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Armistead King was born around 1824 in Warren County, North Carolina. His parents apparently were Charles King and Rebecca Stanley, who were married in Warren County after Charles obtained a marriage bond on August 14, 1824. Court records listed Armistead King as a minor orphan in 1827, with Henry Fitts as his guardian. Armistead had a series of guardians until November 1845, when he received $514 from his guardianship account. On October 2, 1828, his mother, Mrs. Rebecca (Stanley) King, married Hezekiah Coleman, the son of Carter Coleman of Warren County. When Rebecca died in 1851, Armistead King became the administrator of her estate.

Armistead King farmed in the Hawtree Creek area of Warren County. On October 15, 1844, he married Adeline Paschall, the daughter of John and Rhoda (Pitchford) Paschall. Armistead and Adeline had six children: Henry D. born 1845, Robert P. born 1847, Durell A. born 27 December 1847, Rowan Rebecca born 1850, Charles born about 1855, and John born February 1857. Adeline died before 1860, and on July 2, 1860, Armistead King married Lucy Ann Hicks, the daughter of Daniel Hicks. Armistead and Lucy had at least seven children: Martha Ann born 1862, Lucie W. born 1866, Catharine Jane born 5 December 1866, Cassa Orell born 1872, Ira Lemuel born August 1876, Lonnie M. born 1879, Ind Vera D. King born January 1882.Armistead King and his three oldest sons served with the Confederate Army, Armistead in Company F, 12th NC Regiment, Henry D. joined 2nd Company C, 12th Regiment on May 4, 1861, at the age of 15. He was wounded in the hand at Chancellorsville, Va, in 1863, and wounded in the right leg and captured at Cedar Creek, Va, on October 19, 1864. His right leg was amputated, and he died of tetanus in the hospital at Winchester, Virginia. Robert King served with the Company C, 46th NC Regiment. Durell King, according to his pension application, joined the 55th NC Infantry in November 1863, and served until Lee's surrender. In 1866, he married Sarah Hawks, the daughter of Frederick and Susan (Perkinson) Hawks; they moved in the early 1880s to Greensville County, Virginia. Durell King died on August 7, 1933, at the Soldier's Home Hospital in Richmond. He was buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

Rowan Rebecca King married Wright King in 1867. They had eight children. Charles King married Sally Perkinson and had one child, Eddie, who later moved to Oklahoma. Charles died before 1878. John King married Rosa Paynter about 1877. They had at least five children. Martha married James Collins 1882, Lucie married Charles Leete, Catherine married John Williams 1882 and John Paynter 1888, Cassa married Mattie Wilkerson 1900, Ira married Carrie B., Lonnie married Maggie Taylor, and Vera married John Perry.

Armistead King died around 5 June 1900. He had become a charter member of the Sharon Baptist Church in 1854 and was buried in the Sharon Cemetery. His widow, Lucy, passed away on 1 April 1932 at Wise.

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