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The Jones-Wilson Family History

contributed by Freddie D. Smith

The Jones-Wilson family has an interesting beginning in Warren County, NC. Interesting story not unlike a typical African-American family of its time. This family has its roots intertwined with the Allen family of Warren County, NC. The Allen family patriarch Edmund Allen, 1799-1878 and his wife Sallie Park Watson Allen, 1809-1900 owned slaves during the early 1800’s and allowed those slaves to continue on their land as sharecroppers after the Emancipation Proclamation. Many of the slaves on this land was able to purchase land from the Allen’s, one of which was the Jones-Wilson family.
Sallie and Edmund were married on Dec 28, 1830. They had ten children: Robert Allen, 1832 –1908 - Nathanaiel Allen, 1834-1917; married Mattie P Harpsen (and Mary Eliza Powell) – Caroline N. Allen Davis, 1837-1915; Burwell P Davis – Peter H Allen, 1839-1915; married Nellie Brown – Sallie F Allen Rodwell, 1841-1925 – Lucy P Allen, 1842-1877 – Austin Allen, 1844-1937; had children by Adeline Allen, 1845 - Luther Allen, 1847-1878 – Walter Allen, 1853-1937; married Minnie Davis. The connection between the Allen’s and Jones-Wilson family starts with the relationship between Austin Allen and Adeline Allen.

Austin Allen, 1844-1937 and Adeline Allen, 1845 had eight children together. Those children are: Polly Allen, 1862; married Henderson Wilson, 1857-1935 – William Edmund Allen, 1865-1961 - Parker Allen, 1863-1920; (AKA) (Parker Durham Jones) married Alston Jones, 1858-1923- Frank Allen - Sally Allen, 1863; married Thomas Durham, 1859 in 1880 – Bake Allen, 1863 - Samuel Allen, 1862 - Henry Allen, 1869. There is no available information on Adeline’s parents.

Another remarkable point about this family is that Austin Allen was a confederate Soldier, Company F 12th Infantry, North Carolina. He fought with General Lee at The Battle of Appomattox. He enlisted Feb 12, 1863- April 9, 1865. Austin also had three of his six brothers and one brother-in-law to serve along with n the Civil War: Robert Allen, Nathaniel Allen and Peter Hawkins Allen as well as Burwell P Davis.

During my research, I was able to find the death certificate of one of Austin and Adeline’s children (Parker Allen) and they had Austin listed as the father, but someone attempted to scratch his name off the certificate, however you can clearly see his name listed (see documents section). Also on the marriage certificate of Sarah Allen she has Austin listed as her father see link:
The marriage between Polly Allen, 1862 and Henderson Wilson, 1857-1935 on Nov 29, 1878 was the beginning of the Wilson family clan. As noted previously, Polly came from a family of seven brothers and sisters. Her father was Austin Allen and mother was Adeline Allen.
Henderson Wilson’s parents were Tom and India Wilson. It is stated by some family members that his parents were from Virginia and his mother was Native American. There is no further information at this time about Henderson’s siblings or parents.
Polly and Henderson had thirteen children: Willie Wilson, 1879; married Nov 28, 1901 Jubert Baskett, 1871; married Fannie Davis; 1891-1956 - Nannie Wilson, 1881; married Currin Davis - Peter Wilson, 1882; married Addie Durham - John Wilson, 1885-1916 - Addie Wilson, 1887; married Chorlie Fields - James H Wilson, 1888; married Rosa Wilson - Julia Wilson, 1890; married Joseph Shearin - Carrie D Wilson, 1893-1918 - Sallie Wilson, 1894; married Park Somerville - Joseph W P Wilson, 1898; married Cassie Wilson - Henrietta F Wilson, 1899; Married Elijah Davis - Lucy Kate Wilson, 1901; married George A Jones, 1900 - Essie Mae Wilson, 1904; married Jimmie Hawkins.

There are a few mentionable points about the Wilson clan. Willie Wilson was a female Who died young and left her nine children and husband Jubert Baskett, 1871. The spelling of Jubert’s name changes from Jubert to Duburd to Dubird depending on the document. In doing genealogy research, names seem to change by a letter or two or the way in which the newly freed slaves used their ability to phonetically spell a word as the sounds of the letters were different from the correct spelling of the name. I believe Jubert was named after his maternal grandfather whose name was Duburd Williams? Jubert’s parents were Isacc Baskett and Senena Williams.

His paternal grandparents were Tarlton and Miranda Baskett, as well as his maternal Grandparents Duburd and Charry Williams. Maybe through all these iterations of names they were trying to say Hubert.
After Jubert’s first wife’s death (Willie Wilson) he married Fannie Davis, 1891-1956 on Feb 1, 1914. I mention this because he was twenty years older than she was and it seems as if they did not have any children. However, I found a document that had seven children with the last names Baskett and Davis living with Polly and Henderson Wilson during the 1920’s. They are listed as nieces and nephews of Polly and Henderson. The children are: Erchie Davis, 1906 – Rosco Davis, 1907 – John D. Davis, 1910, Earl B. Davis, 1915 – Mary Baskett, 1908 – Euro C. Baskett, 1910 – Henderson Baskett, 1908.

Secondly, Carrie D. Wilson also died at the young age of twenty-five on March 28, 1918 in NC. This explains the reason there is no further information on Carrie or even a picture of her in the last family tree research conducted during the early 1990’s and updated in the 2000’s.

Finally, the marriage of Lucy Kate Wilson, 1901-1981 and George A Jones, 1900 connected the Jones and Wilson families. Lucy came from a very large family, as was previously noted. George A Jones came from a large family of eleven brothers and sisters. George’s parents were Johnnie R. Jones, 1874; and Mary L. Stead, (or Steed), 1877. They were married on Feb 7, 1898.

The Jones and Stead families have a very long history in the Warren County area of NC.
The paternal grandparents of George were George A Jones and Mary Ella Marshall. George was named after his paternal grandfather. His maternal grandparents were William Stead and Ellen Durham. George’s, paternal great grandparents were Solomon Stead and Lucy Davis. His maternal great grandparents were Tom Durham, 1829 and Lucy Davis, 1835. George’s maternal great-great grandmother was Lucy Stack. George and Lucy migrated from Warren County, NC to Mt. Vernon, NC where they raised six children: Laurence M. Jones, Gwendolyn M Jones, George Thomas Jones, Vera Jones, Jelena Jones and Joyce Jones.

With many marriages and offspring’s the Jones-Wilson family continues to prosper, grow, and survive as a strong family unit in the 21st Century.

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