index of Family Names - English 1094    

2010 The Estate of Robert E. Harris and posted with permission by Nola Duffy and Ginger Beattie-Christmas.    No portion of this any document appearing on this site is to be used for other than personal research.  Any republication or reposting is expressly forbidden without the written consent of the owner. Last updated 04/22/2017